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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Hartay, Jun 29, 2013.

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    Here is a zerker I rolled up for fun. I did a little farming in DoV for the appearance gear.

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    Brotherly Love (Bruiser)

    Jane (Fury)

    Coup D'Grace (Brigand)
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    Here is a sampling of mine. I have several more but this is enough posting for now.

    Alynaryne - Warden and Carpenter
    Calynevelyn - SK and Tailor (Destroyer of Orcs mainly)

    Alykatabra - Beastlord

    Emelai - Warlock and Weaponsmith

    Maenioh - Necromancer and Jeweler

    Lithilie - Templar and Sage
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    That quoted weird; whatever.

    That armour comes from \aITEM -275165891 -1261984042 0 0 0:[Freeport Militia Armor Crate]\/a. I haven't seen any information about where it comes from anywhere outside of game. Anyway, the crate can be purchased from a merchant at the harbor exchange in Freeport (requires completing a quest(s)).

    Look for Viducius Festus around -256.43, -55.71, 87.67. As an aside it looks different in the preview window in game than it does in that screenshot.
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    Here is my main, Oohelu, a Froglok Monk

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    Thaera Flu
    Peppito Bismol
    Mieka Swiftpaw
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    Thank you I didnt think that was it because it looks black here, in the dressing room in game its ugly. Does it look black in the game, do you know? I moved my evil toon over to the FP server that could buy off this merchant and the toon I would want this on now is on the AB server. I would have to do the quests again to buy this but not if it looks like what it does in the dressing room :(
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    Sorry, I have no idea what it looks like in game other than the dressing room window.
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    Anyone can tell me please where this set is from ?
    Thank you
    Edit : i have the hat, but the armor i cant find :(
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    It's the armor you can buy off the armor merchant in Freeport once you've done the level 80 quest from the scout guild, think it's the Seafury Buccaneers?
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    Thaera Flu
    Peppito Bismol
    Thank you sooooooooooooo much these names actually made me LOL.
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    Arynel, in desert style gear..

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    Thought I would check this thread, saw a couple of the new Aerykyn race, somebody have shots of any AOM gear yet or the new race?
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    Here is one of the Aerakyn (but he's only got the channeler starter gear as appearance gear):

    Nykareachan -
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    Thanks for posting an Aerykyn he looks angry :)