Daray's New Guide to Maximizing Raid DPS as a Wizard (updated for ROK)

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    Since people have been asking me to, I have finally finished updating my old guide (found here). However, because it has grown significantly in size, I am unable to edit in the changes into that stickied thread. Therefore, if a mod reads this, please remove the old stickied thread and replace with this one! Thanks.


    This guide should now be updated for ROK. Let me know if I have overlooked anything.

    These are responses to questions that I find myself being asked time and time again, as well as topics we repeatedly see asked on the various forums.

    The basic objective of this post is to try to elaborate a little on the various principles that exist for maximizing dps as a raid wizard. I won’t make any claims as to the accuracy or completeness of the guide, especially as the game is continually changing. However, I do hope that it will inspire some input and feedback from the community.

    There are 6 main areas which I will focus on:
    • Raid Setup and Buffs - What buffs to expect, and how they impact your dps.
    • Debuffs - The relationship between debuffs and dps, and what to look for.
    • Spell Quality - How upgrading your spells will affect your dps, including a complete end-game spell list.
    • Character Development and Achievements - How best to distribute your AAs, and a brief comparison of racial abilities.
    • Spell Rotation / Casting Order - How to work out your optimal spell rotation.
    • Gear and Items - Understanding item attributes and making informed gear choices (includes a list of optimal and alternative gear).

    [IMG] If you have not done so already, download the following parser (ACT) and learn how to use it - it is a valuable tool for evaluating your own dps:

    Advanced Combat Tracker -- An encounter parser for EQ2
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    I will detail below the various benefits that can be gained from having certain classes in your group and raid as a wizard. I will only list (for the most part) those buffs, spells and abilities which other classes bring that directly relate to increasing your dps, controlling hate or managing power.

    I have included the buff icons where possible to make it easier to recognize the buffs in your effects window at a glance.

    Troubador is pretty much a must-have for your group. Note also that the troubador ROK mythical weapon also provides a 10% base damage increase to all hostile spells for the entire group (as an "Aria" enhancement). Although the bards' run speed buff isn't listed below, it is still worth noting as it lets you move between targets faster, allowing you more time to prebuff if pulling fast.
    • [IMG] (Group) Alin’s Serene Serenade: Decreases hate gain of group members by 34%
    • [IMG] (Group) Power Ballad: Troubador / Dirge group buff that increases in-combat power regen of group members by 60. Stacks with the enchanter power regeneration spell.
    • [IMG] (Group) Aria of Magic: Group proc buff that has a 30% chance to deal additional mental damage off hostile spells (405-675 at 1106 INT). This can be enhanced with the troubador ROK mythical weapon to provide a passive 10% increase to the base damage of all hostile spells for the entire group.
    • [IMG] (Group) Perfection of the Maestro: Temporary buff with a 1.5 min reuse that inflicts additional damage (557-680 at 1106 INT) with every spell cast by the group (i.e. 100% proc rate). It also increases the INT of group members by 99. Try to get your Troubador to use this whenever the spell is available, especially as it does not daze the troubador anymore. The troubador mythical weapons applies this buff raid-wide.
    • [IMG] (Group) Allegro: Troubador / Dirge AA that increases the casting speed of group members (scaling each rank, starting at 1%)
    • [IMG] (Group) Don’t Kill the Messenger: Troubador / Dirge AA that increases all chances to land a critical spell, heal, ranged or melee attack by 7.5%
    • [IMG] (Group) Resonance: Troubador AA that increases the range of the group’s spells by 5m.
    • [IMG] (Group) Harmonization: Troubador AA - Any persistent spells that heal or cause damage have their durations reduced by 10%, allowing their effects to occur faster. Any persistent spells that do not directly heal or cause damage have their durations increased by 10%. It does work to increase temp item proc durations from items such as Robe of Al'kabor, Dark Orb of the Mind, Vine-wrapped Boots, Cloak of Woven Silk, and Earring of the Unkempt Power - all by 10%.
    • [IMG] (Group) Song of Magic: Increases Focus by 70, and Disruption, Subjugation, Ordination, Ministration and Aggression of group members by 35. This buff can be of situational benefit but is normally unnecessary and not used (as it consumes a conc slot).
    • [IMG] (Single) Jester’s Cap: Temporary buff that reduces the reuse speed of target for 30 seconds (followed by a 2 min immunity). Try to get your Troubador to JC you as much as possible.
    • [IMG] (Group) Bladedance: Bard AA group AOE avoid - dispelled when target takes damage.
    • [IMG] (Enemy) Countersong: Decreases the damage done by the next spell cast by 90% (20s duration / 10min recast / 3min immunity). This doesn't have any direct impact on dps, but is still worth knowing about.

    is also a beneficial addition to our group, and they also benefit as much from our group setup too. Note however, that their largest group benefit was stripped from them with the recent "fix" to Propagation.
    • [IMG] (Group) Mage's Pact: Increases Disruption, Subjugation, Ordination, Ministration and Aggression of group members by 38.
    • [IMG] (Group) Propagation: Increases the trigger percent by 4 of all spells of group members. Note that this was recently changed to no longer affects item procs and so is of limited benefit again.
    • [IMG] (Group) Pillaging: Drains power from an enemy and surrounding encounter members, and increases the power of group members (AE) by 33 instantly and every 3 seconds (36s duration / 60s recast).

    can also bring a lot to the mage dps group and their personal dps also sees sizeable gains from a mage dps group setup (especially with PotM and Frigid Gift due to their fast spell cast times). Their ROK mythical plays an important role in the management of the group's power, and some claim that it is "overpowered".
    • [IMG] (Group) Percolate: Increases the in-combat power regeneration of all group members by 53 (66 with AA enhancements). This stacks with the Bard power regeneration buff and will take you close to or over the in-combat power regeneration cap (120 at level 80). Coercers have a similar group buff called "Soothing" and the coercer equivalent can be enhanced to include 15% spell haste with their VP 6-set bonus.
    • [IMG] (Group) Flash of Brilliance: Temporary 30s duration group buff (90s reuse) that increases INT of group members by 204, and Focus, Disruption, Subjugation, Ministration and Ordination of group members by 75.
    • [IMG] (Group) Manatap: Drains power over time from the target and surrounding encounter mobs, and replenishes the power of group members by 62 instantly and every 4 seconds (24s duration / 45s recast).
    • [IMG] (Group) Savante: Temporary group buff that reduces the power cost of all the group’s spells by 56% for 30 seconds (2min 30sec recast).
    • [IMG] (Group) Illuminate: Illusionist AA. All spells cast by the group are much more difficult to resist for a limited time. Reduces the resistability of the group's spells by 50% for 20 seconds (1 min 30s recast).
    • [IMG] (Group) Mana Shroud: Illusionist / Coercer temporary group buff that increases the power of group members by 436 for any damage they take (3 triggers). 30s duration / 3 minute recast.
    • [IMG] (Group) Empathic Soothing: Illusionist / Coercer AA line which provides the group with an additional 8% passive hate reduction.
    • [IMG] (Single) Tandem: Augmentation placed on the illusionist’s ally that has a 33% chance to proc 547-668 mental damage (at 1106 INT) on any hostile spell. It also decreases threat by 795–972. Can be cast cross-raid, and maintained on as many allies as there are available concentration slots for.
    • [IMG] (Single) Time Compression: This illusionist AA improves casting speed by 20%, reuse speed by 10% and recovery speed by 40%. This can only be maintained on one grouped ally at a time, and is a great source of dps to either of the sorcerers. It is best placed on the highest parsing sorcerer (which should be a wizard, even though warlocks can get situational larger benefit on specific encounters).
    • [IMG] (Single) Mana Flow: Illusionist / Coercer AA that causes the enchanter to sacrifice 10% health and power to return 10% power to self and target when Mana Flow expires at the end of its 30s duration. 1 minute recast (though this can be lowered with AAs). Can be cast on any raid ally. Coercer mythical turns this into "group target" for coercers.
    • [IMG] (Group) Soothing Mind: This is the group proc from the illusionist ROK mythical weapon. When it procs, it gives each group member an independent buff with 3 triggers of 342 power (that trigger off any successful attack).

    tend to be the standard healer for mage groups, partly due to their fast casting heals, regens and save deaths, which tend to provide the best chance to keeping the group alive through heavy damage from AEs or other. They can also achieve decent dps from the mage group setup when not having to heal.

    However, with ROK, the usefulness of Fury INT buffs has dropped off sharply. This is due to the high INT that the new (raid) items are providing. It is reasonable to expect that we will be running near or over the hard cap towards the end of the expansion before extra INT buffs are factored in. Therefore, with the diminishing returns system, you will see far more benefit from a templar (or mystic if you can be greedy with their buffs) than a fury.
    • [IMG] (Group) Forest Spirit: Increases INT and WIS of group members by 93. This stacks with the mage group INT buff.
    • [IMG] (Group) Tortoise Shell: Fury / Warden AA 30s Group AOE immunity (within 3m) that stifles and roots the druid (can be toggled off early). 2 minute recast.
    • [IMG] (Single) Lucidity: Increases the INT of target by 137 and Max Power by 895. This costs a concentration slot and can be maintained on as many group members as there are available concentration slots.
    • [IMG] (Single) Aspect of the Bat: Fury/Warden buff that increases in-combat power regeneration by 25, Max Power by 294, and AGI by 45. This buff can only be maintained on a single group member.
    • [IMG] (Group) Fae Immolation: A group augmentation that grants the fury's group 393 heat damage with every successful melee attack (3 triggers - 20s duration / 20s recast) - included because I do stand behind the mobs and autoattack.

    Templars are also a viable mage group healer, but this comes more down to the buffs they can provide than their ability to heal through damage to mages solo. Their hitpoint and stoneskin buffs, as well as their group arcane cure, can be of situational benefit too.
    • [IMG] (Group) Blessings: Group buff that increases trigger percent chance (on item effects) by 20% relative to its base value.
    • [IMG] (Group) Divine Recovery: Templar / Inquisitor AA that increases the casting speed of group members by 50%, and the recovery speed of group members by 33%. It has a 24 second duration and 5 minute recast.
    • [IMG] (Group) Sanctuary: Temporary buff that makes group members immune to all control effects for 30 seconds. AA enhancements to this spell will increase the duration by 2 seconds per rank (5 ranks). It has a 3 minute recast. This has advantages when dealing with abilities or AEs with frequent control components that limit your ability to cast.
    • [IMG] (Single) Shield Ally: Passive AA that grants the templar an extra 60% chance to shield the target ally from a melee attack, using the templar's avoidance.
    • [IMG] (Single) Unyielding Benediction: Augmentation that grants an ally a 10% chance to absorb one physical damage attack whenever they are damaged with a melee weapon in combat. This buff can only be maintained on a single ally.

    are also a beneficial choice for healer, but this is completely dependent on whether you can be greedy and retain their buffs for yourself. Also note that mystics have a rather powerful power replenishment clicky effect on their mythical epic weapon.
    • [IMG] (Single) Ancestry: AA that increases the trigger percentage of all of the target ally’s spells and items by 3%. It can only be maintained on a single group ally. This buff tends to find its way to a bard more often than not.
    • [IMG] Shaman (Single) Ritual of Alacrity: Mystic/Defiler AA that improves casting speed, recast speed and recovery speed of all spells by 33% (30 second duration / 1 min 30s recast).
    • [IMG] (Single) Ancestral Avatar: Increases STA, AGI and STR of target ally by 85. This can be further enhanced through class AA's to buff INT and WIS in addition.
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    Raid-wide Fighter buffs were introduced with GU38 and increased the desirability of fighters within the raid. Each fighter was given one specific raid-wide buff that all members of the raid will benefit from, regardless of group. Of these six buffs, there are two that are of importance to wizards – Monk (Mindful) and Shadowknight (Lucan's Leadership). The Bruiser raidwide buff (Brusing Cry) is worth noting too.
    • [IMG] Monk (Raid) Mindful: Increases casting speed of raid members by 14.4% and attack speed of raid members by 24.
    • [IMG] Shadowknight (Raid) Lucan's Leadership: Increases the damage of spells by 112 and STA of raid members by 65.
    • [IMG] Bruiser (Raid) Bruising Cry: Increases the effectiveness of all taunts and detaunts by 20%, and increases the damage of combat arts by 112.

