Daggerstorm Completely Broken

Discussion in 'Scouts' started by Beet, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. knine Well-Known Member

    Since "fixing dagger storm" reduces lag "LOL" can we get 66 slot bags then :)... my guess if you should invest in better servers now :) . This has been active for 3 years. You changed multi-attack because it caused lag, you've nerfed auto-attack.. it caused lag.. no upgrade for bags.. it causes lag... starting to sound like a doctor with the once good excuse off the top of your head.. everything causes lag. Wait until people have 250% ability doublecast to offset the mobs double cast avoidance.. it will get changed.. because it causes lag... plane of magic with just people harvesting has lag lol...
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  2. Elkana Active Member

    I'm having a real hard time finding any legit reason for this nerf myself. I'm not sure who was complaining about clicking dagger storm and it wasn't going off for them (not any more than any other spell anyways). Taking away things like dagger storm is really turning us into something "unintended" isn't it? If I wanted to have massively hard hitting slow casting nukes wouldn't I have rolled a mage? I'm an assassin because I like running up and putting out millions of DPS before the first mage spell hit and one shot something. So now, instead of using my fast casting hard hitting abilities if I want to parse I have to sit back and click my 5 ascension spells, most fun lethargic scout I've ever been :( Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with my assassin still. I just feel like I'm being forced out of the scout classes altogether.
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  3. Taiyla Active Member

    Breaking Dagger Storm has really hurt Dirges and Swashies more than any other scout class. Dagger Storm was our biggest hitting spell, without it we can barely parse above the healers and we get beat by them more often than not. Both classes have been overlooked for a couple years now and we are endangered species. Many have betrayed to other classes, if you wanted to get rid of us you're doing a good job!! I was really counting on that Class Balance that was promised and then taken away. You are definitely making me not want to play. If it's not going to be "fixed" before the new year PLEASE roll it back.
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  4. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    Swashbucklers got an additional DPS boost to Dagger Storm. It was the only thing that really kept us in the game with the other DPS scout classes. The 35m range on it just gave us 1 more ranged option for joust fights.

    RIP old DS. Gonna miss ya.
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  5. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    From the update notes for tomorrow (19 Dec):

  6. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Check your update notes :) You should be happy.... er?
  7. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    Not working on swashbucklers, because our version of DS is a bit different since we got a boost to DPS on ours.

    Just when you thought swashbucklers couldn't be any more broken, this happens.
  8. Azian Well-Known Member

    Yeah, sorry guys...Caith in discord...

    Caith - Today at 11:00 AM

    Dagger Storm still has an issue for swashies, stupid class specific scripts
  9. Armengarian New Member

    dagger storm seems totally useless now for Assassin as well. does no damage, or very little when used :(
  10. Rubick Well-Known Member

    In raids it's a nerf, but in heroics it does an insane amount of dps now.
  11. Dannni Active Member

    Ive seen daggerstorm do some totally bonkers amounts of damage in heroics today... not seen raid
  12. duckster Active Member

    Its the new trash killer to speed up path to named.
  13. Jhen Ro Active Member

    Probably already figured it out, but replying for sake of others: unless swash that still has issues.... if you are seeing no damage from it, you are not using it correctly. It is not a ranged combat art anymore.

    It's a point blank area of affect. 10 meter radius around you, that's it...

    From the description: "The scout throws their knives applying 12 total hits to enemies they are engaging in combat."

    Have to be fighting already, have to be in range.

    Ran a couple heroics last night - in Masks as a troub with around 58k potency range, was about 45% of total parse for zone.
  14. Songwind Member

    Dagger Storm is still BROKE for Dirges as of 29 December 2017. When I am standing on top of a Mob and hit it with Dagger Storm as my first attack and DS does ZERO damage to the mob that means DS is broke, the only thing DS did was make the mob mad at me. I verified this several times and yes I was well within melee range, my other melee attacks worked without all the damage DS USE to do. Dagger Storm did seem to work when I used another attack first which I should not have to do although I do not know how much damage DS did. Day Break instead of fixing things seems more app to Break things. Dagger Storm worked perfectly fine before, why fix something that works? If it did not work correctly or did not do enough DPS for Swashys then fix them.
  15. Redlight Well-Known Member

    I believe some mobs have a stoneskin type of buff that needs a few hits before it fades, I know this seems the way for overland nameds, this is purely anecdotal from doing the solo weekly yesterday,
  16. FreeSnikkety010418 New Member

    On raid fights with adds its insane. I parsed 3b sustained on my troub on the first name in disease, its like having a 15 second cooldown on fusion as long as there are a few adds around.
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  17. Azian Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing you might be the same person (similar name) from Discord today so if this is a repeat I apologize in advance. They changed how DS works in multiple ways. One notable change though is you have to be engaged with the mob for it to hit now. In other words, it no longer works as the first attack. I don't know why the devs preferred this especially since this new version is already neutered as a single target attack and generally if you are attacking a bunch of adds they are already grumpy with you anyway. That said, it's an absurd beast on large groups now.
  18. Taiyla Active Member

    I have both a Dirge and a Troub. I can lead off with DS on the Troub and it hits. I CAN NOT lead off with DS on the Dirge it doesn't hit but if I start with something else DS works fine as a second cast.
  19. Azian Well-Known Member

    Hrm. That's not my experience. I've tested it on troub, dirge, assassin, and brig. All four of those worked the same way. Dagger Storm will hit once I'm hated by the mob. So, if I go stand near a non-hostile npc and open with dagger storm to start the encounter, it will do zero damage on any of those scouts I checked. If I cast anything to make me aggro first, it will land and do damage.

    However, and I'd guess this might be what you are experiencing, on hostile mobs I can open with dagger storm as long as they have already started attacking me. So, I go stand next to a hostile mob and it turns to engage me. I lead with dagger storm and it will land even as a first attack. The key I found was that the bad guys needed to be mad at me. Not that I had to use DS as a 2nd attack (although that's the safest way to be sure it will hit.)
  20. Taiyla Active Member

    Yeah after I posted I did notice they have to be on your enemy list for it to hit.
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