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  1. Willizme New Member

    Is there a current warlock guide (and illy guide) for AA's and other things? If so is there a link to it?

    Returning player and Im kinda lost with all the AA lines and new things. Appreciate any help.
  2. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    What I usually do is to ask in chat, "Who is the best warlock on the server?" and see what people say. Then I look them up on EQ2U and try to figure out what they're doing with their AA and gear.

    There's not One True AA Build, because how you are geared also comes into the equation. If you are really squishy, you're going to want a bunch of points in the second column of the Dragon Tree, for example. If you are less squishy, you might invest those points elsewhere.

    Another way to go about it is to look at EQ2 Progression and note the top guilds, then look up the guild on EQ2U and see if they have any of your class, and then look at their AA and gear.

    Another strategy is to contact some of those people and ask them if they have advice for you.
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  3. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    Hello Everybody maybe its only a subjective thing but the Lack of DPS on Warlocks is anyoing.
    If i compare my DPS in Heroics to Raid under Same Conditions and all Stats in Green for hit all Raid Bosses
    The percentage of Lack having in mind the Raid bosses have higher resis and some special defenses are included
    Heroic like 20 up to 60 Billions in Raid at some bosses only 27 up to 38Billions wich is nothing.

    4070 Resolve
    180k Pot Solo
    100 Ability DC Solo
    7,700 CB Solo
    342 Fervor Solo
    Class Spells at least Expert the High 5 DPS Spells Celestial or Ancient beside some GMs i found my Self.

    Ascension Class Thauma all Spells exept Withering / Tainted and Necrotic Cares are Celestial
    Mostly we have Trouba and Illu in Groupe and my Lock is running behind all like 20 up to 30 Billions of difference to the Conj / Necro and Wizzy since BoL i never saw land.

    Can some of you confirm my watchings and if some one has a use full idea write down here please.

  4. Beee Well-Known Member

    You never get the same support to have the same conditions
  5. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Generally where I see variance in DPS is based entirely on whether there's an illy and troub in the group or not. Some raids you get stuck in the tank group as a half *** power feed and your DPS will be sad. Some nights the support classes are sick or late or can't make it.
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  6. Jrox Well-Known Member

    An Illy & The The Basics
    As for any class in EQ2 right now auto attack is king.
    It does not work the same as it did back then with the arrival of new AA trees and the introduction of Ascension spells.
    Ascension spells do not interrupt the Auto Attack. So your auto attack will continue on even while casting these spells. No need to wait for your auto attack to hit before casting the next ascension.

    Gear and Reforging:
    The optimal gear from what I have seen thus far in the X-pack is anything with high AbilityMod. This AbilityMod can be turned into DPSMod which is vital to contributing what little DPS we can as enchanters.

    Reforging Stats:
    1. Ability Mod should always be turned into maximum DPS Mod
    2. Cast Speed is the best to start converting into Multi Attack, Recovery Speed, Strikethrough, & Accuracy
    3. Reuse Speed is right behind Cast Speed in its conversion rate and then Haste. Many will tell you to reforge out of all that blah blah blah to get more. But you will learn that you can only reforge so much and the rest you are stuck with.
    What you want to work towards (from what I have tested)

    DPS Mod = 7000+
    Multi Attack = 1600
    AOE Auto = 100
    Accuracy = 100
    Strikethrough = 100
    Recovery Speed = 100

    Careful about sacrificing your CB in places. It can help but can also be detrimental if you do not watch it closely in raid. You need to stay a bit above your cap for max pew!

    It will be extremely difficult to hit these numbers for a non-raiding Illy. In theory this should be pushing maximum output. At the lower end just push DPS Mod as high as you can get it until you have the gear to start working everything else (I ran around with 7000+ DPS until I could hit these numbers). I did not give up on DPS Mod until I could get 100’s in the four places needed. Only then did I spec this way. DPS Mod is king until you can get 100 in all of those so that you could get close to maximizing your Auto Attack. (This is still a work in progress)

    Auto Attack AA Spec.
    This Spec was made to enhance the auto attack and keep the fundamentals working as intended at maximum performance. (Still a work in progress)
    DPS Mod Spec
    This spec is what I used until I could make Auto Attack worthwhile.
    We can share thoughts on AA trees here and different items in the trees. I would love to hear everyone's feedback on these!
    On a side note: Coercers tend to be in the Tank/Scout group and because of that I would recommend putting points into Rapidity and Arms of imagination for those groups. However, as an Illy you should almost always be in a mage heavy or the main DPS groups. (No Inqy in grp for an Illy is a slap in the face by the guy moving skittles...Just sayin... :p) In that situation put Illusionary Arm on yourself.

