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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Priority, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. Smashey Active Member

    Benito trying to get yet another thread closed with nonsense its truly an amazing feat. Hopefully DW just removes his nonsense and not the entire thread as its the most urgent issue with EQ2 as a whole.
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  2. Benito Veteran EQ2 Player

    My comments are constructive:

    1. I am suggesting that they implement a 3 strike rule (3 bans means a permanent ban) on Discord to be clear, decisive, and fair.

    2. Discord may now be viewed more as a technical forum where opinions (either, in frequency or nature - evaluative language, sarcasm, hyperbole) are frowned upon.
  3. Zynt Well-Known Member

    I can not believe I am seeing things that were used to refute a certain poster's claims in the EQ1 forums being used to back up their claims in EQ2. I mean I should believe it. Before long it will be a WoW plant dressed as an EQ2 player that's causing all the lag.

    As far as Jenn Chan goes, she's hiding in a safe place with Kander.

    And, of course I wouldn't talk to my friends this way. I'm not paying my friends for a product. When customers consistently do not get what they pay for they tend to complain. Otherwise, obviously, the business will continue to produce subpar products.
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  4. Benito Veteran EQ2 Player

    For one thing, I am glad to see Zynt as an avid EQ1 player. I am glad we share the passion for both games when his compatriots have discounted his unbiased narrative.

    I have treated him with the utmost respect on the EQ1 forums and I hope he can maintain that level of civility.
  5. Kristabella Well-Known Member

    "Wow, this game sux, I thought this expack would have been better!"
    ****WARNING 1**** Please rephrase your opinion, thank you.

    "Ummm, Okay, ahhh This game could have been put together better."
    ****WARNING 2**** Please try again to rephrase your opinion, thank you.

    "Hmmm not sure what you think I should say here, you want to give me a sentence to copy and paste?"
    ****WARNING 3**** Last chance, rephrase please.

    "Okie Dokie! I just love this wonderful game."
    ****BANNED IMMEDIATELY!!!**** You have been permanently banned for sarcasm!
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  6. Zynt Well-Known Member

    Quit sliding into my DMs, Benny.
  7. Obano Well-Known Member

    I have criticized them plenty and never got a ban or warning in discord. You guys must be doing it wrong, either being too rude or saying the same thing over and over again that it comes off as spam. The devs are aware of the lag and don't need to be nagged about it every two minutes. That is not helpful. Bring a solution to the table.
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  8. Priority Well-Known Member

    You want me to give them a solution to a networking issue that I have not diagnosed, seen any reports on, and am not qualified in any realm of professionalism? Now I know why you're still a bruiser, you have jokes.
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  9. Gelenor Active Member

    @Benito What is your perceived need to comment on everything? You derail every post you comment on. Let Priority has his goodbye.
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  10. Dilon Active Member

    Speak with your wallet. Revenue is the only feedback that Darkpaw cares about.
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  11. Benito Veteran EQ2 Player

    This is his 3rd or 4th "I got kicked from Discord thread."
  12. Wulfgyr Well-Known Member

    Ah, so your reason for flooding this thread with your inanities is because you've got troll-crush on Priority!

    What's your excuse for the rest of the threads?
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  13. Benito Veteran EQ2 Player

    If you post for the public, you have to expect feedback. In all of the "I got kicked from Discord" threads my feedback has been constructive:

    1. Show more respect and civility. Stop evaluative language. End banter, sarcasm, and hyperbole.

    2. Treat Discord as more of a technical forum. Opinions - at least in frequency (spam) or nature (unconstructive) - should be frowned upon.

    3. (In this thread). It may be time to implement a 3 strike rule on Discord (3 bans means a permanent ban) - to be clear, decisive, and fair for all parties.

    People will disagree or dislike my feedback for obvious reasons; they want Discord to be an open mic where they can put anyone (including devs or other community members) on blast.

    Communicating with the devs should be regarded as a privilege (with according levels of respect and civility). It is industry standard to limit communication and interactions between players and devs. We are lucky to have interaction to begin with.
  14. Benito Veteran EQ2 Player

    I also think there is a place for banter and sarcasm but it depends on the individual and if they consent. The problem with Discord is that some people are using banter and sarcasm on the same individuals who likely dislike it (history of banning).

    We've all been in awkward situations where a co-worker or friend cracks an inappropriate joke in front of the wrong person or group. Let's avoid it here.
  15. Lukasha New Member

    This what the Cancel Culture wishes you do think. If they remove you from being able to contribute to the discussion, and try to make it painful, then you will be canceled.
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  16. Benito Veteran EQ2 Player

    Without bringing politics into this, I believe the last 4 years has left more people openly uncouth, rude, and disrespectful. So much so that it was led to recent events (mob violence).

    I am hopeful that we will turn the corner and return to respect and civility in all spheres of our life.
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  17. Catatonia Member

    There are a lot of people (myself included) that don't do social media... Even coming on this forum is more social media than I am comfortable with... The idea that Daybreak opts to have it's employees play on a social media platform (Discord) instead of addressing players concerns on their own forums is disturbing and unprofessional... The only real way to solve that problem is to only post here, on the official forum, and possibly once they don't have an audience there, they will come back and do their real jobs...
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  18. Benito Veteran EQ2 Player


    EQ1 devs tend to favor the forums. They ought to consider phasing out Discord for EQ2.

    I do not know why but most players behave more professionally on the forums. I don't know if typing on your phone or tablet makes people more habitually uncouth or rude (like responding to a Facebook or Twitter post in a moment of passion). Or, the time it takes to reach a computer and log in gives people time to "cool down."

    Edit: I have noticed a major spike in dev activity on the EQ2 forums over the last year. This is a positive indication.
  19. Jamzez Member

    The Creative Director for EQ2 hasn't made a post on the forums in half a year what does that tell you?
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  20. Mizri Active Member

    It tells me EQ2 desperately needs a new creative director. A creative director who realizes people enjoy playing EQ2 in a variety of different ways. One without a sensitive ego that values constructive criticism. A creative director who promotes the game and realizes all play styles together make a healthy population.
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