Daggerstorm Completely Broken

Discussion in 'Scouts' started by Beet, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Beet New Member

    So after logging in today after seeing the patch notes i was excited to test Daggerstorm thinking it was possibly buffed....to my dismay i found that it does not even show up on the parse anymore, vs. single target OR vs. 8 targets.....so it's not even usable, it literally does 0 damage.....

    As a Troub this makes things incredibly difficult for me as dagger storm is one of my only good spells/abilities outside of ascension abilities which everyone gets...

    I came back to this game and paid over $200 for the Collectors Edition and some station cash to upgrade my abilities, and up till now i have been enjoying the expansion....but what the f____ is the point of nerfing daggerstorm? It's not like scouts were doing rediculous damage and outparsing mages, bards DEFINITELY arent...so please explain why a change to daggerstorm was necessary in the first place, and then explain why it now is completely broken?
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  2. Azian Well-Known Member

    The devs are aware (discord) and will get it fixed but who knows when that will happen. For single target, it sure looks to be a major nerf of the ability though.
  3. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    The fix will happen when the class revamp happens, which will be never. #effmyswashylife
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  4. Azian Well-Known Member

    The latest chatter is that it likely won't be patched until after New Years (ugh!) Although, I haven't seen Caith or another red name specifically confirm that for daggerstorm but it was implied that anything that isn't seriously impeding overall progression will likely wait. Super duper awesome.
  5. Ruckus Well-Known Member

  6. Andric Member

    swashies had a higher dps version of daggerstorm as a balance thing - that broken is v bad news.
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  7. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    They say they will 'fix' it, but the fix will leave it worthless for you as was the original plan.
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  8. Redlight Well-Known Member

    If they put the fix in to fix the fix now, then that would give them enough time to work out a fix to fix the fix that should have fixed the fix in the first place by new year, I hope i cleared that up for everyone.
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  9. Perciful Member

    Completely unacceptable how this expansion is being managed. I was taking all the other discrepancies in stride and adapting until yesterday when I used my Brigand’s daggerstorm. To completely break that spell is just rude.
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  10. Buba Active Member

    Devs are too busy finding things that are not broke to break. They have no time for fixes.
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  11. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    I was pretty shocked when I tried Daggerstorm on my dirge, and nothing happened. Yeah, we kind of need that.

    That said, I'm sure they WILL fix it, and it won't be completely nerfed as some seem to believe. :) As for after the new year, that would be because a lot of the devs may be out of town for the holidays.

    Also consider the fires that are going on in San Diego at the moment. Some of the devs may even be evacuated, which could also cause delays in fixes.
  12. Denon Active Member

    So why did DB decide to mess with this in the first place? What was wrong with it?
    How about work on getting the stuff that really is broken fixed. Or at least complete the crafting timeline instead of screwing up things that are working??

    If a fix isn't coming until after the holidays - how about reverting this change until the fix is ready?
    The holidays was when I was actually going to have some extra time to play this game :(
  13. Andric Member

    They seem to have plenty of time to fix the seasonal event stuff
  14. Redlight Well-Known Member

    I believe there will be a patch early next week so fingers crossed it addresses some of the issues, I myself was looking forward to getting more time to play over the holidays.
  15. Snuggz New Member

    I agree with you it's BS peeps are not gonna pay if they keep breaking ****
  16. Bjoerdr New Member

    my opinion : The change of dagger storm was completely unnecessary ... i dont understand why a good spell for scouts had to be so extremely nerved ...

    So please Daybreak, bring back the orignal dagger storm !
  17. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    Why it was changed;

    Why it became an PBAOE with 10m range;

    Why it's functionality changed;
  18. Corran Member

    I'm sorry Caith but the reason that "it caused lag" is the biggest amount of crap I have ever heard .. please explain if thats the case why that even now after its been changed that every scout CANT and doesn't even cast it anymore the LAG is still HORRENDIOUS !! so how was it dagger storm that caused it ? can you explain how breaking this ability has made ANY difference to the lag ?

    Secondly there is a reason that its cast so much and that's because most scout CAs are rubbish (especially a bard as this ability was a ton of our dps)

    Please put this ability back the way it was I don't care how it was intended , there are plenty of other more Important actual fixes that need attention. if not just remove the ability or just make it into an AE debuff to actually make it worthwhile to cast ..

    “Caith - Last Wednesday at 4:48 PM
    it was never intended to be a massive single target DPS ability”

    And so NOW you change it after how many years ? ... what a joke
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  19. Tx80i Member

    they hope more scouts will buy upgrades to ascension spells now
  20. knine Well-Known Member

    lol.. this game is now 4 CLASSES and 26 sub-classes.. get used to it :)

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