    Time Compression should always be on the highest DPSing Mage in your group or your pet for lack of another mage high DPS, do not waste it on a mage that cannot out parse you. And forget Recap. Spread the love with Synergism to your high DPSers, the ROI is much higher. You will have people constantly bombard you with “Gimmie recap”. I would say do what you need to, but the occasional one spell reset (10% chance = 10 out of 100 spells) is outweighed by the constant additional dehate and DPS given by Synergism.
    Illy’s: DO NOT WASTE TIME with your RESET! If the BOSS hits half health and no one has called for reset, use it on your highest parser. It is wasted if you don’t use it waiting on people to call for it. Unless a tank or someone in the group tells you before hand, “I will want reset at % or I will call for it so please hold it. It could be used as a tactic by the group. But most times it is not called for and wasted. Keeping in mind whomever you cast it on is now locked from that reset for 30min.

    Casting Order:
    Manatap is your friend. Maintaining (Casting every time it is up) will keep your group power up pretty much at all times. This one will require YOU to play and learn. Watch you cast times and return on damage. You can figure this out for yourself if you are really about playing the Illy. Best of luck.

    Again this is a basic guide to help you get started. The info is a few months behind me now but something I put together for a few friends who wanted to give Illy a go.

    Have fun & GL.

    Just sayin...
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  7. Twisty Well-Known Member

    above 35 fully buffed, on a raid boss, is not valuable - as in, no appreciable difference between 35 and 100. to get to 100 you'll need to throw a juicy reforge piece under the bus for it, to get to 35 you need a pair of "unfortunately" statted weps

    Time Compression
    no mage currently should get it, with possibly only exception of Conj far below ADC cap. it overwrites AA with extended dot ticks that all mages should be running. TC is fine on your healer or bard, if they press dps buttons
  8. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    So i have talked to some Raiders especialy some Locks and ACT DPS ranking outcome is

    BL Ranger / Assa on Scouts
    Necro / Conj / Wizzy /Lock on Mage but between Conj / Necro / Wizzy a well played Illu can take place.

    For me i looked some AAs and all are very cloth similar to mine exept the last Prestige has some differnces in HP and other point skills.

    Next in the seeking of light for me can a Proven Warlock add a casting order here for some rays of light please.
    Since DB is not able to get the Balancing done and DPS can be forged up to the moon its getting a bit feeling of up mages especialy the non Pet Caster Classes after thier is non equal damage source for mages like flurry since Spell DC was taken form us.

    I am a bit lost at this moment.

    thanx Helfiren
  9. Warlyx Active Member

    its a shame that a good buff like time compression has been neglected for so long , remove it or change it but atm it feels kinda useless
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  10. Jrox Well-Known Member

    My conjy in raid benefits from it. The parse dif is noticeable. But it is outdated and much weaker than it should be.
  11. Jrox Well-Known Member

    I guess everyone has a dif play style... Accuracy matters for me due to auto attack. I don't fight ranged unless I absolutely have to.

    See my post prior to this one.
  12. Twisty Well-Known Member

    my comment regarding accuracy applies to melee auto. there is no statistical difference between 35 and 100 accuracy. if you have misses, remaining come from low weapon skill; more accuracy wont fix it
  13. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Casting order varies a lot based on your stats and what spell level you have of each spell.

    A while back, somebody posted a very helpful Excel worksheet to help calculate casting order. Get all your gear on and buff up as usual, then open your Knowledge Book to the Spells tab. Fill in the values on the worksheet with the values you see in your Spells listing. You will need to add your Ascensions and maybe an AA spell or two as well. The calculated casting orders are your starting point... you may need to adjust based on raid buffs, and always situational awareness will require some different spells in particular circumstances.
  14. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    Hey Sigrdrifa thanx for ansewering and adding the link but both of my Browsers Internet Explorer and Fire Fox mark the sites which are linked thier as heavy Maleware and block them outmaticaly.

    I wont infest my systhem by any PC Virus or something so it was a good idea but faild sadlywise.

  15. Teld Member

    Figure this might be a good spot versus starting a new thread.

    Is the chromatic cloak still worth getting? I am no where close to getting all the triggers off.
  16. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I run Firefox with AdBlocker Plus, and Malware Bytes. Thus far the combo has warded off most issues. However, I popped an old copy in my own Dropbox and you can get it from there. Free download sites are free, but yeah, then can be malicious too. Here's the link: DPS Efficiency.xlsm?dl=0
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  17. Jrox Well-Known Member

    A well played Illy can out parse all of the above mages.

    Just sayin...
  18. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    @ Jorx we have a very good Illu in Force its DPS is high but it was at no time infornt of our petcasters who temporary are more than the Double Damage in front of it.

    Our best illy is quiet a P2W player so its stats are in very good standing.
  19. Twisty Well-Known Member

    your poor illy doesn't know, or hates himself for failing to obtain, the broken illy cloak that dodged the nerf for 2 xpacs now, may be even 3? i forget by now. just another balance breaking crapola that's been left broken and ignored "because EQ2"
  20. Locke Member

    @Twisty / Jrox

    For an Illy is range aa preferred over the melee aa spec? How much of a difference is in the AA?

    Also, what is the broken aa for? the food and drink with 2.5 each?