    The following list contains various buffs that other classes offer, which can be beneficial to your dps and hate management. Although they would not necessarily be ideal choices for your group, sometimes you may have to make the best of a bad situation. This gives you an idea of what to look out / ask for.
    • [IMG] Defiler (Group) Pandemonium: Drains health and power over time from the target encounter and converts it into health and power (78-95 power instantly and every 5s) over time for the defiler's group. This leaves the defiler stifled but can be toggled off early. 40s duration / 2 min 30s recast.
    • [IMG] Dirge (Group) Luck of the Dirge: AA group buff that increases trigger percent chance (on item effects) by 20% of the existing trigger percent.
    • [IMG] Guardian (Single) Moderate: Decreases hate gain of target by 36% and has a 55% chance of making an additional attempt to avoid being hit by a melee attack using the caster’s avoidance. This can only be maintained on a single group ally.
    • [IMG] Monk (Single) Tranquil Vision: This cross-raid castable buff can be enhanced through Monk AAs to transfer 9% of target's threat to the monk (if non-fighter), or transfer 4% of the monk's threat to target (if fighter). This buff also grants a 54% chance of making an additional attempt to avoid being hit by a melee attack using the monk's avoidance, while also increasing Deflection of target.
    • [IMG] Paladin (Single) Amends: Transfers 41% of target’s current Threat to the Paladin. This can only be maintained on a single group ally.
    • [IMG] Paladin (Group) Sigil of Heroism: Transfers 36% of group members’ current threat to the Paladin. It has a 15s duration / 2 min recast.
    • [IMG] Shadowknight (Group) Death March: While this ability is active, every time a group member slays an enemy, the shadowknight’s group gains increased intelligence (182), combat attack damage (63 DPS), casting speed (63%) and immunity to control spells for 10s. It has a 1 min duration and 3 min recast.
    • [IMG] Coercer (Group) Soothing: Increases the in-combat power regeneration of all group members by 53 (66 with AA enhancements). This stacks with the Bard power regeneration buff and will take you close to or over the in-combat power regeneration cap (120 at level 80). This buff can be enhanced to include 15% spell haste to the entire group with their VP 6-set bonus.
    • [IMG] Coercer (Single) Peaceful Link: Cross-raid buff that decreases hate gain of target by 22% (can be enhanced to 27% with AAs and a further 6% with their VP 2-set bonus) and a 40% chance to decrease threat priority by 1 position on incoming melee damage.
    • [IMG] Coercer (Group) Third Eye: Increases the in-combat power regeneration per tick of group members (AE) by 18.9 (can be increased to 30 with AA enhancements). This does count towards the in-combat power regeneration cap.
    • [IMG] Coercer (Group) Cannibalize Thoughts: Decreases enemy target’s INT by 187, granting the group 53 power instantly and every 6 seconds. Power regenerated this way does not count towards the in-combat regeneration cap. 24s duration / 45s recast.
    • [IMG] Coercer (Group) Channeling: Equalizes the power totals of the coercer’s group. The sum of all power points in the group is divided evenly for each group member (at a slight loss).
    • Conjuror (Group) Expire: Sacrifices the conjuror's pet to restore 2401 health and 773 power to the conjuror's group members (2 minute recast).
    • [IMG] Brawler (Single) Altruism: Cross raid castable brawler AA "save death" that causes the target to feign death instead of dying. 5 minute reuse once triggered.
    • [IMG] Brigand (Single) Appeal for Mercy: Can be cast cross-raid. When target is damaged, this spell decreases threat priority of target by 1 position, decreases threat to target by 1510 with a 100% chance to intercept all damage on target – 3 triggers (15s duration / 60s recast).
    • [IMG] Dirge (Group) Chimes of Blades: Short duration temp buff that increases the attack speed of group mesmebers (AE) by 64 and interupts / inflicts 133-221 disease damage on target with every successful melee attack (12s duration, 1 minute recast). Included because the dirge mythical ROK weapon applies this buff raid wide, and I tend to stand behind the mobs leaving autoattack on.

    Wizard Buffs

    As far as the buffs that you should be casting as a wizard, it should all be obvious:
    • [IMG] Tyrant's Pact (group)
    • [IMG] Consolidation (group)
    • [IMG] Snow-filled steps (group)
    • [IMG] Ward of Sages (self)
    • [IMG] Magi's Shielding (self)
    • [IMG] Mail of Frost (self)
    • [IMG] Summon Animated Tome (self)
    • [IMG] Summon: Imp of Ro (self)
    • [IMG] Converge on the main tank or offtank (since it does not stack with the warlock version "Boon of Solitude"
    • [IMG] Ro's Blade (on any melee type in the group and self if spare conc slot)

    There are other temporary buffs to consider, and I will cover those in more detail later. They include (but are not limited to):
    • [IMG] Sathirian Scroll of Combat (30 minute temporary weapon adornment that adds 3% spell crit).
    • [IMG] Expert's Elixir of Second Sight (15 minute duration potion that adds 4% spell crit).
    • [IMG] Fiery Magma Infusion (Drink that adds +50 spell damage)
    • [IMG] Steamed King Prawn Dumplings (Food that adds 17.8 INT)
    • [IMG] Di'Zok Blissful Obscurity (Food with 4% deagro)
    • [IMG] Level 80 guild mount (that adds +75 spell damage and increases disruption by 7.0).
    • [IMG] "Reliable" Gnomish Pacemaker (25% chance save death with a 2 hour duration)
    • Sash of the Volcanic Throne (belt from Trakanon with a clicky buff that increases the base damage of all hostile spells by 12% for 15 seconds).
    • [IMG] Runed Guard of the Sel'Nok (bought from the Sel'Nok faction merchant in JW - swap in to use the clicky buff that increases the chance of all procs by 25% for 30 seconds).
    • [IMG] Earring of the Solstice (tradeskill epic with a clicky 24hr buff that provides a 45% run speed boost while not in combat).
    • [IMG] Deity Abilities ("Ro's Fury" and "Wrath of the Burning Prince".

    Many people overlook the usefulness of Velium Gift (temporary proc buff). This spell should be enhanced to rank 5 with the EoF AAs, and should be cast in conjunction with Iceshape, such that it will proc off your and your group members' heat spells in addition to all other magical types.

    Macro both Iceshape and Velium Gift together so that Iceshape is being cast first (lasts 2s longer than Velium Gift), along with a message to group chat informing your group that it is being cast. Use it at the start of every trash fight if it is available, and then whenever the recast is up on extended/named fights.


    Plug the gap while Velium Gift is refreshing with Surge of Ro (if you do not have another grouped wizard using their Iceshape/Velium Gift). Fireshape is unnecessary since the majority of your spells are already heat based, and the "Flame Surge" proc has a duration associated with it that overwrites itself.


    As somewhat of a note here (because a couple of people have asked me why I did not include other mage group buffs in the list), the INT portion of mage group buffs do not stack with eachother - instead the highest takes priority.

    Main Tank Group

    The main tank group should be set up best to hold agro and take the damage. Standard main-tank group setup tends to be templar, defiler, warden (+ melee skills buff helps hold agro), warrior (we use guardian for everything, though beserkers will arguable hold better aoe agro with their higher aoe dps output), and dirge (+hate, stoneskin, power regen, CoB etc), and scout hate transfer (your highest parsing swash or assassin). With all this, if you are still peeling agro from your main tank, then you need to find a better tank. Coercers (17% hate gain / 17% hate transfer) are an alternative/additional option to bring into the MT group, especially since they provide the group with a decent array of buffs.

    The following are the various caps for hate.
    • Hate Gain caps at 50%
    • Hate Transfer caps at 50%
    • Hate Reduction caps at 50%

    Note that if you go over the "hate transfer" cap it will actually scale the percentages down so that each player still transfers some.
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    2) DEBUFFS

    I can’t stress the importance of applying and maintaining debuffs enough, and this is something that many raids overlook, or don’t execute properly. As well as reducing the mobs’ damage output, you will also be significantly increasing the damage that your raid can deal to the mob. With fully debuffed mobs, you can expect to start hitting Bolt of Ice and Fission for over 40k crits.

    As a wizard, where 99% of our damage comes from our magical based spells (elemental in particular with some magic - less now that storming tempest was changed to be heat-based with GU45), we will primarily be interested in our raid applying and maintaining debuffs to heat, cold and magic. The following are a list of classes that can and should debuff mobs for either WIS, magic, heat or cold. This should be a complete list, but I may have missed something.
    • [IMG] All: Hex Dolls (INT: 946 to all magical) and (WIS: 82 to all primary stats) – only one of each type is needed since they do not stack (108s duration / 2s recast)
    • [IMG] Bard: Spell Rebuff – 1152 debuff to all magical on target encounter (1 min duration / 2s recast – recurrent power cost)
    • [IMG] Brigand: Dispatched – Decreases mitigation of target vs all damage by 5007 (13s duration / 60s recast – duration increased by 2.5s at rank 5 with AA enhancements).
    • [IMG] Brigand: Blood Rake – Decreases mitigation of target vs all magical damage by 2503 (72s duration / 60s recast) AA enhancements to this ability increase the reduction by a further 10% at rank 5.
    • [IMG] Brigand: Holdup – Decreases mitigation of target vs cold damage by 2640 (24s duration / 20s recast)
    • [IMG] Cleric: Smite Corruption – Decreases WIS of target by 90 (24s duration / 9s recast)
    • [IMG] Coercer: Obliterated Psyche – 1320 debuff to all magical - can be further enhanced by up to 20% with AAs. (72s duration / 10s recast).
    • [IMG] Coercer: Tashiana - Coercer AA that debuffs the target by 2971 to all magical. This particular debuff is 91% harder to resist so is of most benefit when used on incoming. (13s duration / 2 minute recast).
    • [IMG] Conjuror: Conjuror's Pact - Pet buff proc (5.0 times per minute on successful attack or 25% chance on taking damage) that decreases mitigation of target vs heat, cold and magic by 1463 (20s duration)
    • [IMG] Defiler: Abomination – Decreases STR, STA, WIS, AGI and INT of target by 59 (72s duration / 20s recast)
    • [IMG] Defiler: Malis - Decreases WIS of target by 153 (24s duration / 8s recast)
    • [IMG] Defiler: Hideous Seal - Decreases WIS, STR, and AGI of target by 97. This can only be maintained on a single target. 72s duration.
    • [IMG] Dirge: Grim Strike – Decreases WIS of target by 97 (40s duration / 20s recast).
    • [IMG] Fury: Inferiority - Decreases AGI and WIS of target by 99 (36s duration / 10s recast).
    • [IMG] Inquisitor: Condemned – Decreases mitigation vs all damage by 813 (72s duration / 9s recast)
    • [IMG] Mystic: Echoes of the Ancients – Decreases mitigation of target encounter to elemental and noxious by 1427 and STA by 156 (72s duration / 30s recast).
    • [IMG] Necromancer: Mortality Mark - Decreases WIS and STA of target by 102 (can be further enhanced through AAs) (72s duration / 2s recast).
    • [IMG] Ranger: Rope - Decreases mitigation of target vs heat damage by 2640 (24s duration / 20s recast).
    • [IMG] Swashbuckler: Trickery – Decreases WIS of target by 97 and Defense by 37 (36s duration, 10s recast)
    • [IMG] Swashbuckler: Bound – Decreases mitigation of target vs magic and divine by 2640 (24s duration / 20s recast)
    • [IMG] Troubador: Chaos Anthem – Decreases WIS of target encounter by 93 (60s duration / 4s recast).
    • [IMG] Warden: Velium Frost – Decreases mitigation of target to elemental by 1355 (24s duration / 24s recast).

    Wizard Debuffs

    As a wizard, we also have 2 debuffs that we should be using and maintaining. The first is Ice Spears (24s cold dot with a 1926 debuff to both heat and cold damage at Master 1 / enhanced rank 5). And then you have Furnace of Ro that has a hidden 1344 heat debuff to all mobs in its radius (at Master 1). The debuff gets reapplied with every tick of damage. Furnace of Ro can be precast just as the tank is about to pull, and Rending Icicles should be one of the first damage spells you cast and refresh every time it is about to drop.


    There are also several items that have a magical or elemental debuff attached to them, such as the Bone Clasped Girdle. However, with the exception of possibly the Bone Clasped Girdle, using these items will require you to sacrifice far better items for each slot that will provide larger personal dps gains. On the whole this is a bad trade-off and should be avoided if possible.

