Daray's New Guide to Maximizing Raid DPS as a Wizard (updated for ROK)

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    Power procing gear is by far the best method of maintaining power and sustaining dps virtually indefinitely (with enough of it) on extended fights. By switching in power procing gear, you will be replacing some of your dps items, and therefore sacrifice some of your short-term dps (until you start having power management issues which is when dps normally starts to fall). So it is effectively a trade off that will pay off with higher net dps in extended fights for the longer they go on. It is now easy to change between “dps” and “power proc” sets with the new macro system.

    Flowing Thought as an effect on many items is now largely being made redundant, and you will see very little of it on current expansion raid gear. Gear with straight power procs do not count towards the in-combat power regen cap (which will be almost capped with just a troubador and illusionist in your group). The formula for the in-combat power regeneration cap is Level * 1.5 , which is 120 at Level 80. Up to half of this amount can be made up by Flowing Thought items.

    The following is a complete list of power procing items available by slot. When it comes to these extended fights, you will have to decide yourself what primary dps items you will want to sacrifice based on your circumstances and need.


    \aITEM -835255532 1018168115:Circlet of Dark Thoughts\/a - Malkonis D'Morte (Freethinker Hideout)


    \aITEM 2068697598 2007711601:Foreboding Cowl\/a - Librarian Zimor (The Crypt of Agony)
    \aITEM -1987935135 167285102:Mantle of the Clairvoyant\/a - Tarinax the Destroyer (Deathtoll)


    \aITEM -1994131510 -1267433791:Swamp Glow Wristcuffs\/a - Quest Reward (Kunzar Jungle - Dalnir's wheel taskmasters faction)


    \aITEM -276916169 -27255571:perceptor's Pants of Power\/a - Avatars (shared avatar drop)
    \aITEM -904348501 -206578890:pantaloons of Mystical Silk\/a - The Mutagenic Outcast (The Bonemire)
    \aITEM 1136356941 1222629895:pantaloons of Volatile Power\/a - Kluzen the Protector (Veeshan's Peak)
    \aITEM 1080161058 -1772247335:Soulsiphon Leggings\/a - Shared Named / Trash (The Crypt of Agony) / (Sebilis)
    \aITEM -1668005249 2111047409:Leggings of Lucidity\/a - Zylphax the Shredder (Freethinker Hideout)
    \aITEM 249488036 -1299685545:Spellbound Silk Pants\/a - Cruor Alluvium (Deathtoll)


    \aITEM 426059873 -1965729735:Slippers of Zal'Naz\/a - The Direvine Matron (The Mystic Lake)


    \aITEM 1003690730 1978359075:Robe of Forgotten Dreams\/a - Vampire Lord Mayong Mistmoore (Throne of New Tunaria)
    \aITEM -1972886746 69583101:X'haviz's Gown of Glory \/a - Chamberlain X'Haviz (The Nest of the Great Egg)


    \aITEM 1457074043 388892313:Girdle of the Di'Zok Spirit\/a - Chardok Blue Shiny Collection Reward


    \aITEM -1957568843 400867073:V'Ncenzi's Voluminous Cape\/a - Sage V'Ncenzi (Castle Mistmoore)


    \aITEM 1102764450 1023282588:Chain Necklace of Pain\/a - Avatars (shared avatar drop) (direct upgrade to \aITEM -1067892891 -496485272:Necklace of Pain\/a)


    \aITEM 678051889 439663349:Earring of Unkempt Energies\/a - Avatars (shared avatar drop)
    \aITEM 1191133444 -252171576:Hoop of Dimensional Power\/a - Avatars (shared avatar drop) (direct upgrade to \aITEM 1487108266 -1011869659:Hoop of Planar Power\/a)


    \aITEM 1814061151 1333782690:Lava Forged Manacle\/a - Quest Reward
    \aITEM 1107269571 262782043:Cuffs of the Durus Clan\/a - Quest Reward


    \aITEM 92319384 -116280236:Wand of the Tempest\/a - Three Princes (The Barren Sky)
    \aITEM -527168818 -2060419829:Cold-Blooded Blade\/a - Garanel Rucksif, the Cursed (The Estate of Unrest)


    \aITEM 484957859 1739152861:Necromantic Orb of the Death Reveler\/a - Xuun'vok the Death Reveler (The Forsaken City)
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    The following is a list of items that have clickable effects that return or increase your power. It is worthwhile investing in a few of them. Make hotkeys to equip and use them if needed.

