Cut Arteries Shadow AA

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Vaylan77, Dec 29, 2010.

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    is this upgrade working? I remember to have put 1 point in it but could not see any effect on Bloody Reminder and later respeced it and didn't put any more points in it. It says that the opponent will bleed faster - so for me that means the DoT ticks should be shorter. But the text of the combat art didn't change at all to match that fact. Every other AA enhanced do change the combat art texts accordingly.

    Does anyone has a screenshot from his Bloody Reminder CA after he used the points on Cut Arteries to check the difference?

  2. ARCHIVED-Xaiveir Guest

    Yes it is working, and its a very important AA to get. You say you dont notice a difference, are you using a parser? If not there is no way you can tell if its doing more damage or not, and 1 point is not going to make a giant difference one way or another. You need all 5 in it, and i assure you, you will see a big difference.
  3. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    Yeah its a huge difference. If you're in a fight where it can completely cycle through with the 5 points in, it should easily be your highest parsing CA.
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    Ok i can see now that it is working. At my level it is normally doing 108 damage over time and now with 4 points spends it goes up to over 120 after some ticks.

    Still they could correct the wordings. Firstly it is not "bleed faster" because the ticks have the same length, it is "bleed stronger". Secondly they could mark the explanation of the CA correctly. Other enhancements directly show the new damage or show a green text showing what has changed. The CA itself and also the dot which is placed on the enemy then says nothing about a progression of the dot damage, it just says it deals 108 damage every 2.6 seconds.