Custom UI Mods?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by EddieTheHead, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. EddieTheHead New Member

    Was wondering if there are any? I really would love a new Experience bar as i have no clue how to understand it
  2. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

  3. Avianna Well-Known Member

    yup see link above awesome site for mods. Best ones out there are Profit UI Reborn and Drums UI these are not the only just the best in my humble opinion
  4. EddieTheHead New Member

    i tried installing the drumsui and i followed everything but its not showing up?
  5. Avianna Well-Known Member

    most likely cause is you did not put the file in the right spot and/or edit the .XML correctly. either of those will cause it to fail.
  6. EddieTheHead New Member

    The guide never told me to edit anything
  7. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    Make sure the Drums UI installed into the correct folder, navigate to the UI folder in your EQ2 directory and ensure you have a folder called DrumsUI.
    Check your eq2.ini file in your EQ2 directory. This is a text file and can be edited with notepad, it should include the following 2 lines
    cl_ui_skinname DrumsUI
    cl_ui_subdir UI/

    There should be no need to edit any .xml file.

    Also see
  8. Avianna Well-Known Member

    Yes as flame weaver posted the .ini file not the .xml my mistake thank you for the correction flameweaver.
  9. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Get darqUI. One utility file to run and you are fine and set for gaming :)
  10. Coolit New Member

    I use darqUI also and haven't looked back, its well supported and has a lot of unique features, I highly recommend it.
  11. Jrral Active Member

    One thing I've noticed with ProfitUI: for some reason the game puts cl_ui_skinname in the eq2_recent.ini file and this overrides what's in eq2.ini. Just deleting cl_ui_skinname from eq2_recent.ini didn't help, the game just put it back. I eventually had to edit it's value to ProfitUI before I could get Profit to load. This was on a brand-new clean installation of the game (well, almost clean, I copied the paks and Music folders from another machine but let the launchpad download everything else).