    Note: ROK locked incombat item switching for all slots, except weapons/secondary/ranged, so with that in mind I have removed power clickies that are affected by this change (as it makes them virtually useless).

    \aITEM 1616113474 -337110068:Darkness Heart (Master I)\/a
    Summoned by a Necromancer

    \aITEM 375280605 -1378954872:Scale of Essence (Master I)\/a
    Summoned by a Conjuror

    \aITEM 1207534438 952973265:Crystal Gift\/a
    Summoned by the earring of the same name – You can stockpile enough of these during the course of a zone, and never have to worry about running out of power for that zone.

    \aITEM 965301096 -930467165:Honor of Pantrilla\/a
    Pantrilla (The Temple of Scale)

    \aITEM 111645115 -313936300:Manastone\/a
    Level 28 Heritage Quest triggered by the item “Stiletto’s Orders”

    \aITEM 224284379 1897019379:Bottled Intellect\/a
    Legends of Norrath loot card, redeemable in-game.

    \aITEM -323604427 -1223572989:Spiritise Censer\/a
    Reward from completing the Sanctum of the Scaleborn quest series.

    \aITEM -898806566 -930938840:Stein of the Everling Lord\/a
    Trash Drop (Nektropos Castle: Tribulation)
    \aITEM -1771585963 -1905889848:Overclocked Manastone\/a One of the advantages to taking up Tinkering as a secondary tradeskill
    \aITEM -1112491838 1953929121:Mis-calibrated Manastone\/a
    One of the advantages to taking up Tinkering as a secondary tradeskill
    \aITEM -479260753 -341022797:Expert's Essence of Clarity\/a
    Crafted Potion – Purchasable off the broker.
    \aITEM 774642054 345606751:Sealed Book of Knowledge\/a
    Reward from the Claymore quest series. This item can only be used out of combat, but it is still a great way of recovering power after a death (before reentering combat)

    \aITEM -941739796 1997424106:Signet of Greater Replenishment\/a
    Purchased from the City Merchant.

    \aITEM -974644649 -1573685006:Signet of Replenishment\/a
    Purchased from the City Merchant.

    Power Roots

    Power Roots can be made with the "Kingdom of Sky" Carnivorous House Plant and provide a 1-charge item that returns a percentage-based amount of power. The amount of power returned increases with tier, and you can have 1 of each tier on you at any one time. If you do not own your own house plant, you can use one from someone else's house. Make sure you use items from the correct tier to return the correct power root.

    The combination to return a power root is:
    2 fertilizer, 1 water, 3 bones (then "check soil")

    (Lvl 5) (10%) \aITEM 2015017245 1225371336:power Root\/a
    (Lvl 15) (12%) \aITEM 1372720623 1225371336:power Root\/a
    (Lvl 25) (14%) \aITEM -4547458 1225371336:power Root\/a
    (Lvl 35) (16%) \aITEM 37970955 1225371336:power Root\/a
    (Lvl 45) (18%) \aITEM -1406405222 1225371336:power Root\/a
    (Lvl 55) (20%) \aITEM -2048704152 1225371336:power Root\/a
    (Lvl 65) (22%) \aITEM 730583289 1225371336:power Root\/a

    The ingredients by tier are as follows:

    T1: pouch of peat, flask of rancid water, small decaying bone
    T2: small bag of ammonium sulphate, flask of stale water, large decaying bone
    T3: small bag of muriate of potash, flask of pond water, small polished bone
    T4: small bag of diatomaceous earth, flask of fresh water, large polished bone
    T5: small bag of ammonium nitrate, flask of pure water, small meaty bone
    T6: small bag of guano, flask of aerated water, meaty bone
    T7: small bag of compost, flash of enchanter water, large meaty bone

    For more information on using the plant and other combinations, check this guide.
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    The adornment choices are relatively straight forward.

