Darkmoogle's Residence of the Blades

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  1. ARCHIVED-Afista Guest

    Location: Darkmoogle's Residence of the Blades - SQ - Crushbone Server (listed as Darkmoogle's Blades House)
    Finally finished up my first attempt at a Blades Residence. Took forever since I'm spending most of my time adventuring lately and also because I had no plan whatsoever for this house when I first started it :p It was a 'build-as-you-go' project which I'm not used to. The house still has a few areas that need some work, but it's not going to happen with the remaining item count :p So, for all intents and purposes, it's "done"! Anyways, here's a few pics :)
    The entry door and living room
    left of the entry door, piano
    Hallway off of living/entry area leads to bedroom
    facing door to bedroom
    Through archway from living room
    bathroom behind the door
    other side of bathroom
    open office space to the right through archway
    fish tank tucked under catwalk across from office space
    looking down at office area and staircases to upper level dining area
    Looking from dining area across space (divider for kitchen (lower) and game space uppder room)
    Inside the kitchen
    small game space upstairs from kitchen
    and doors lead out to a private patio
  2. ARCHIVED-LongysBabe Guest

    Its beautiful... I am finding the blades house harder to disguise than most but you have done a fabulous job
  3. ARCHIVED-NiteGazer Guest

    Hello Afista, I love the rug tapestry and the private patio. *****'s on that Kitchen!
    Kind Regards,
  4. ARCHIVED-VixiVZ Guest

    Incredible. I'm a fan. It's great. Love the wooden moulding and the modern furniture styles.
  5. ARCHIVED-Cyliena Guest

    Fantastic job, Blades house is really difficult to work with and you did it well! Love the tub. :D
  6. ARCHIVED-Senya Guest

    This place is just beautiful!
  7. ARCHIVED-Afista Guest

    Thanks so much for the compliments! I don't normally use to much pre-build furniture, but came across some old refer-a-friend accounts with 500SC each and thought is went with the colors well enough to go ahead and splurge. Item count was eaten up in this house so fast with all of the trim work that it was sort of an only option too :p
  8. ARCHIVED-Aderissah Guest

    I just finished touring it in person, your attention to detail amazes me. The little key by the door was such a cute idea! I think the kitchen was probably my favorite room, the wine racks and vines were such a good idea. Loved it all!
  9. ARCHIVED-christinee Guest

    I am in love with your house - it is so beautiful! I would have never thought it was Residence of the Blades.
    Great job!
  10. ARCHIVED-Goldinrae Guest

    This is beautifully done. If you hadn't said, I've never have believed it's a Blade's residence :)
  11. ARCHIVED-Pebix Guest

    Beautiful! Definately my favorite remake of a Blades house ever! Love the elegance to it, you know I'll be by very soon :D
  12. ARCHIVED-Zemizia Guest

    As always, your work is stunning Afista!
  13. ARCHIVED-Fallingdove Guest

    Absolutely outstanding Afista I do love and admire your work its always fresh and new :)
    I must make a trip to see this in person soon !

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