    As somewhat of a note here, do not change your spell rotation or hold your big hitters back for specific debuffs, such as Dispatched (although there are exceptions to this rule, such as Manaburn) – this will most likely result in lower parses. If anything, try to get your brigand to change his/her timing on Dispatched and other debuffs to better accommodate your rotation.
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    There isn’t too much to be said here, but it needs to be stressed for importance. Always strive to get your end-game spells at the highest quality that you can afford/find. Mastering out all of your spells will net you sizeable dps gains without even having to change your approach to raiding. To quantify the difference, upgrading from *all* Adept 3 spells to *all* Master 1 spells will net you an average 14.3% increase to your damage and therefore approximately 14.3% to your dps.
    • Upgrading from Apprentice 2 to Apprentice 4 will net you an approximate +15.8% increase in effectiveness.
    • Upgrading from Apprentice 4 to Adept 1 will net you an approximate +9.1% increase in effectiveness.
    • Upgrading from Adept 1 to Adept 3 will net you an approximate +16.7% increase in effectiveness.
    • Upgrading from Adept 3 to Master 1 will net you an approximate +14.3% increase in effectiveness.
    • Upgrading from Master 1 to Master 2 will net you an approximate +3.1% increase in effectiveness.


    Below is a list of the gains on our T8 spells from upgrading from Adept 3 to Master 1 (all items with BoE effects were removed for testing). Also keep in mind, that the accuracy of some of these numbers will be a little off due to rounding done on SoE’s part. However, the following should provide a good indicator of an approximate value.

    [IMG] Ball of Magma: +14.29%
    [IMG] Bolt of Ice: +14.29%
    [IMG] (Consolidation: +14.34%)
    [IMG] (Converge: +14.39%)
    [IMG] Electron Storm: +14.18%
    [IMG] Exothermicity: +14.3%
    [IMG] Fission: +14.29%
    [IMG] Flames of Velious: +14.34%
    [IMG] Furnace of Ro: unknown
    [IMG] Glacialshield: +14.32%
    [IMG] (Harvest Mana: +13.16%)
    [IMG] Heatwave: +14.26%
    [IMG] Ice Spears: +14.44%
    [IMG] Magma Chamber: +14.28%
    [IMG] (Mana Intromission: +14.44%)
    [IMG] Protofire: unknown
    [IMG] Rays if Disintegration: +14.29%
    [IMG] (Ro's Blade: +14.36%)
    [IMG] Ro's Coil: +14.46%
    [IMG] Solar Flare: +14.29%
    [IMG] Solar Wind: +14.31%
    [IMG] Storming Tempest: +14.29%
    [IMG] Surge of Ro: +14.05%
    [IMG] (Tyrant's Pact: +14.29%)
    [IMG] Velium Gift: +14.3%
    [IMG] (Vital Transfer: +14.29%)

    Master 2 Choice

    The level 74 Master II selection consists of Solar Flare, Magma Chamber, Mana Intromission and Consolidation. In this case, the natural choice is "Magma Chamber". The choice on which to take can be simplified by taking the upgrade to the ability which contributes the largest portion of dps to your raid (check parses - it ought to be Magma Chamber and not Solar Flare).


    Upgrading a spell from Master 1 to Master 2 will net you a small gain of 3.1% on that spell (or approximately 17.9% from Adept 3 to Master 2).


    In case it was not obvious, upgrades to spells will also decrease the chances of that spell being outright resisted when you cast them. Other than upgrading your spells and debuffs, the only other way to decrease the chance of your damage spells being outright resisted is via +disruption (either through warlock/troubador buffs or through gear with +disruption). Roots, deagros, and our mez are based off our subjugation skill.

    As a note here, casting techniques/skills are also based on the diminishing returns curve. Raising your disruption skill from 400 (at level 80) to the hard cap of 520 will make your disruption-based spells an additional 20% harder to resist. Formula for the skills cap is 6.5 * Level.

    Spell List

    Treat the following as a checklist of all end-game spells - and upgrade/master them where you can. I am not including spells that are automatically granted (e.g. Snow-filled Steps at level 23), nor am I including abilities from such sources as "Racial Traits" or "AAs".

    (5) Master's Strike (currently 39 creature types - do the quests!)
    (35) Sunbolt (Bloodlines spell - works on vampires only)
    (52) Numbing Cold
    (71) Flames of Velious, Solar Flare
    (72) Magma Chamber, Ro's Coil
    (73) Converge, Fetter, Surge of Ro
    (74) Furnace of Ro, Mana Intromission, Protofire
    (75) Consolidation, Solar Wind, Velium Gift
    (76) Electron Storm, Glacialshield, Storming Tempest
    (77) Ball of Magma, Blip, Heatwave
    (78) Fission, Peak Shift, Ring of Glaciers, Ro's Blade
    (79) Ice Spears, Tyrant's Pact, Vital Transfer
    (80) Bolt of Ice, Exothermicity, Harvest Mana, Rays of Disintegration
  6. ARCHIVED-daray Guest


    If you are serious about achieving top raid dps, you need to build your AA choices with that in mind.


    There are 3 lines in the KoS tree that provide boosts to damage and dps (STR, AGI, and WIS). Currently there is only one PvE raid AA build for this tree. It is as follows:

    STR: 4, 4, 4, 8, 0 (ranks)
    WIS: 4, 7, 4, 8, 1 (ranks)

    AGI: 4, 6, 4, 8, 1 (ranks)

    This build is illustrated in the following screenshot:


    • The agility line is regarded as providing the largest boost to dps out of the 3 lines.
    • The wisdom line provides the second largest contribution to dps out of the three lines.
    • This leaves the strength line as contributing the least out of the three, although it is a marginal difference.

    Note: With the direction that itemisation is heading in, it is entirely possible that the STR line may be rendered obsolete very soon. It is already possible to cap damage spell crit with current gear selection without even trying - and the amount of damage spell crit available on items is likely to continue rising.

    Catalyst (STR) or Sagacity (WIS)?

    This question is easily answered. With people currently sitting at 90% - 100%+ raid buffed spell crit chance, Catalyst is useless.

    For those sitting at ~50% spell crit chance, Sagacity is still the better option to take. Catalyst as an ability becomes an increasingly less useful choice the higher you increase your spell crit rate with gear (and buffs) - not to mention that it also has a 1s base cast time associated with it.

    The 12% passive power cost reduction to all your spells from Sagacity is particularly useful for extended/contested fights or chain-pulling, where power management can quickly become a concern.
  7. ARCHIVED-daray Guest


    There are two options that you can take under the Wizard tree, and the one that is best suited to you is dependent on a few factors. Some people opt for a full Heat/Cold spec, while a few will opt for a Manaburn spec. Feel free to experiment a little to find which one works best for you - and at this point you may wish to invest in a "Mirror of Reflected Achievements" for changing quickly and easily between your two profiles.

    Note, that you may completely disregard the "Shielding" line as a PvE raid wizard.

    Full Heat/Cold Distribution

    Suggested distribution of points:

    Heat: Solar Flare 5, Heatwave 5, Magma Chamber 5, Exothermicity 5, Ro's Coil 5, Ball of Magma 5, Surge of Ro 5.
    Cold: Ice Spears 5, Bolt of Ice 5, Electron Storm 5, Storming Tempest 4, Solar Wind 5, Fission 5, Velium Gift 5, Iceshape.


    • Depending on your preference, you may wish to drop the 5 points from the Surge of Ro enhancements, and reassign them somewhere in the power line (e.g. Converge, as you may have your transfer/power proc on the Main Tank for the majority of the time).
    • You may also wish to reassign some points from the Bolt of Ice enhancements to somewhere else if you are using your RoK "Nexus Disruption" set pants - although I chose to keep the points in there because of the resistability bonus. This is because all recast values on your spells cap at half of the base recast value (e.g. Bolt of Ice has a 45s base recast, so therefore it caps at 22.5s).

    This AA distribution is the traditional method of assigning your points in this tree - and unlike the Manaburn spec, it will provide more consistent dps without needing to rely on external sources of help. The heat line will primarily enhance our single target damage, largely by reducing the casting time on some of our key single-target heat based spell attacks. The cold line also provides some welcome enhancements to some of our other key spells - in particular Velium Gift and Iceshape which enhances our group utility.

    Why are Iceshape and Velium Gift so desirable?

    The most important enhancements to make in the cold line are to Velium Gift, and picking up Iceshape. Since Velium Gift procs on all non-heat hostile spells, and the majority of our spells are heat-based, combining Iceshape (converts all our heat/magic spells to cold) with Velium Gift allows us to proc Velium Gift’s damage on all of our hostile spells.

    They can easily be macroed together with a group chat message to advise your group that you are casting it. Conjurors in group benefit as much from this as wizards do, because their mage pet uses majority heat-based spells. You should be using this combination at the start of every trash fight (if it is available), or whenever the recast is up on extended fights.

    Why not put the one point into Fireshape?

    Fireshape is a rather worthless ability in my opinion, even though it only costs the one point to acquire. The vast majority of the spells that we find ourselves regularly casting, are naturally heat based, such that there is a negligible dps gain from casting Fireshape for the purposes of procing Surge of Ro (and keep in mind that Fireshape also has a small cast time associated with it). The "Flame Surge" proc from Surge of Ro has a 3 second duration, and any subsequent procs while an earlier Flame Surge proc is active, will only result in Flame Surge being overwritten - meaning that while you won't proc if off a non-heat based spell, you may still have Flame Surge ticking from a previous heat spell.

    Manaburn Distribution

    This spec is situational - you may still wish to switch to a Full Heat/Cold spec for certain zones/encounters.

    Example of one distribution of points:

    Heat: Solar Flare 5, Heatwave 5, Magma Chamber 3, Exothermicity 1, Ro's Coil 5, Ball of Magma 5.
    Cold: Ice Spears 5, Bolt of Ice 5, Electron Storm 3, Storming Tempest 2, Solar Wind 1, Fission 3, Velium Gift 5, Iceshape.
    Power: Consolidation 5, Vital Transfer 5, Converge 5, Harvest Mana 3, Mana Intromission 2, Manaburn.


    • You may wish to move points around within the heat and cold lines to better suit your liking - e.g. by moving 2 points from Ice Spears (or Bolt of Ice) to Magma Chamber. There is no perfect distribution of the 49 points within these two lines, though some enhancements are obviously still more desirable than others (such as enhancements to Ball of Magma, Irradiate, Ro's Coil, Ice Spears, Velium Gift, Iceshape, etc).
    • AoE spell enhancements under this spec were bottom of the list of priorities since there is so little encounter content in ROK (besides Avatars and Overking) - and a Manaburn spec really only sees an advantage in single-mob settings.
    • You may also wish to shuffle the 20 points within the power line as you see fit. These points are largely meaningless, and are just used as means of obtaining the "Manaburn" ability at the end of the line.
    • And as above, you may wish to reassign some points from Bolt of Ice enhancements if you use the RoK "Nexus Disruption" set pants.


    Manaburn can not crit, and is not affected by any spell damage mod. However, there are 3 ways to increase the damage that your manaburn can do:
    • Try to have as much power as possible when you use Manaburn (the damage it deals is directly tied to your remaining power pool in a 4:1 ratio). Items with +X% Power effects can be useful here.
    • The damage from Manaburn is affected by base damage modifiers. This includes Freehand Sorcery and base damage modifying effects and procs on items.
    • Manaburn is also affected by debuffs (magic), so try to time it with the bigger debuffs, such as Dispatched.

    Aside from the obvious solo/group benefits, running a manaburn spec for raids prior to ROK and mythical weapons was a big "no" if you were keen on pushing your raid numbers. However, with current end-game itemisation, it has become a viable alternative, and may even offer a *slight* increase to certain zonewides if you receive the right support to be able to make the most of it (even with the damage:power ratio nerfed from 5:1 to 4:1).

    The biggest limitation always was (and still is for many players) the power consumption issue associated with the use of manaburn. To make manaburn work, you need to retain enough power (without sacrificing any of your regular dps) to get a substantial "hit" out of it (which completely drains your power pool), and then you need enough recouped power to continue dps'ing, or be ready for the next pull if chain-pulling. Time spent holding back / without power / regening power, is wasted dps potential. If power is something you find yourself constantly struggling with in raids without a manaburn spec, then manaburn most likely isn't the choice for you (unless you are otherwise terrible, and like an "easy" button).

    What type of support is needed to make it work?

