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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. dreamweaver Community Relations

    Hey all,

    We wanted to inform everyone about some upcoming downtime for EQ2. Next week, we will be migrating certain databases with the intention to improve game performance. We will be splitting up the downtime so all the servers are not down at once while the database moves are in progress.

    Round 1
    Start: Tues 3/24 @ 7am
    Duration: 24 hr downtime
    Servers: Maj’Dul, Isle of Refuge, Kaladim, Antonia Bayle, Drunder
    Note: Marketplace, Daily Objectives, and Global Currency may be down for other servers for part of this time.

    Round 2
    Start: Thurs 3/26 @ 7 AM/14:00 UTC
    Duration: 24 hr downtime
    Servers: Halls of Fate, Rivervale, Skyfire, Thurgadin

    This is part of the ongoing effort to improve your play experience and thank you for your patience.
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  2. Gaptia Member

    Start with test server please ;)
  3. Yahtsee/Daesania Member

    ooooo yikes in the middle of a quarantine? This is NO GOOD
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  4. Svenone Well-Known Member

    I agree, the timing is sucky, even if the intent is good.
  5. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    As much as most of us have complained, yelled or otherwise whined about server lag, etc. it's time we stepped up to the plate. If DPG can fix the problem, I'm more than happy to give them a day to do it in. Yes, it will be an inconvenience, but it might do some of us a world of good to step away from the computer for some fresh air, haha.
  6. Naashaah New Member

    /e nibbles fingers nervously.
    hows mes posed to be ins?!?!

    too hole dais?!?! nots jus an our or too, but twenny-for uh dem?!!!?
    an too hole dais uring fun evenz?!

    wiy knots do itty bitty uhdates? brak twenny-for inna wun our fixies fer twenny-for dais inted?
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  7. LilitheEQ2 Member

    Is this a server merge? Someone was just telling me we were having a 24 hour server merge next week and trying to tell by the wording if that's what it is or they are confused.. (or just me now.. lol)
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  8. Pixistik Well-Known Member

    It is not a server merge but yes that is coming.This is more of a database cleanup and putting more than one thing together with another...think of it as defragging a hardrive
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  9. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Did you read the OP? Doesn't mention merge at all and specifically mentions migrating databases and the reason why.

    Up to now whenever there's been a merge there's usually a lot of advance notice. Going to assume that the posts don't have to veiled and have to read between the lines :D
  10. Pixistik Well-Known Member

    Mine isn't veiled, read into it whatever tickles your fancy
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  11. Gratouillis New Member

    Nice thing to see maybe all works fine after all these changes. The March 27th is the first day for Bristlebane's event, so we will loose the beginning on Thurgadin. Is it possible to have a double April 1st, Dreamweaver ? so we can go on with the Patchcrafted Slayer ?? and the rabbits achievments ??? *say yesss plzzzzz*
  12. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Thank you Dreamweaver for the heads up. It's a week away so that is plenty of time.
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  13. Sandx New Member

    If this is a database " Cleanup" or " a Defragmentation" Will we get the
    time we lose for the LIVE EVENTS that are going on or will be going on?
    We understand the " defragmentation" is necessary but this interferes
    with OUR game play! What will be done to compensate for the time we
    lose? Here are a couple of suggestions: maybe an extra day on the
    Live Events and maybe an extra 500 Station Cash, or maybe a discount
    on marketplace? Just a couple of ideas!

    Long Time Player,

    Sandx Oftime Maj;Dul Server
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  14. Peredhel Active Member

    Thank you all very much for this effort to improve game performance, as well as the advance notice.
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  15. Balcerak Active Member

    They may have just found a better 'cloud' alternative or other alternative to what they are currently using. Could be faster, cheaper, dunno.
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  16. Robynous Member

    I have toons in Halls and Majdul, so I am good to go! Please make sure at least one is up!!
  17. Woodsbe New Member

    Are you complainers being serious or are you just trolling? We (the player base) have been complaining bout lag and terrible performance for years. DBG is finally doing something about it and you're complaining? Seriously, you can't have your cake and eat it too. You can go outside and enjoy the day while avoiding all human contact ( Covid-19 reasons), or you can hang with your family inside and pass the time; to complain and demand compensation for your inconvenience is just laughable.

    -Would you like to see the Manager Karen?

    I would like to take the time to thank the hard working Darkpaw team for working to improve our experience. So, Thank you from Thurgadin!
  18. Gojiria New Member

    While losing the game for a whole day during this time of isolation is going to be painful, I hope to helllll that it fixes the issues we've all been having. IT's not like they can just flip a switch and change things over. They're going to be breaking their backs AND risking themselves to COVID19 exposure by working in the middle of a quarantine to FIX A GAME.

    So, from one of your biggest complainers, THANK YOU FOR THIS. I'm sure I'll get by without the game for a day.
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  19. Lysia Member

    Would be very nice if they just purged some accounts that haven't been played in 5 yrs or so ..
    free up some names !! get rid of those xww's and such;
    but .. yea I know, they didn't say that, just wishful thinking
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  20. Baphmistra Active Member

    Well since I'm on Freeport I'm ok then, thanks for letting us know.:)
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