    Chest: Smoldering Prismatic Applique (alchemist): +7str, +7sta, +7agi, +7wis, +7int
    Cloak: Smoldering Metaphysical Lining (provisioner): Flowing Thought 4
    Ears: Smoldering Intellectual Backing (jeweler): +16int
    Feet: Smoldering Gritty Spurs (armorer): +16sta
    Forearms: Smoldering Savvy Splint (armorer): +16wis
    Gloves: Smoldering Occult Stitching (tailor): +30 spell damage
    Head: Scintillating Epiphanic Imprint (tailor): +100 power
    Legs: Smoldering Gritty Brace (armorer): +16sta
    Neck: Smoldering Occult Clasp (weaponsmith): +30 spell damage
    Primary: Smoldering Magi’s Second Sight (tailor): +2 Damage Spell Crit
    Ranged: Scintillating Spellbound Ornament (carpenter): +1 Damage spell Crit
    Rings: Smoldering Epiphanic Polish (alchemist): +100 power
    Secondary: Scintillating Spellbound Ornament (carpenter): +1 Damage spell Crit
    Shoulders: Scintillating Rugged Straps (tailor): +100 health
    Waist: Smoldering Archmage’s Buckle (armorer): +6 disruption, +6 subjugation
    Wrists: Smoldering Intellectual Fastening (alchemist): +16int

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    You should always carry a variety of potions around with you. They are purchasable off of your local broker. Although I listed the cure potions below as Expert, you need only buy the (cheaper) Grandmaster versions of them as they should currently cure anything in the game. These should include:

    \aITEM -377517887 1710461494:Expert's Elixir of Intellect\/a
    Increases INT by 78 for 30 minutes
    \aITEM 618432741 -121564669:Grandmaster's Elixir of Second Sight\/a
    Increases Damage Spell Crit Chance and Heal Crit Chance by 4 for 10 minutes
    \aITEM 1880924496 -103639739:Sathirian Scroll of Combat\/a
    Temporary (30 minute) adornment that increase damage spell crit chance by 3%.
    \aITEM -479260753 -341022797:Expert's Essence of Clarity\/a
    Increases power of caster by 67 instantly and every 5 seconds for 30 seconds
    \aITEM 1408869615 -1186321493:Grandmaster's Freedom of Mind\/a
    Makes caster immune to stun and stifle effects for 10 seconds. It can be cast while stunned or stifled.
    \aITEM 1245453422 -1557208467:Grandmaster's Freedom of Action\/a
    Makes caster immune to root and fear effects for 10 seconds, as well as dispelling 97 levels of hostile fear and root effects on the caster

    \aITEM 633056365 -1987318321:Expert's Arcane Remedy\/a
    Dispels 111 levels of hostile arcane effects on caster
    \aITEM -885373083 1178761581:Expert's Elemental Remedy\/a
    Dispels 111 levels of hostile elemental effects on caster
    \aITEM 771875864 -1321989687:Expert's Noxious Remedy\/a
    Dispels 111 levels of hostile noxious effects on caster
    \aITEM 1199379400 -347254166:Expert's Trauma Remedy\/a
    Dispels 111 levels of hostile trauma effects on caster

    Tinkering is a useful investment of time. It gives you the following useful clickable items (some are consumable – normally with 5 charges each).

    \aITEM -1771585963 -1905889848:Overclocked Manastone\/a
    90% chance to increase power by 20%, and 10% chance to decrease power by 12.5%

    \aITEM -1112491838 1953929121:Mis-calibrated Manastone\/a
    50% chance to increase power by 15% and 50% chance to decrease power by 12.5%
    \aITEM -91767342 -494506417:Overclocked Lifestone\/a
    90% chance to heal caster for 20%, and 10% chance to inflict 12.5% damage
    \aITEM 19301593 1911730852:Gigglegibber's Secret of Death\/a
    Feigns death with a 99% chance of success
    \aITEM 1787318505 -1870129362:Heart Stopper\/a
    Feigns death with a 75% chance of success
    \aITEM 194580595 436526153:Loosely Wired Heart Stopper\/a
    Feigns death with a 50% chance of success
    \aITEM -216737401 -1211016754:Automated External Defibrillator\/a
    Resurrects target with a 50% chance of success