    If you have decided to take the manaburn route, you will need outside support to be able to make it work. The primary "support" that is needed, is obviously with regards to various power management tools that can be available to you and your group.

    Double power regen is a must (troubador + illusionist) - as well as the illusionist utilizing their power conservation tools. It is highly desirable that the illusionist have their mythical ROK epic weapon. The "Soothing Mind" proc from it grants 3 triggers of 342 power and it is up a lot. There are also a few end-game dropped raid items that other members of your group might be wearing, that offer group power procs, such as the new avatar earring as one example. I suppose you could also wear some power proc items yourself if needed, but by doing this you will most likely be sacrificing better "dps-orientated" items - so should only be considered as a last resort.

    You will also want to coordinate timed powerfeeds from others, such as manaflow (to hit just after you have cast manaburn). It will also be beneficial to request Jester's Cap and/or Ritual of Alacrity if you have a grouped Shaman to reduce the recast on Manaburn, such that you will be able to use it more frequently.

    A manaburn spec will not be ideal for every zone/encounter, so select the zones and encounters that you wish to use it in - and then run with a Full Heat/Cold spec for the rest. As a general rule, manaburn will offer the most if you are faced with vast majority single-mob encounters, and its usefulness will quickly diminish (to the point where you will be worse off) with too many multi-mob encounters (e.g. Avatars).

    There are also a couple more points that could hinder your use of manaburn. Firstly, if your raid does not run with regular/stable groups (and you do not know who you will be grouped with day on day), you may wish to reconsider. Also Manaburn has a 30 second immunity timer, so multiple wizards running manaburn could be problematic, especially without further communication. And it may also be somewhat desirable to time your use of Manaburn with your tank's better agro tools (e.g. Reinforcement) - so again, further communication advised.
  8. ARCHIVED-daray Guest

    Mirror of Reflected Achievements

    If you find yourself needing to switch between AA profiles regularly, this is definately a house item that you will want/need to invest in.


    This AA mirror allows you to switch between two profiles (for free) by storing one profile at a time. When you swap profiles, your current profile is stored in the mirror, allowing you to switch back later. You will need to place it in your house to be able to use it, and then visit your house everytime you wish to switch profiles. Note that you can not store multiple profiles across multiple mirrors!

    The mirror is no-trade, and will need to be crafted for you (via the tradeskill commission system) by a crafter that owns the recipe (need +40,000 faction with your home-city crafting society to be able to buy it). The "rare" component needed to craft it is a "reflective smoldering shard" (drops in any ROK dungeon off trash mobs) - or can be bought from the broker for a few gold.


    ROK brought a revamp to the entire Racial Ability system. This moved the game from a position where race and class combinations did not matter, to the position we are now in, where certain races are better suited to certain classes. While these differences are relatively insignificant in the greater scheme of things, there still are tangible benefits to picking the right race as a wizard.

    I realize that by reading this guide, you most likely are not in a position to change the race you chose, but this is still worth touching on regardless.

    So, as a wizard, unless you have some odd roleplay fetish, you really only ought to select between two races - Erudite and Dark Elf. The difference between these two races is not that great, although Erudites probably edge out Dark Elves. I have included the abilities that each have access to below (that have an impact on dps).


    Dark Elf

  9. ARCHIVED-daray Guest


    You should be chain-casting your spells. Time spent doing nothing is time spent doing no damage. The order in which you use your spells is probably what differentiates many average wizards from good wizards. Prioritizing your spells into an order is actually remarkably easy to do, but few take the time to do it. You can start by breaking it down into two parts – Opening Sequence, and Spell Rotation.


    Your opening sequence will consist, obviously, of the opening few spells you will be casting at the start of a fight. The objectives here are to apply spells that take time to run their full cycle, such as Surging Tempest and Protoferno. These two spells do low damage initially (low chance of drawing agro), but have a relatively high dps efficiency by the time they are done running their course.

    Try to estimate the duration of the fight to determine if long duration spells will see enough of their duration to still make them the better choice. As long as you don’t draw agro from the tank, be as aggressive as you can in your opening sequence.

    With that in mind, one opening sequence may end up looking something like this on single-target encounters:

    [IMG] Glacialshield (precast on the main tank – set up a macro for it)
    [IMG] Asphyxiating Sorcery (Runed Guard of the Sel'Nok - Sel'Nok faction merchant)
    [IMG] Furnace of Ro (precast – if you know where the mob will end up)
    [IMG] Iceshape + Velium Gift Macro (on incoming)
    [IMG] Ice Spears
    [IMG] Protofire (unresistable)
    [IMG] Storming Tempest
    [IMG] Freehand Sorcery
    Volcanic Wrath (Sash of the Volcanic Throne - Trakanon)
    [IMG] Fission (or Bolt of Ice if it is not up)
    [IMG] Bolt of Ice

    On multi-mob encounters, using the above opening sequence will yield lower dps than a different approach. For groups, try something like:

    [IMG] Glacialshield (precast on the main tank)
    [IMG] Asphyxiating Sorcery (Runed Guard of the Sel'Nok - Sel'Nok faction merchant)
    [IMG] Furnace of Ro (precast - if you know where the mob will end up)
    [IMG] Iceshape + Velium Gift Macro (on incoming) Volcanic Wrath (Sash of the Volcanic Throne - Trakanon)
    [IMG] Exothermicity (if the mobs are within range – otherwise cast Solar Wind first if they haven’t reached you yet)
    [IMG] Solar Wind
    [IMG] Electron Storm
    [IMG] Glacialshield
    [IMG] Exothermicity
  10. ARCHIVED-daray Guest


    Once the fight progresses, you need a system of prioritizing your spells such that you are always casting the spell that does the most dps for the time you spend casting it. This is what players have started referring to as “DPS Efficiency”.

    To work out the DPS Efficiency value of each of your spells, you need to first work out the average total damage that the spell deals (including any ticks if it has a duration component). Then divide this number by the casting time + recovery time that you have for that spell - the recovery time is 0.5s for each of your spells. You then need to order your spells by the resulting number, so that when you come to cycling your spells, you are always casting the highest available spell in the list.

    The following order utilizes the values that I have calculated from my spell descriptions. For the purposes of calculating these numbers, I have taken the passive cast time values of all of my spells (i.e. includes spellshaping, spell enhancements, and gear with permanent spell haste). There is no need to try to factor in external buffs, or temporary buffs, since this would have a negligible effect on the comparative value of our (non-capped) spells. They also assume that any spells with a duration component run their full course.


    Rays of Disintegration: I estimated my self-buffed cast time at approximately 3 seconds. It also gets 1/3 of the benefit from +spell damage.

    Storming Tempest:
    At the time of calculation, each tick was given 1/3 of the +spell damage benefit. This spell was later changed with GU45 to work as a normal dot, but I decided not to redo this section as it does not change the relative position of this spell. This will mean that Storming Tempest now does less overall damage in the last 2 scenarios below, although the difference won't be all that great.

    Flames of Velious: Although the spell description shows only the cold portion of the damage receiving the +spell damage mod, you in fact gain an equal amount of +spell damage on the heat portion too - in effect netting you double the spell damage on this particular spell.

    Protofire: Ran some extensive parsing on the "training wall" in Kunzar Jungle, and approximated the damage done from one cast of Protofire at 5940 (18 swings multiplied by an average hit of 330) - assuming it runs the full duration and is not killed off early. As an extra note on Protofire, it is NOT affected by INT, base damage modifiers, or our spell crit chance (it can crit, but under my tests its crit chance was ~1.5%). Protofire can not be resisted on cast, but it does occasionally miss.

    Furnace of Ro: Ran some extensive parsing on the "training wall" in Kunzar Jungle, and approximated the damage done from one cast of Furnace of Ro at 4050 (18 swings multiplied by an average hit of 225) - assuming it runs the full duration. As an extra note on Furnace of Ro, it is NOT affected by INT, base damage modifiers, or our spell crit chance (it can crit, but under my tests its crit chance was between 1-2%). Furnace of Ro does not need a target to cast, but targets in its area of effect can occasionally resist a tick of damage.

    Scenario 1

    The following priority listing, shows the comparative dps efficiency of our spells at capped INT (1220), 0% base damage modifier, 0% damage spell crit chance, and +0 spell damage.

    [IMG] Storming Tempest - 3390
    [IMG] Glacialshield - 2900 (if all 3 triggers used)
    [IMG] Surge of Ro - 2793 (approx - based off 30 hits)
    [IMG] Protofire - 2725
    [IMG] Fission - 2639 (per target)
    [IMG] Iceshape/Velium Gift - 2423 (approx - based off 10 hits)
    [IMG] Bolt of Ice - 2407
    [IMG] Rays of Disintegration - 1900 (estimated cast time)
    [IMG] Furnace of Ro - 1800 (per target)
    [IMG] Ball of Magma - 1486
    [IMG] Magma Chamber - 1391
    [IMG] Master's Strike - 1308
    [IMG] Flames of Velious - 1211
    [IMG] Heatwave - 1173
    [IMG] Ro's Coil - 990
    [IMG] Solar Wind - 972 (per target)
    [IMG] Ice Spears - 951
    [IMG] Exothermicity - 942 (per target)
    [IMG] Solar Flare - 855
    [IMG] Electron Storm - 601 (per target)
    [IMG] Sunbolt - 339
    [IMG] Static Discharge - 294 (per target)


    Scenario 2

    The following priority listing, shows the comparative dps efficiency of our spells at capped INT (1220), 10% base damage modifier, 50% damage spell crit chance, and +500 spell damage.

    [IMG] Storming Tempest - 4676
    [IMG] Glacialshield - 4034 (if all 3 triggers used)
    [IMG] Fission - 3459 (per target)[IMG] Bolt of Ice - 3304
    [IMG] Surge of Ro - 3072 (approx - based off 30 hits)[IMG] Protofire - 2725
    [IMG] Iceshape/Velium Gift - 2662 (approx - based off 10 hits)
    [IMG] Rays of Disintegration - 2460 (estimated cast time)
    [IMG] Ball of Magma - 2153[IMG] Magma Chamber - 2033[IMG] Flames of Velious - 1991[IMG] Master's Strike - 1884
    [IMG] Heatwave - 1832
    [IMG] Furnace of Ro - 1800 (per target)
    [IMG] Ro's Coil - 1658
    [IMG] Ice Spears - 1628
    [IMG] Solar Flare - 1414
    [IMG] Solar Wind - 1326 (per target)
    [IMG] Exothermicity - 1318 (per target)
    [IMG] Electron Storm - 849 (per target)
    [IMG] Sunbolt - 591
    [IMG] Static Discharge - 513 (per target)


    Scenario 3

    The following priority listing, shows the comparative dps efficiency of our spells at capped INT (1220), 40% base damage modifier, 100% damage spell crit chance (capped), and +1000 spell damage. This one closest represents my setup.

    [IMG] Storming Tempest - 6734
    [IMG] Glacialshield - 6009 (if all 3 triggers used)
    [IMG] Fission - 5232 (per target)[IMG] Bolt of Ice - 4969
    [IMG] Surge of Ro - 3910 (approx - based off 30 hits)[IMG] Rays of Disintegration - 3570 (estimated cast time)
    [IMG] Iceshape/Velium Gift - 3392 (approx - based off 10 hits)[IMG] Ball of Magma - 3294[IMG] Magma Chamber - 3104[IMG] Flames of Velious - 2991
    [IMG] Heatwave - 2865
    [IMG] Master's Strike - 2839[IMG] Protofire - 2725
    [IMG] Ro's Coil - 2556
    [IMG] Ice Spears - 2530
    [IMG] Solar Flare - 2247[IMG] Exothermicity - 1995 (per target)
    [IMG] Solar Wind - 1990 (per target)
    [IMG] Furnace of Ro - 1800 (per target)
    [IMG] Electron Storm - 1287 (per target)
    [IMG] Sunbolt - 846
    [IMG] Static Discharge - 806 (per target)


    The above scenarios deal with single-target encounters, and therefore, each of the values represent the damage that the spell, if used, will deal to the single-target encounter. If fighting group encounters, don't forget to multiply the AOE spells by the number of targets it will hit for comparative purposes (although they will hit for less on the non-debuffed adds).

