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  1. Karsa Active Member

    yes, yes and hell yes....
  2. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Need to remove Wizzy from that list for sure with the changes that have been made. I have seen Conjy's making a push but the ones I have been around I am still out front if I am in the DPS grp. If I get rolled into MT or Misc grp its to the pooper for me now. So there is some situational to it.

    I don't think I could ever catch a Beastlord. But Conjy's hmmm... And I am damn sure not getting doubled by a Conjy...

    Dude, just stop hating. It's really not that bad bro!

    My spec... To each his own. I try to stay in 3-6 meters depending on the fight. I honestly have tried about 7 different specs and have seen very little change in my parses as far as DPS goes. So there's that. However, the basics of my builds are typically on the same foundation. Those different ones are me just trying to see if I can squeeze any more out. The key to the illy isn't the AA spec. And anyone can spam the cloak. There is a bit more to it with your cast order to really pound it out. And then some good focus to keep the rotation going for the duration of the entire fight. And for my guild those fights can get a wee bit long.
  3. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Yes as Karsa stated. And you don't need all the triggers to go off. But you are going to be sacrificing Resolve, potency, CB, Stamina, resists. Runes, and Adornments all just to wear it. Be sure you can survive the mobs pulse dmg. But right now it is still a bit better than without.

    Is it better yes. Can I get close without it? Yes. I drop two places in ACT when I swap. It's far from game breaking unless you play with a bunch who needs to "stop sucking". Other wise it is what I would consider and nice go to. But once you get to Seru Challenge last boss, the tide starts to shift back to wearing a normal cloak as they get closer in value with a 200 cloak that has the double cast/abil mod/wdboc. And yuor gear is getting close to end game level.
  4. FracasKrusher Active Member

    Why is the Chromatic Cloak so desired?

    Can't you put an orange adornments
    Planar Mastery: Illusionist
    Prismatic Mastery
    and get the bump to triggers along with Fervor and doublecast?
  5. Melt Actually plays the game

    New and updated illy/warlock guide: betray
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    I have tried lord knows how many dif specs, how many dif reforges.It's all pretty terrible. Like I have dropped to maybe 9th or 10th on the parse. Still ahead of support but fighting with Inqys and Wardens lol. Dear lord what have they done to enchanters... Bards get all the damn love...
  7. Melt Actually plays the game

    I'm a bard and the majority of my damage is auto attack... at least you get to press buttons :p
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