David Georgeson and Linda Carlson let go from Daybreak?

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  1. Shastra New Member


    When SOE turned into Daybreak Game Studio after being acquired by investment company Columbus Nova, readers began to speculate when staff shake ups would begin. A week later and rumors are beginning to float our way that at least two major players at Daybreak have received pink slips.
    Posts on social media for both David Georgeson and Linda Carlson indicate that each major player in the SOE (now Daybreak Games) group have been let go from their work at the studio. Dave was the franchise lead behind all EverQuest titles, while Linda was the head of all community at SOE/Daybreak.
    We will keep you posted as the story develops and as we learn if there are more people.

  2. Rozyn Active Member

    My sympathies and best wishes go out to those who have been effected by this buyout. I guarantee those are not the only ones let go. Hope you all find great jobs soon and continue to contribute to our favorite hobby.
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  3. oldskool Active Member

  4. Anaogi Well-Known Member

    Oof. Following Feldon's irc...

    It's a massacre.

    Prep your exit strategies, folks. This may be it.
  5. Lamatu Active Member

    Players are gonna have to asks themselves if its worth to support this company with a sub. This game had so few DEVS and to lose some of these now is crazy.

    Dave G. out and now the community managers like tiffany, ashlanne and brasse just seems like a move to make the player base shrink even more.

    These people let go today cared deeply about this game and it's a shame to see this happen.

    Most of us here really only care about EQ2 and so I could care less what else Daybreak has planned outside EQ2.
  6. Rozyn Active Member

    I definitely see where you're coming from, having played Vanguard right before that game went on maintenance mode for a few years, but I think I'm going to enjoy EQ2 while it's here. I suggest everyone else do the same - sub or not, whatever - but I'm pretty worried for the future of EQ and EQ2 right now. Today was the end of an era.
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  7. Mermut Well-Known Member

    With the number of cuts on the dev staff as well.. one has to wonder if it will be just life support for eq2 or if they're going to pull that plug too :confused:
  8. Eles Well-Known Member

    Probably not yet. They have new Owners and new priorities and if you don't fit with the new vision, you are free to go. Investors want to secure their investment and want to make profits too. Maybe SOE was in bad financial shape, we didn't know if they have debts and this debt must be healed by the new owners, so someone needs to do hard choices.

    When something happens like company sold a business or merge into another, don't trust any PR strategies, its just to cover the storm inside and they probably will lock and delete this threat.
  9. Eles Well-Known Member

    Also Star Wars Galaxies :( I miss you Starsider Server
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  10. Berserkerkitten Well-Known Member

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  11. ZUES Well-Known Member

    They better come out with something fast. Retention is gonna drop like a rock now. Teamspeak is blaring with new game possibilities already. Looks like ESO is winning by a landslide. : P
  12. ZUES Well-Known Member

    Mass layoffs at Daybreak. It would be great to actually hear from the suits. What are you doing to our games that we love? Are you going to stop supporting them? Do we need to find a new home?
  13. Berserkerkitten Well-Known Member

    Problem is, they're gonna look at EQ2 to see whether or not it generates enough cash and is actually worth keeping alive. So what's gonna happen when people stop spending money on it? Probably nothing good...
  14. Rozyn Active Member

    This - you want to see EQ2 die then go leave for ESO (lawl, don't do it, trust me) because it'll just be a nail in the coffin. This isn't to say everyone should just blindly throw money at them while they don't update, but don't leave in droves until there's a legitimate reason to.
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  15. Mermut Well-Known Member

    The dev staff was already less then half of what it was for the Kunark releases. They didn't get everything into beta TO test before AoM went live. It's pretty clear that reducing dev numbers further isn't a good thing from a player standpoint.
  16. Atan Well-Known Member

    This is pretty much the begining of the end for EQ2.

    I simply do not see them able to continue to have meaningful expansions given all that has happened today.

    It seems to me they are simply putting EQ2 on cruise control as other games did until they dwindle down to it is no longer fiscally sound to keep the servers and maintenance going.

    It looks more and more that my original fears are being realized, where they bought the company either for EQN or just the brand itself and not the current released products.
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  17. Cuelaen Well-Known Member

    I can't believe this...feels like a punch in the stomach. My heart goes out to Brasse and SJ, but they are both incredibly talented people that any company would be lucky to have.
  18. Vladislav Active Member

    I am usually a very optimistic person, but it is very hard to swallow this bitter pill. Closing of 2 studios as well as dropping the most recognizable names in SoE development within a week of acquisition certainly leaves me wondering if I should continue to pour my financial support into this game.

    I feel that the best way to reassure me and others would be to follow up the layoff announcement with a huge hiring one for the development teams of EQ universe, as well as announcing new expansions in the pipeline with ballpark dates and features. Make us "see" there is a future, rather than tell us about "streamlining" and "leveraging of assets".

    For now I will patter around the almost dead Freeport server, while wondering if FF14 would better serve my interests.
  19. Denon Active Member

    Daybreak really should give us some feedback about what their plans are for the EQ franchise. So far all we have heard is 'games will not be effected'. But that is not making me feel to confident after reading these articles.

    I would like to know if they intend to release any more expansions in the next 12 months? Do they have any development staff remaining for new content?? Are there any plans for getting Landmark out of Beta this year ?? Is EQN still getting worked on or not ??
  20. Hungryrog New Member

    This is heartbreaking!!
    This truly does strike fear in my heart that this could be the ending of eq2!!
    ive tried everything ff14 wow rift tera , dp and count less others...but when i came to eq2 it just felt perfect.....
    if they do carryout with this then i guess its time to try eso and archeage....an maybe black desert online.....
    but hopefully they know what they are doing and will continue to support this franchise with everything they got!!

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