    When rotating your spells, also remember to recast Ice Spears whenever it is about to expire. It is also worth noting that the damage associated with Glacialshield is hate-free – you only get a minimal amount of hate associated with the act of “buffing” that spell onto a person. Unlike some other reactive damage shields, Glacialshield will show up as your damage and not the person you are casting it on.
  11. ARCHIVED-daray Guest


    You should be standing with the scouts if you can – i.e. within melee range of the mob (preferably behind it, but don’t waste time moving around if you can avoid it as it equates to lost dps). The only exception to this is if there are AOEs or other issues that prevent you from standing within melee range. If this is the case, then stand at an appropriate distance (and don’t forget to run the mob back to the tank if you pull agro).

    There are several advantages to standing within melee range if at all possible:
    • If you pull agro, the mob stays in place and doesn’t go chasing you all over creation. That is the one thing that annoys the scouts more than flipping the mob. And the time spent chasing you means lost dps for the whole raid. It also allows the tank a chance to get agro back before you are killed.
    • You can melee. Yes, we can deal auto-attack damage and although minimal, it is extra “free” damage. Auto-attack swings that would have occurred while you were casting something are instead delayed until your next recovery period.
    • Standing closer to the mob obviously allows for better use of fission without needing to move to do it.
    • Standing within melee range allows you to use Ambidexterous Casting (see below).



    If you are AGI speced, you will have Ambidexterous Casting. This is actually a Combat Art, and will be listed under the Abilities tab of your Knowledge Book. It takes 0.5s to cast, inflicts approx 300-500 melee damage on your target and interrupts your target. The reason I put my 2 spare AA points from the AGI line into this ability, is because I use it.

    The amount of damage that it inflicts is modified by your STR, and not your INT. Because it is a CA, it is not affected by +spell damage or spell crits. You also need to be within 5m to be able to use it.

    Now the part that makes this actually worthwhile to use, is that it can be executed while you are already casting another spell. This means that it can only add to your dps.

    I have found that the best way to make use of Ambidexterous Casting is to actually macro it into one or two of your more common spells (e.g. Ice Spears/Ball of Magma). You need to order your macro such that Ambidexterous Casting is the first thing that the macro tries to execute (before your spell but leave the spell set to primary within the macro so it shows you the spell’s recast timer). This way you won’t mess up spell queuing.

    The reason I have not macroed it into more than 2 of my spells, is purely because of the slight lag associated with macros. Lag can be the difference between gaining dps and losing dps by using it.

    Ambidexterous Casting also toggles autoattack on, which is useful in so far as it is one less button to push. I had to turn the combat auto-face feature off though, as that got annoying fast (especially when trying to direct Fission).


    If you chose to use deity abilities, there is only one choice for us, and that is Solusek Ro. Many people that kill avatars forgo using deity abilities since repairing faction between Avatar of Flame kills can get expensive. However, if you do use deity abilities, then there really are only 2 options for us from the selection of blessings and miracles that Solusek Ro offers:


    Ro’s Fury: Heat damage proc on 40% of hostile spells (for 10 minutes).

    Wrath of the Burning Prince: When combined with a direct damage (non-dot, non-aoe) heat spell, that heat spell will do critical damage, with a subsequent hit that will deal massive damage. With Ball of Lava (on debuffed mobs), the first portion will hit for around 15k, with the second portion hitting for around 70k. Note that this only works on spells that are naturally heat-based, so you can not use Fireshape to convert a different spell damage type to work with this miracle.


    Basic Heroic Opportunities are a way of adding some extra damage. The HO starter (Arcane Augur) is instant cast and instant recovery and as such means you are not losing potential dps by using it. It may be worthwhile macroing it with one of your spells, much the same way as you macroed Ambidexterous Casting above (as long as it does not create any unnecessary lag).

    There are 3 mage initiated solo Heroic Opportunities:
    • [IMG] Arcane Fury (Common) - Lightning - Arcane DD
    • [IMG] Arcane Storm (Uncommon) - Star - Arcane AE
    • [IMG] Arcane Inspiration (Rare) - Flame - Restores 20% power, plus 20% power regen and 50% of hits taken convert to power

    Note that the player that completes the HO is the one that is credited with the damage/benefit from it (unless it is a group benefit).

    For more information on Heroic Opportunities, check this guide


    If you do not use a custom UI (which show these values in the Persona window and sometimes other locations) then the following commands may be of some use to you. Just type them into your chat window as you see below, and it will show you the relevant value for each one.
    • /dynamicdata stats.Spell_Reuse_Percent
    • /dynamicdata stats.Spell_Recovery_Percent
    • /dynamicdata stats.Spell_Cast_Percent
    • /dynamicdata stats.DmgSpell_Crit_Chance
    • /dynamicdata stats.Spell_Amount_Mod
  12. ARCHIVED-daray Guest


    This section will deal with an analysis of the various gear attributes and hopefully offer some constructive guidance to selecting those items that will offer the most to your dps. At the end, is an ordered selection of the top few items for each slot with regards to dps.


    As I am sure everyone is aware, INT is our primary stat as a mage. It affects both our spell damage and our power pool. As with every other primary stat it is based on diminishing returns, which simply put, means that the more you get of it, the less benefit you will receive from each added point of it.

    INT and all other primary stats have a hard cap. The actual stats cap at Level 80 is 1220. Formula is (Level * 15) +20. You don't gain any benefit for being over 1220 at level 80.

    The following graph shows an accurate representation of the diminishing returns curve. It shows the effect on the damage of your spells from raising your INT to cap. Damage is shown as a percentage of damage value at 100% of the INT cap, and INT is represented as a percentage of the current primary stat cap.


    However, the way that varying INT affects individual spells is a little more complicated than this. Spells of differing levels have individual caps based on the actual level of the spell. In short, you will not see any benefit to raising INT above (Level of spell x 15) +20 for that individual spell.

    • A Lvl 80 spell won't see any damage gains over 1220 INT
    • A Lvl 75 spell won't see any damage gains over 1145 INT
    • A Lvl 71 spell won't see any damage gains over 1065 INT

    This is illustrated in the following graph, where I have contrasted what happens to the damage of Solar Flare (Lvl 71) and Bolt of Ice (Lvl 80) as you increase your INT from 0 to 1220 at Level 80. Again, INT is plotted against the % of Total Damage (out of 100%).


    The following illustrates the effectiveness of raising INT at Level 80 on a Level 80 spell. This utilises the average damage of Bolt of Ice at +0 spell damage (all BOE was removed for testing) and +0% Base Damage Mod.

    At 0 INT, my Bolt of Ice returns 5616 dmg
    At 200 INT, my Bolt of Ice returns 6582.5 dmg = +17.2% from 0 INT
    At 400 INT, my Bolt of Ice returns 7483 dmg = +13.7% from 200 INT
    At 600 INT, my Bolt of Ice returns 8201 dmg = +9.6% from 400 INT
    At 800 INT, my Bolt of Ice returns 8736 dmg = +6.5% from 600 INT
    At 1000 INT, my Bolt of Ice returns 9089 dmg = +4% from 800 INT
    At 1220 INT, my Bolt of Ice returns 9266 dmg = +1.9% from 1000 INT

    So, in the above example, while the first 600 INT takes you up to approximately 88.5% of the total damage, you are already receiving 60% of the total potential damage at 0 INT.

    Now if we focus on just the gains you receive by increasing your INT, we get:

    0 INT = +0 . . . 0 INT equates to 0% of the overall gain.
    200 INT = +966.5 . . . 200 INT equates to 26.5% of the overall gain.
    400 INT = +1867 . . . 400 INT equates to 51.2% of the overall gain.
    600 INT = +2585 . . . 600 INT equates to 70.8% of the overall gain.
    800 INT = +3120 . . .800 INT equates to 85.5% of the overall gain.
    1000 INT = +3473 . . . 1000 INT equates to 95.2% of the overall gain.
    1220 INT = +3650 . . . 1220 INT equates to 100% of the overall gain.

    What this basically means, is at 800 INT you are receiving approximately 85% of the total potential gains possible (from raising INT). So, raising your INT by just another 200 up to 1000 (easy to do), will only add approx 4% to your level 80 spell damage values (before +spell damage).

    However, with all of this said, the sheer amount of INT available on current end-game items is excessive. It is possible to cap INT at 1220 solo (before any temporary INT potions), and this has made made the desirability for outside INT buffs obsolete. This means that we will not be looking for further INT on items as a source for increasing our dps.


    This is a very straight-forward concept. There are a few abilities and items procs/effects available, that give the caster a chance to increase the "base damage" of their hostile spells. This is generally an appealing way of increasing dps, although it has to be a sufficiently large enough modifier to base damage to make it better than any alternatives available for that slot.

    To illustrate exactly how this works, there are 2 base damage modifiers that every raiding wizard will / ought to have. These are actually abilities from your Sorcerer AA tree - Brainstorm and Freehand Sorcery.

    Brainstorm (Passive): 4% base damage modifier.
    Freehand Sorcery: 22% base damage modifier (to next hostile spell).


    The effect of 4% damage modifier, such as Brainstorm, is a straight 4% increase to the lower and upper ends of the damage spread (and therefore the average damage) on your spells, such that new spread will be MinDmg *1.04 to MaxDmg *1.04.

    To illustrate, the rated damage on Bolt of Ice (Master 1) at capped INT of 1220, +0 spell damage, and 0% base damage modifier is:

    6486 to 12046 (av. 9266)

    The rated damage on Bolt of Ice (Master 1) at capped INT of 1220, +0 spell damage, and 4% base damage modifier is:

    (6486 *1.04) to (12046 *1.04)
    = 6745 to 12528 (av. 9637)

    The rated damage on Bolt of Ice (Master 1) at capped INT of 1220, +0 spell damage, and 26% base damage modifier (Brainstorm + Freehand Sorcery) is:

    (6486 *1.26) to (12046 *1.26)
    = 8172 to 15178 (av. 11675)

    In dps terms, this means that % base damage modifiers will result in a similar % increase in dps - i.e. Adding a base damage modifier of 4% will result in a 4% increase to dps. However, since base damage modifiers don't affect damage added via +spell damage (since +spell damage is added later in the calculations), it will be less than an equal increase in reality - how much less depends on the amount of +spell damage not being affected by the modifier.

    Do base damage modifiers have a cap?

    Yes. The base damage modifier cap is probably 100% (unconfirmed, though it certainly is greater than 50%).

    Are there other ways to increase my base damage modifier other than Brainstorm and Freehand Sorcery?

    Yes. There are item effects / procs that affect your base damage modifier. These include:

    \aITEM -1556439464 1176896923:Dragon's Marrow\/a
    Wizard Mythical ROK Weapon (Quested)
    +10% Base Damage Modifier (passive)

    \aITEM -140930154 426931929:Ayonic Axe\/a
    Troubador Mythical ROK Weapon (offer the base damage mod as an enhancement to Aria of Magic)
    +10% Base Damage Modifier (passive)

    \aITEM -1296654864 -198550402:Bloodthirsty Choker\/a
    Dropped by Terror (Shard of Fear)
    +10% Base Damage Modifier (passive)

    \aITEM -879661432 -1038638506:Dark Orb of the Mind\/a
    Dropped by Mayong Mistmoore - Contested (Castle Mistmoore)
    +10% Base Damage Modifier (16s duration proc at 1.8 times per min)

    \aITEM -287751671 1889557559:Sash of the Volcanic Throne\/a
    Dropped by Trakanon (The Lair of Trakanon)
    +12% Base Damage Modifier (activated clicky that lasts for 15 seconds and has a 3 min base recast)

    \aITEM 203051263 227577098:pristine Majestic Swiftcloth Cloak\/a
    Mastercrafted T8 Cloak
    +2% Base Damage Modifier (passive)

    \aITEM 335135119 256208155:Wand of Crystalized Plasma\/a
    Dropped by The Hemogoblin (Unrest)
    +8% Base Damage Modifier (12s duration proc at 1.8 times per min)
    ***Does not stack with the Dark Orb of the Mind***

    This list should be complete. The majority of the above items (with the exception of the Pristine Majestic Swiftcloth Cloak and Wand of Crystalized Plasma) are considered current end-game items, and best for their respective slots if you wish to maximize your dps.