    \aITEM -711141028 -492133570:Frayed Heart Thingymabob\/a
    Resurrects target with a 25% chance of success
    \aITEM -1042597947 -1347217782:"Reliable" Gnomish Pacemaker\/a
    2 hour buff – When target dies, this has a 25% chance of healing caster for 40% of max health and increasing power by 40%.
    \aITEM -1092684043 210677900:Behavioral Modificatinator Stereopticon\/a
    Instant cast that reduces hate of caster by over 5000 (This item is unlimited charge)
    \aITEM -271594394 -1694234810:Call of the Tinkerer\/a
    Teleports caster to target (1 hour base reuse).
    \aITEM -1112810742 -2111520320:Mechanized Platinum Repository of Reconstruction\/a
    Summons a Mender.

    There are a few mounts now that can be of greater benefit than just increasing your speed. Guild Level 80 horses, for example, offer increased (casting) skills and +75 spell damage.

    \aITEM -1267660292 1748394553:Dog Whistle of the Brown Mistrunner Warg with Blue Armor\/a
    52% mount that increases disrution by 7, and increases the damage done by spells and CAs by up to 75.
    This is just an example of one of the many new ROK mounts.
    \aITEM 578963000 -534041415:Zhoul\/a
    Increases all crit chances of caster by 3 – Rare drop from Byzola in Shard of Hate.
    \aITEM 956196451 -712178943:Dhume\/a
    Increases all crit chances of caster by 2 – Rare drop from Vampire Lord Mayong Mistmoore in the Throne of New Tunaria, and it drops as a fourth item in his chest.

    Introduced with ROK, there are now a few items that provide an increase to the range of (hostile) spells. It may be worth holding onto these as they may present themselves with a use at some point in the future.

    \aITEM 313007953 -1712039400:Engagement Ring of the Scorned\/a
    Trash drop from Shard of Hate that increase the range of hostile spells by 15%.

    \aITEM -714399097 -89242985:Froglok Skin Gloves\/a
    Dropped by High Ambassador Guralz (Sebilis), this item increases the range of hostile spells by 10%.
    \aITEM 661252862 969700050:Symphonic Manacle\/a
    Quest drop (Aria of Malediction)
    Dropped by
    Kpul D`Vngur (Shard of Hate)
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    The following are miscellaneous situational items:

    \aITEM -1057056306 -800722532:Signet of Ethereal Form\/a
    36 second AOE immunity purchasable from the City Merchant
    \aITEM -751113591 19160646:Relic of Stability\/a
    Makes caster immune to stun effects for 1 min 30s (purchased from the City Merchant).

    \aITEM -2004657334 1397103488:Symbol of Stability\/a
    Makes caster immune to stun effects for 1 min (purchased from the City Merchant).

    \aITEM 1255338941 -1256704699:Relic of Clear Voice\/a
    Makes caster immune to stifle effects for 1 min 30s (purchased from the City Merchant).

    \aITEM 375631763 772711152:Symbol of Clear Voice\/a
    Makes caster immune to stifle effects for 1 min (purchased from the City Merchant).

    \aITEM -1983529798 1343257706:Greater Redemption of Failure\/a
    Rezes up to 12 group/raid members with 60% health and power (purchased from the City Merchant).

    \aITEM 1263652641 -1692209712:Redemption of Failure\/a
    Rezes up to 6 group/raid members with 50% health and power (purchased from the City Merchant).
    \aITEM 97386857 1029733168:Remnant of the Tintinnabulum\/a
    (upgrade to \aITEM -1331607196 1920073429:Remnant of the Chime\/a)
    Avatar shared drop. Procs a 20 second AOE immunity at a base 1.0 times per minute.