    There is one last point to make regarding base damage modifiers. Do not be fooled by some item effects / procs that, although they look like they are base damage modifiers, they are in fact +spell damage effects. This includes items such as the Robe of Ancient Terrors (The Leviathan) and Vine-wrapped Boots (Emerald Halls crafted item).
  13. ARCHIVED-daray Guest


    Damage Spell Critical chance is effectively just another damage modifier. Damage spell crit is an effect that is being widely applied to all manner of mage items now (sometimes as high as 10 crit per slot). It will soon be very easy to cap damage spell crit chance. If you find yourself sitting over cap, it would be worth your time looking for other attributes to boost your dps rather than wasting potential dps with even more damage spell crit.

    Spell crits are linear. This means that you will gain exactly the same raw damage by increasing your damage spell crit % from 50% to 51% as you would by increasing it from 1 to 2%. Spell crits cap at 100%.

    When a spell crits, it will deal 1.3 times the damage. However, if the lower end of the damage range falls below MaxDmg +1, it will be rounded up to MaxDmg+1, such that the damage range will become: MaxDmg + 1 to MaxDmg * 1.3.

    If you had your spell crit rate at 100%, you would be seeing on average a straight 36.9% increase to the damage of your spells (before +spell damage is added). This would result in a close to 36.9% increase in your dps (at 0% crit) - but how close is dependent on the amount of +spell damage you have (as the added +spell damage portion can not critical).

    This means that 1% crit equates to an average 0.37% increase to your damage and dps. If you start at 0% damage spell crit, and raise it to 50% damage spell crit chance, for example, you would see gains to your damage and dps of close to 18.5% (again exact number is dependent on the amount of +spell damage you use).

    Some quick calculations for the gains at a 100% spell crit chance (with capped 1220 INT, +0 spell damage, and 0% base damage mod) returned the following results:

    [IMG] Bolt of Ice
    Normal: 6486 - 12046
    Crit Range: 12047 – 15660
    Average Normal Hit: 9266
    Average Crit Hit: (0.5002 * 12047) + (0.4998 * {(12047 + [1.3 * 12046]) /2})
    Average Damage Increase: 39.76%

    [IMG] Ball of Magma
    Normal: 2694 - 5003
    Crit Range: 5004 – 6504
    Average Hit: 3848.5
    Average Crit Hit: (0.5002*5004) + (0.4998 * {(5004 + [1.3 * 5003]) /2})
    = 5378.82
    Average Damage Increase: 39.76%

    Working out the above for every damage spell gave me the following list:

    [IMG] Ball of Magma: 39.76%[IMG] Bolt of Ice: 39.76%
    [IMG] Electron Storm: 39.73%[IMG] Exothermicity: 39.76%[IMG] Fission: 35.82%[IMG] Flames of Velious: 30%[IMG] Glacialshield: 30%
    [IMG] Heatwave: 39.78%
    [IMG] Ice Spears: 39.99%[IMG] Magma Chamber: 35.83%[IMG] Master’s Strike: 30%[IMG] Rays of Disintegration: 30%
    [IMG] Ro's coil: 35.9%
    [IMG] Solar Flare: 40.28%
    [IMG] Solar Wind: 39.78%[IMG] Static Discharge: 74.77%
    [IMG] Storming Tempest: 30%
    [IMG] Sunbolt: 31.33%
    [IMG] Surge of Ro: 30%
    [IMG] Velium Gift: 30%

    The final step is to determine the true (average) dps gain value of 1% spell crit. To do this, I will give each of the above spells a weighting (i.e. % of total damage each contributes to an average raid). I will base this off a recent merged parse, which will consist of one run of each ROK instance.

    [IMG] Ball of Magma: 39.76% (15.87% of total damage)[IMG] Bolt of Ice: 39.76% (17.84% of total damage)
    [IMG] Electron Storm: 39.73% (0.29% of total damage)[IMG] Exothermicity: 39.76% (2.98% of total damage)[IMG] Fission: 35.82% (6.38% of total damage)[IMG] Flames of Velious: 30% (3.99% of total damage)[IMG] Glacialshield: 30% (3.32% of total damage)
    [IMG] Heatwave: 39.78% (7.17% of total damage)
    [IMG] Ice Spears: 39.99% (3.12% of total damage)[IMG] Magma Chamber: 35.83% (5.52% of total damage)[IMG] Master’s Strike: 30% (0.16% of total damage)[IMG] Rays of Disintegration: 30% (0.27% of total damage)
    [IMG] Ro's coil: 35.9% (2.91% of total damage)
    [IMG] Solar Flare: 40.28% (4.33% of total damage)
    [IMG] Solar Wind: 39.78% (0.64% of total damage)[IMG] Static Discharge: 74.77% (0.01% of total damage)
    [IMG] Storming Tempest: 30% (5.59% of total damage)
    [IMG] Sunbolt: 31.33% (0% of total damage)
    [IMG] Surge of Ro: 30% (0.97% of total damage)
    [IMG] Velium Gift: 30% (1.99% of total damage)

    TOTAL = 83.35% of total damage - the remainder will be miscellaneous such as Protofire, Furnace of Ro, item procs and buff procs from other classes.

    This gives us an average damage/dps increase value of 37.18% for an increase of 100% damage spell crit chance (from 0%).

    This means that for each 1% that you add to your damage spell crit chance, you will receive an average 0.37% increase to your damage and therefore to your dps (at 0% damage spell crit chance). This figure will be relatively accurate for every wizard that rotates their spells correctly (or close to), but feel free to run your own numbers.


    There is an additional point that is worth knowing about with regards to damage spell crit chance. The damage spell crit chance that you have, is accurate if you are fighting even con mobs. If the level of mobs that you are fighting is several levels above you (e.g. orange con), you will find that your damage spell crit rate is noticeably lower than the stated amount.

    If you do not use a UI that shows your Damage Spell Crit chance in the Persona window (or elsewhere), you may use the following command to fetch the data:

    /dynamicdata stats.DmgSpell_Crit_Chance
  14. ARCHIVED-daray Guest


    With the recent changes to how "+spell damage" (aka Bolt of Energy or BOE) works, it is worth re-evaluating the comparative benefits that this gives (especially in relation to spell crits due to gear choices).


    Instead of normalizing by casting time, you will get the full benefit on non-AOE spells if the casting time is greater than 0.5 seconds and the reuse time is greater than 2 seconds. AOE spells gain 1/3 of the amount per target as do triggered reactive spells on each trigger (e.g. Iceshield – but Iceshield has 3 triggers).
    • +spell damage is frontloaded onto the initial hit of your spell.
    • +spell damage amount can NOT crit and is instead added on as a straight value after the crit has been calculated.
    • +spell damage amount is not affected by (base) damage modifiers, such as Brainstorm, or Dark Orb of the Mind
    • +spell damage amount is affected by debuffs, so applying debuffs will cause the damage added on by the +spell damage value to increase.
    • The cap for +spell damage is applied on a "per spell basis", and is 50% of the damage of the spell at +0 spell damage (reduced from 100% with ROK) - e.g. a spell that has a total damage spread of 800-1000, has a +spell damage cap of 400-500.
    • A crit on a spell will increase the +spell damage cap for that spell cast.
    • A base damage modifier will NOT increase the +spell damage cap on spells (tested via the level 35 Ice Flame spell).

    The above statements are true and were confirmed through testing with Flames of Velious (fixed damage – i.e. no damage range). The test was conducted against the "training wall" in Kunzar Jungle. The test results are as follows:


    This leads me to believe that the +spell damage calculations are built as follows, although this has also yet to be confirmed by anyone that would know with any certainty:

    Base + INT + %damage + BOE + debuffs
    (where %damage includes crits and base damage modifiers)


    Prior to GU45, Storming Tempest was an oddity and it appeared to gain 1/3 of the spell damage amount applied to each "tick". However GU45 changed this, and now this spell functions as a normal dot (and frontloads the full spell damage mod appropriately).

    Rays of Disintegration only receives a 1/3 spell damage benefit.

    Flames of Velious gains double the +spell damage per cast, since the full +spell damage value is applied to both the heat and cold portion of the spell.

    How does +spell damage compare to damage spell crit chance?

    One thing I see people asking frequently now, is how +spell damage relates to damage spell crit chance, and how much +spell damage equals 1% to crits. This assumes, of course, that we have neither capped in any (significant) way - as a note, Ice Spears is our first spell that will cap on +spell damage and this will happen on average at 637 on a non-crit (or 892 if it crits).

    What allows us to make a reasonable attempt at a comparison is the fact that both spell crits and +spell damage are factored into the damage equation before debuffs (such that both will see the same % increase from debuffs), and that increasing the value of the spell crit rate or +spell damage does not impact on the value of the other. However, note that spell crit damage will be modified by %damage increasing item procs, whereas +spell damage will not, so this is also something additional to consider.

    I won’t make any claims as to the accuracy of all of the following numbers because I have had to make estimations on more values than I would have liked. Also, because factors such as buffs, AA choices, zones and spell rotations (for example) change from person to person (and raid to raid), it is impossible to be completely accurate across the board. The obvious place to start is with my own numbers and spell rotation.

    First I worked out the average total damage that a cast of each of my spells does at 1220INT, 40% base damage mod, 0% damage spell crit chance, and +0 spell damage:

    [IMG] Ball of Magma: 5388[IMG] Bolt of Ice: 12972
    [IMG] Electron Storm: 2534[IMG] Exothermicity: 2874[IMG] Fission: 17330[IMG] Flames of Velious: 3696[IMG] Glacialshield: 5563
    [IMG] Heatwave: 2892
    [IMG] Ice Spears: 1784[IMG] Magma Chamber: 4245[IMG] Master’s Strike: 3991[IMG] Rays of Disintegration: 7983
    [IMG] Ro's coil: 1857
    [IMG] Solar Flare: 2107
    [IMG] Solar Wind: 5242[IMG] Static Discharge: 746
    [IMG] Storming Tempest: 14284
    [IMG] Sunbolt: 1481
    [IMG] Surge of Ro: 3675
    [IMG] Velium Gift: 6377

    Then I loaded up the recent merged parse (of one run of each ROK instance) used above, and worked out the number of hits that each of my spells made on average per minute. For dots, I then divided by the number of ticks to turn them into spell casts/targets (as I have total damage figures per spell cast/target above). Then I calculated the total average damage that each was contributing per minute. The last number is the average damage added for 1% crit per minute (using the individual figures calculated in the spell crits section above):

    Format: SpellName: Damage * AvgNumberPerMin * %damageIncreaseFor1Crit = DamageFor1%crit

    [IMG] Ball of Magma: 5388 * 3.96 * 0.003976 = 84.83[IMG] Bolt of Ice: 12972 * 1.84 * 0.003976 = 94.90
    [IMG] Electron Storm: 2534 * 0.24 * 0.003973 = 2.42[IMG] Exothermicity: 2874 * 1.34 * 0.003976 = 15.31[IMG] Fission: 17330 * 0.45 * 0.003582 = 27.93[IMG] Flames of Velious: 3696 * 1.24 * 0.003 = 13.75[IMG] Glacialshield: 5563 * 0.88 * 0.003 = 14.69
    [IMG] Heatwave: 2892 * 2.49 * 0.003978 = 28.65
    [IMG] Ice Spears: 1784 * 1.90 * 0.003999 = 13.56[IMG] Magma Chamber: 4245 * 1.67 * 0.003583 = 25.4[IMG] Master’s Strike: 3991 * 0.04 * 0.003 = 0.48
    [IMG] Rays of Disintegration: 7983 * 0.05 * 0.003 = 1.2
    [IMG] Ro's coil: 1857 * 2.68 * 0.00359 = 17.87
    [IMG] Solar Flare: 2107 * 2.54 * 0.004028 = 21.56
    [IMG] Solar Wind: 5242 * 0.25 * 0.003978 = 5.21[IMG] Static Discharge: 746 * 0.07 * 0.007477 = 0.39
    [IMG] Storming Tempest: 2041 * 3.9 * 0.003 = 23.88
    [IMG] Surge of Ro: 123 * 10.77 * 0.003 = 3.97
    [IMG] Velium Gift: 638 * 4.68 * 0.003 = 8.96

    Total average damage added by 1% crit from the above over 1 minute: 405

    Total estimated damage (estimated at 17% of total dmg) from item procs and outside buff procs: 83

    TOTAL = 488

    Total Average Spell Hits per minute which will trigger the full BoE amount = 19.24
    Total Average Spell Hits per minute which will trigger the 1/3 BoE amount = 6.3

    Amount of +spell damage needed to equal 1% crit = 22.9

    To try and confirm this number, I proceeded to map out the timeline of an optimal (single-target) 1 minute rotation at self-buffed spell haste/reuse.

    Format: Spell: DmgPerCast * CastsPerMin * %damageIncreaseFor1Crit = DamageFor1%crit

    [IMG] Ball of Magma: 5388 * 4 * 0.003976 = 85.69
    [IMG] Bolt of Ice: 12972 * 2 * 0.003976 = 103.15[IMG] Fission: 17330 * 1 * 0.003582 = 62.08
    [IMG] Flames of Velious: 3696 * 2 * 0.003 = 22.18
    [IMG] Glacialshield: 5563 * 3 * 0.003 = 50.01
    [IMG] Heatwave: 2892 * 4 * 0.003978 = 46.02
    [IMG] Ice Spears: 1784 * 3 * 0.003999 = 21.4
    [IMG] Magma Chamber: 4245 * 2 * 0.003583 = 30.42
    [IMG] Rays of Disintegration: 7983 * 1 * 0.003 = 23.95
    [IMG] Ro's coil: 1857 * 3 * 0.00359 = 20
    [IMG] Solar Flare: 2107 * 2 * 0.004028 = 16.97
    [IMG] Storming Tempest: 2041 * 7 * 0.003 = 42.86
    [IMG] Surge of Ro: 123 * 30 * 0.003 = 11.07
    [IMG] Velium Gift: 638 * 10 * 0.003 = 19.14

    Total Damage added by 1% crit over the full minute: 555+114 = 669
    Total Number of Spells that will add BoE = 25 + (1/3 *9) = 28

    Therefore 1% to spell crits = +23.9 spell damage

    So, running the numbers 2 different ways, gave results of 22.9 and 23.9 (at 40% base damage mod). Since there will be a margin of error with these calculations, it will be simpler to equate 1% damage spell crit to approx +25 spell damage (assuming that you are not capped on either in any substantial way).


    To try to account for the base damage modifiers currently available, I assumed a base damage mod of 40% in these calculations. Decreasing this base damage mod will lower the +spell damage value of 1% crit. And increasing this base damage mod will increase the +spell damage value of 1% crit. For the value at 0% base damage mod, just divide by 1.4.

    One final thing to mention, is that with the increased spell haste available through the many buffs and item procs (and not as much in the way of reuse speed increase to offset it), you will be forced further down your optimal spell (dps efficiency) list to potentially faster casting spells. This will more than likely skew the numbers further in the favor of +spell damage, such that 1% crit will be less than 25 spell damage.

    If you do not use a UI that shows your +Spell Damage Mod in the Persona window (or elsewhere), you may use the following command to fetch the data:

    /dynamicdata stats.Spell_Amount_Mod

  15. ARCHIVED-daray Guest


    This is a new mechanic which was introduced with epics in GU43. As the wording suggests, it allows a spell to double attack (or hit a second time).

    There are a few things to know about spell double attacks:
    • A spell double attack is applied immediately after the spell that triggered it lands.
    • All spell double attacks are applied without a second cast period (with the exception of Rays of Distintegration).
    • A spell double attack can crit. The chance to crit is calculated independetly from the spell that triggered the double attack.
    • A spell double attack gains exactly the same benefit from base damage modifiers.
    • A spell double attack does not benefit from any +spell damage that you have.
    • A spell double attack can not proc spell or item procs.
    • A spell double attack on a dot spell only reapplies the dot, so you only get the benefit of the initial hit twice (not any subsequent ticks).

    Currently, the only item in the game with the spell double attack effect, is the wizard mythical epic (Dragon's Marrow).


    Reducing spell cast, recast, and recovery times will result in an increase to dps. Enhancements to these values work in exactly the same way, which is why I decided to group these all up in one category.

    The formula is as follows:

    Actual Value = Base Value / (1 + Stated Value)

    e.g. The effect of increasing spell haste by 20% on Bolt of Ice (4s base casting time):

    = 4/1.2 = 3.33s

    e.g. The effect of 20% recast reduction on Bolt of Ice (45s base recast time):

    = 45 / 1.2 = 37.5

    This results in a diminishing returns curve and can be illustrated by the following graph, showing the stated haste/reduction values against the actual gains.


    Note that further (fixed) enhancements (such as Wizard AA enchancements) to spell cast haste values are applied before the above has been calculated, whereas spell recast reduction values are applied after the above has been calculated.

    e.g. Actual cast time of Ball of Magma with 19.4% spell haste, and the 0.5s reduction from the Wizard AA tree.

    (3 - 0.5) / 1.194
    = 2.09s

    e.g. Actual recast time of Magma Chamber with 12% recast reduction, and the 5s reduction from the Wizard AA tree.

    (30 / 1.12) - 5
    = 21.78s

    You can not exceed 50% of the base value. So, because Bolt of Ice has a base casting time value of 4s and a base recast value of 45s, it can not be lowered any further than 2s cast time and 22.5s recast time.

    Comparative benefits of each

    If you increase all three values by the same % amount, you will obviously see a directly equal % increase to your dps. However, between the choice of equal increases to spell cast haste / recast reduction / recovery reduction, enhancements to spell cast haste will normally provide the greatest boost to dps out of the three (assuming no caps in any have been hit).

    Note that reducing recast times will only have an impact on dps if it provides a greater than negligible change in your spell rotation (as most of our spells refresh while we are already casting something).

    Generally though, it is not easy to quantify the relationship between spell cast haste, spell recast reduction, spell recovery, let alone the relationship between them and damage spell crit chance / spell damage mod. This would be because increasing their values does not have a linear result, and the worth of one also very much depends on the current values of the others.

    Effect wording

    It is worth reading the wording of these effects / procs carefully.

    e.g. Increases spell casting speed by 100% = Reduces spell casting time by 50%.


    If you do not use a custom UI (which show these values in the Persona window and sometimes other locations) then the following commands may be of some use to you. Just type them into your chat window as you see below, and it will show you the relevant value for each one.

    /dynamicdata stats.Spell_Reuse_Percent
    /dynamicdata stats.Spell_Recovery_Percent
    /dynamicdata stats.Spell_Cast_Percent

  16. ARCHIVED-daray Guest

    (OPTION 7) PROCS (including Damage Procs)

    All item procs are normalized. They are normalized to 3 seconds (2.5s casting + 0.5s recovery), or in the case of weapons, to a 3 second weapon delay. To simplify the wording, item effects are described as procing at x times per minute. An effect that is described as procing at 1.8 times per minute, for example, has a 9% chance of procing on a spell that takes 2.5s to cast (+ 0.5s recovery).

    Proc chance modifiers, such as Luck of the Dirge (Dirge), Blessings (Templar) and Ancestry (Mystic), will increase your chance to proc your items. Propagation (Warlock) will only increase the proc chance on any spell-based procs (such as Aria). Note that Propagation was recently changed to no longer affect item proc rates.

    Your chance to proc is actually calculated against your base casting times of your spells. Therefore, increasing your spell haste will increase your chance to proc even further. To illustrate, if you have spell haste capped you will see double the stated proc rate.

    Damage procs can crit, and are affected by debuffs.

    Also note, that item proc chances cap at double of their base value. So, to illustrate, a proc that has a base proc rate of 10% (or 2.0 times per minute), will cap at 20% (or 4.0 times per minute). This is obviously before (spell) haste is factored in.

    As stickied elsewhere, here is a copy of item effect wording used, and what it means:

    On any successful attack
    Any melee attack, ranged attack, damage-based combat arts, damage-based spells

    On a successful attack

    Any melee attack, ranged attack, damage-based combat art

    On a successful melee attack

    Any melee attack

    On a successful ranged attack
    ranged attack, ranged combat arts

    When target uses a combat art
    Target uses a combat art.

    When target casts a spell
    Any spells

    When target casts a beneficial spell
    Any non hostile spell

    When target casts a healing spell
    Any healing spell

    On a successful hostile spell
    Any non-beneficial type spells

    When target surpasses X% health
    Health is > % specified

    When target falls below X% health
    Health is < % specified

    On a successful spell attack
    Any damage-based spells

    When target dies
    You got pwned

    When target is healed
    Any healing spell applied

    When target strikes a death blow
    Your target got pwned

    When target blocks
    Your target blocks you

    When target deflects
    Your target deflects

    When target dodges
    Your target dodges

    When target parries
    Your target parries

    When target ripostes
    Your target ripostes

    On a successful riposte
    You riposte

    On a successful block
    You block

    On a successful deflection
    You deflect

    On a successful parry
    You parry

    When target is damaged in combat
    You take any melee damage

    When target is damaged
    You take any damage

    When target is damaged with a ranged weapon
    You take ranged damage

    When target is damaged with a spell
    You take spell damage


    As stated earlier, increasing any of your casting skills, will reduce the chance of spells of that "Mastery" type being outright resisted. All of our damage spells are Disruption-based, so increasing our Disruption skill through either buffs or items, will reduce the chance of our nukes being outright resisted. Lately, this is of greater importance, due to the higher ROK epic raid mob resist rates. Our roots and deagros are based off Subjugation with Numbing Cold being Ordination.

    At level 80, we can raise our casting skills to 400 just through casting that skill-type. The formula here is 5 * Level.

    Raising your disruption skill beyond 400 (at level 80) to the hard cap of 520 will make your disruption-based spells an additional 20% harder to resist. Formula for the skills cap is 6.5 * Level. The gains from raising skills from (5 * Level) to (6.5 * Level) are based on a diminishing returns curve.
  17. ARCHIVED-daray Guest


    In this section, I will highlight the best dps item options available to us as a wizard. Because some of these items come from contested encounters, I will add plenty of viable alternatives in the next section below. This section illustrates the best items available to us, as a complete set. Also note, that I am using 4 set items in this item list to receive our VP 4-set bonus (20% to Ball of Magma).

    For reference, the following are the gems needed for each of our VP set pieces - each takes the relevant Scorched Pattern and 3 of the listed gem. Take them to the merchant in the Danak Shipyard crafting building to purchase your item.

    Cap of Nexus Disruption - Inferno Pearl
    Robe of Nexus Disruption - Living Ember
    Cowl of Nexus Disruption - Magma Diamond
    Cuffs of Nexus Disruption - Pyre Sapphire
    Gloves of Nexus Disruption - Crystalized Phospherous
    Pantaloons of Nexus Disruption - Dragons Eye
    Slippers of Nexus Disruption - Lava Ruby


    As well as including screenshots, the following list contains actual in-game links that you can copy and paste into the game:


    \aITEM 1386293886 53803786:Hood of Dark Dealings\/a
    Dropped by Master P`Tasa (Shard of Hate)


    \aITEM -127048600 -542830367:Cowl of Nexus Disruption\/a
    Scorched Pauldrons Pattern + 3 Magma Diamond
    Dropped by
    Hoshkar (Veeshan's Peak)



    \aITEM -446254142 2145266445:Lava Channeling Sleeves\/a
    Dropped by Hoshkar (Veeshan's Peak)



    \aITEM 32751349 1276582329:Gloves of Nexus Disruption\/a (for 4-set bonus, otherwise the Fish Embroidered Gloves are better)
    Scorched Gloves Pattern + 3 Crystalized Phospherous
    Dropped by Nexona (Veeshan's Peak)



    \aITEM 773408106 -1868538150:pantaloons of Nexus Disruption\/a
    Scorched Leggings Pattern + 3 Dragons Eye
    Dropped by
    Shade of Khalan Dar / Phara Dar (Veeshan's Peak)



    \aITEM 51080634 -407371585:Slippers of Nexus Disruption\/a
    Scorched Boots Pattern + 3 Lava Ruby
    Dropped by
    Druushk (Veeshan's Peak)



    \aITEM 83743879 1972775260:Silken Robe of Al'Kabor\/a (upgrade to \aITEM 2043468685 -1182932244:Robe of Al'Kabor\/a)

    Dropped by Avatars (shared avatar drop)



    \aITEM -554613541 1040310960:Cloak of Woven Silk\/a
    Dropped by The Harbinger of Absolution (Throne of New Tunaria)



    \aITEM -287751671 1889557559:Sash of the Volcanic Throne\/a
    Dropped by Trakanon (Trakanon's Lair)



    \aITEM -1296654864 -198550402:Bloodthirsty Choker\/a
    Dropped by Terror (Shard of Fear)