    \aITEM -408355330 1081374783:Dragonhide Mantle\/a
    Increases Max Power of caster by 5% for 5 minutes – Reward from the claymore quest series.
    \aITEM -1310260490 -1196404962:Silversilk Robe\/a
    10 minute activated buff that wards caster against 2500 points of magical damage.
    \aITEM -1523722893 1475557075:The Arm of Mithaniel\/a
    Reward for the Claymore Epic Quest Line. Items with positional threat decreasing effects off hostile spells can be situationally useful (such as in the case of an encounter with frequent single-target (tank) deagros).
    \aITEM -1283227359 683844192:Cryptic Metallic Robe\/a
    Dropped in Meeting of the Minds (T5).
    Items with positional threat decreasing effects off hostile spells can be situationally useful (such as in the case of an encounter with frequent single-target (tank) deagros).
    \aITEM -1602232641 1410454266:Trakanon's Gaze\/a
    Dropped by Trakanon (Trakanon's Lair), this can be swapped in mid-combat and used as a 24 position deagro.

    \aITEM 487603926 -1358674390:Insulated Mug\/a
    LON loot card that increases the duration of drinks by 10%.

    \aITEM -1465899690 464836280:Thermal Lunchbox\/a
    LON loot card that increases the duration of food by 10%.
    \aITEM -832957907 79789387:Bottled Breath\/a
    LON loot card that increases health by 100% (24 hour reuse)
    \aITEM 254448103 510324007:Redwood Patch Kit\/a
    Repairs items up to 50% (30 min reuse).

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    Well that's the lot of it.

    It is quite lengthy, so let me know if I have made any errors, typos, or omissions.
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    Superb work once again

    Mandatory reading for wizzies... It's either learn the class for over 2y or read this 5 times in under 2h
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    An amazing guide. Thanks so much for putting so much work into this!
    Now off to read it all :)
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    Great write up Daray. This covers everything in detail, is accurate and well written.

    I do have one question about Mystics.

    Mystic Mythical
    Spirit Tap: Applies Spirit Tap when activated. Lasts for 30.0 seconds. When a target enemy takes damage, that damage is converted into a heal and power restore for the Mystic's group.

    Would this be useful to include in the buffs section as well as the manaburn section? Or does this not apply to those situations. I have not tested it myself and have only heard theories of it being very useful for regaining Power after a manaburn.

    Also you mention - Runed Guard of the Sel'Nok (bought from the Sel'Nok faction merchant in JW) for use to swap in for a clicky buff but it is not mentioned in any of the item lists you have in your final posts. You may want to add it to the miscellaneous situational items list.

    Again great writeup!
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    Bright_Morn wrote:
    I use manaburn and have a mythical mystic in my group. They send me and the necro in the group a tell that says "Spirit tap is up" and we both burn. My mana stays at 100%. It took a while to get used to and I would scroll up to make sure it even cast! Also, if my mana is low when I get the tell I can see my mana already filling up right before my eyes. I burn when it hits a 100% and it stays at 100%.
    I love it. It is up about every 5 mins. One of our mystics asks for a jcap before he uses it.
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    When is this thread going to be stickied?

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    Absolutely AWESOME - just one thing I am a bit curious about - have u any thoughts on the items that drop in RE2 ?
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    First I was amazed. Truly...amazing job, but then I realized that you really, really need to get a life.
    It's extremely helpfull and I learned a lot, but...dude... seriously?
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    Its great and all... But can we get this upgraded to TSO please, my Wizard Nonnag (Everfrost) can't do near the numbers I see other raid wizzies doing, and i've read through most guids I've found and nothing has helped me...
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    How did this topic get un-stickied? This is still the best Wizard Guide out there.
    Please re-sticky!
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    Kromg wrote:
    I can understand the reasons for removing the sticky - it is simple, a lot of the information has become outdated since this was revised during RoK just before i stopped playing the game.
    After 2 years of not playing, I picked it up again about 3 months ago. I have been considering reworking this guide and fully updating it for all the mechanics changes over the last two years, but tbh i'm not really sure how much interest there is in something like that.
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    daray wrote:
    I know there is at least some interest. If you need help testing I will gladly volenteer. Also, there are quite afew threads on the site not to be mentioned that cover several of the mechanics changes.
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    daray wrote:
    I would be VERY interested. I just reactivated my account a couple days ago, after being gone for almost 1 1/2yrs, so a lot has changed since I was last on.