    \aITEM 1102764450 1023282588:Chain Necklace of Pain\/a (when you can't wear the Bloodthirsty Choker) (upgrade to \aITEM -1067892891 -496485272:Necklace of Pain\/a)
    Dropped by Avatars (shared avatar drop)



    \aITEM 678051889 439663349:Earring of Unkempt Energies\/a (upgrade (lol) to \aITEM -1569654088 1048959490:Earring of Unkempt Power\/a)
    Dropped by Avatars (shared avatar drop)



    \aITEM 1191133444 -252171576:Hoop of Dimensional Power\/a (for overall benefit) (upgrade to \aITEM 1487108266 -1011869659:Hoop of Planar Power\/a)
    Dropped by Avatars (shared avatar drop)


    \aITEM 1583144702 1834056458:Stud of Blackest Obsidian\/a (for straight dps)
    Dropped by Trash
    (Shard of Hate)



    \aITEM 1712335914 -1323664809:Blackened Band of Devastation\/a
    Dropped by Byzola (Shard of Hate)



    \aITEM 455618629 1381698270:Negative Energy Channeler\/a
    Dropped by Qunard Ashenclaw (Veeshan's Peak)



    \aITEM 634226245 -383559938:Exquisitely Wrought Clasp\/a
    Dropped by Avatars (shared avatar drop)



    \aITEM 661252862 969700050:Symphonic Manacle\/a
    Quest drop (Aria of Malediction)
    Dropped by
    Kpul D`Vngur (Shard of Hate)



    \aITEM -1556439464 1176896923:Dragon's Marrow\/a
    ROK Mythical Epic (Quest spoiler may be found here)



    \aITEM 1643590278 -46320571:Trixy Cane of Trickery\/a
    Dropped by Avatars (shared avatar drop)



    \aITEM -879661432 -1038638506:Dark Orb of the Mind\/a
    Dropped by Mayong Mistmoore (Castle Mistmoore) (contested)



    \aITEM 302898498 -1471777856:Burning Deathfist Arrow\/a
    Dropped by Assorted Named (Deathfist Citadel)



    \aITEM -1789520988 2021698216:Wicked Wand of Malice\/a
    Dropped by Ire (Sisters) (Shard of Hate)



    \aITEM 835047042 1044179888:Death Chimes\/a
    Quest drop (Aria of Malediction)
    Dropped by
    Kpul D`Vngur (Shard of Hate)

  18. ARCHIVED-daray Guest


    I have decided to include viable alternatives to the above primary dps gear choices. I will try to keep it in an order of priority for each slot (i.e. list the best alternate options for each slot first).

    \aITEM 1554179696 -705737515:Cap of Nexus Disruption\/a (Scorched Helm Pattern + 3 Inferno Pearl) - Silverwing (Veeshan's Peak)
    \aITEM 1527786258 -516708829:Nightblack Hood\/a - First Lieutenant Rixol (Sebilis)
    \aITEM -407893232 1466633194:Fuchsia Finery\/a - Drusella Sathir (Charasis: Maiden's Chamber)


    \aITEM -1808631769 447927254:Symbol of the Eaten\/a - Megalodon (Jarsath Wastes)
    \aITEM 2001400287 -1762222721:Frostfired Mantle\/a - Imzok's Revenge (The Protector's Realm)
    \aITEM 2075241612 -1457931013:Mantle of Prexus\/a - The Leviathan (The Chamber of Destiny)


    \aITEM -1472897157 -1116716295:Klyseer Bracelets\/a - The Chardok Trampler (Chardok)
    \aITEM 1031182218 -482752290:Woven Silk Underlay\/a - Quest Reward
    \aITEM -1759122354 1120819543:Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth Cuffs\/a - Mastercrafted


    \aITEM 1945904353 -336158378:Fish Embroidered Gloves\/a - Quest Reward
    \aITEM 95643772 -1853954605:Sorcerous Gloves\/a - Iztapa Vyx (The Protector's Realm)
    \aITEM 1345851207 2000036053:Gloves of Sagacity\/a - Trash (Freethinker Hideout)

    \aITEM -1120865244 -1631573082:Fatalisis Leggings\/a - Venril Sathir (Venril Sathir's Lair)
    \aITEM -1732564926 657429712:Focused Mind Pantaloons\/a - Selrach Di'Zok (The Temple of Kor-Sha) / Venril Sathir (Venril Sathir's Lair)
    \aITEM 1357231039 1407413240:Gene-splicer Slacks\/a - Selrach Di'Zok (The Temple of Kor-Sha)


    \aITEM 338827067 2131185314:phantom Boots of the Wastes\/a - Shared Named drop (Jarsath Wastes)
    \aITEM -1848960950 -230802106:Fur-lined Slippers of Al'Kabor\/a - Avatars (shared avatar drop)
    \aITEM -1552099879 -181913408:Queensilk Slippers\/a - Tairiza the Widow Mistress (The Tomb of Thuuga)

    \aITEM 958572696 -964881966:Robe of Dark Power\/a - Hoshkar (Veeshan's Peak)
    \aITEM -13558581 1342507013:Arcane Robe of Hatred\/a - Kpul D`Vngur (Shard of Hate)
    \aITEM 1290482188 1604234610:Robe of Ancient Terrors\/a - The Leviathan (The Chamber of Destiny)

    \aITEM -1706933151 655905560:Ragged Felt Cloak\/a - Byzola (Shard of Hate)
    \aITEM -811559619 -1014082650:Drape of the Emerald Council\/a - Venril Sathir (Venril Sathir's Lair)
    \aITEM -2022007047 -1757769091:Malign Mantle\/a - Byzola (Shard of Hate)
  19. ARCHIVED-daray Guest

    \aITEM -1492446095 -1175744489:Diviner's Sash of Alacrity\/a - purchased from Mirg Nel'Ron (Faction Merchant) in Jarsath Wastes
    \aITEM -1956520223 -561623719:Death Bringer's Cord\/a - Kotiz the Death Bringer (Sebilis)
    \aITEM -763159586 1979291445:Belt of Deceptive Purity\/a - Avatars (shared avatar drop)

    \aITEM -1764328847 1600420637:Softly Sparkling Necklace\/a - Nexona (Veeshan's Peak)
    \aITEM 2041340869 1710489717:pendant of Swirling Energies\/a - Imzok's Revenge (The Protector's Realm)
    \aITEM 1718486539 1332460039:Ilyan's Necklace\/a - Uzdrak the Invincible (The Temple of Kor-Sha)

    \aITEM 251717080 1282611639:Bangle of Thuuga\/a - Quest Reward
    \aITEM 768808921 -1153496488:Remorseless Hoop\/a - Adkar Vyx (The Protector's Realm)
    \aITEM 1342139233 1855137272:Force Hoop\/a - Shared Named / Trash drop (The Crypt of Agony) / (Sebilis)
    \aITEM -1263132965 -1025377017:Aquamarine Scale Earring\/a - Mucus of the Deep One (Chelsith)
    \aITEM -313959369 1842225314:Sarnak Bone Hoop\/a - Dominus Atrebe (Kylong Plains)
    \aITEM -193684773 1353783315:Snakecharmer's Bauble\/a - Ludmila Kystov (The Protector's Realm)

    \aITEM 1293663139 688090205:Signet of Betrayal\/a - Master P`Tasa (Shard of Hate)
    \aITEM -1766797669 1712312535:Nagol's Treasure\/a - Praetorian Captain Nagol (Sebilis)
    \aITEM -547722565 54936793:Burdened Signet\/a - Lord Vizaroth (The Crypt of Agony)
    \aITEM -943154405 -1196511270:Burning Band\/a - Nexona (Veeshan's Peak)
    \aITEM -299692343 897491992:Soulshattering Band\/a - Druushk (Veeshan's Peak)
    \aITEM 1459643299 -1322474953:Coil of Vile Spawn\/a - Bbal'Gaz the Enthraller (Chelsith)

    \aITEM 1921462031 168445287:Will-bender of Drudhi-kha\/a - Bbal'Gaz the Enthraller (Chelsith)
    \aITEM 251717080 1282611639:Bangle of Thuuga\/a - Quest Reward
    \aITEM -1241938401 2026751442:Tormented Bracelet of Doom\/a - Doom (Kunzar Jungle)
    \aITEM 1255302036 -1418478178:Doom Magus Wristlet\/a - Doom (Kunzar Jungle)
    \aITEM 365004519 2024219805:Lichbloom Bracelet\/a - Kodux / Zarda (The Temple of Kor-Sha)
    \aITEM 437351338 -708449157:Sash of the Devoured\/a - The Leviathan (The Chamber of Destiny)


    \aITEM -612948614 1695522198:Staff of Unchained Magic\/a - Avatars (shared avatar drop)
    \aITEM -1718006248 609379922:Frigid Piercer\/a - Elder Ekron (Veeshan's Peak)
    \aITEM 335135119 256208155:Wand of Crystalized Plasma\/a - The Hemogoblin (The Estate of Unrest)


    \aITEM -1602232641 1410454266:Trakanon's Gaze\/a - Trakanon (Trakanon's Lair)
    \aITEM 789604956 622541615:The Praetor's Guard\/a - Praetor of the Phylactery (Charasis: Vault of Eternal Sleep)
    \aITEM -2137031725 274297055:Orb of Oblivion\/a - Dominus Atrebe (Kylong Plains)
    \aITEM -1700236124 -599538637:Eye of Innoruuk\/a - Master P`Tasa (Shard of Hate)
    \aITEM 1611794738 -1979130055:pristine fire emerald orb\/a - Mastercrafted
    \aITEM 2068287287 -492642229:Tablet of the Lifegiver\/a - Dominus Atrebe (Kylong Plains)

    CHARM:\aITEM 787683361 -232369864:Shard of Hate\/a - Kpul D`Vngur (Shard of Hate)
    \aITEM -322674574 841819662:Mark of Scaled Destruction\/a - Taskmaster Nichok (Veeshan's Peak)
    \aITEM -970817177 801154722:Danak Wishbone\/a - Crafted
    \aITEM -1040636877 2102890711:Marcus' Lucky Coin\/a - Mayong Mistmoore (Castle Mistmoore) (Quest offered by his amulet drop)
    \aITEM -1080757213 -1182209837:Gorowynian Rune of Intellect\/a - Quest Reward
  20. ARCHIVED-daray Guest


    This deserves its own section because of the usefulness of these items. Currently the mage-useable stoneskin procs comes in two flavors - Displacement and Dispersion, as illustrated below.


    There are two benefits to this type of stoneskin items:

    1) It obviously gives you a battlemage-type option. Currently with all 7 item-based stoneskin procs worn, and mystic, templar, dirge buffs (proc chance modifiers + spell based stoneskin/avoidance buffs), you are able to avoid 90%+ of incoming hits. Also, useful for fights that you expect to take significant damage on - e.g. Avatar of War.

    2) It gives you a new option of replenishing / maintaining power. Notice that when each of these stoneskin effects expire, you gain a certain amount of power (to the entire group). So these type of stoneskin effects can be used to replenish group power on fights that you find yourself taking frequent damage (e.g. mobs such as Trakanon with his reactive damage shield).

    Some further points to note with these stoneskin procs:
    • Displacement and Dispersion do not stack - you can only ever have one proc up at a time.
    • A fresh stoneskin can not trigger, until both triggers of the current stoneskin (Displacement) have been used.
    • A stoneskinned hit can proc the stoneskin effect again, such that it is possible to stoneskin multiple hits back to back.
    • The listed percent chances to proc can be modified by proc chance modifers (luck of the dirge, blessings and ancestry).

    Currently there are 7 mage-useable stoneskin items in the game, and the following is a complete list:


    \aITEM 1506225763 606552788:Embroidered Sebilite Mantle\/a - Outer Sebilis faction merchant (40k faction)
    \aITEM -862217427 173257584:Runed Bracers of Diffusion\/a - a Drolvarg Foreman (Karnor's Castle)
    \aITEM 969616858 1816624503:Sash of the Nathsar Tribe\/a - Shared Named (Fens of Nathsar)
    \aITEM 112355444 1065117516:Forest Giant Trinket\/a - Quest Reward


    \aITEM 958572696 -964881966:Robe of Dark Power\/a - Hoshkar (Veeshan's Peak)
    \aITEM -299692343 897491992:Soulshattering Band\/a - Druushk (Veeshan's Peak)
    Nexus Disruption 2-Set Bonus (by wearing any 2 pieces of the Nexus Disruption set)