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  1. Meirril Well-Known Member

    So when you have logs that say Botboy has been running a 3p exploit every 45 seconds, 24 hours a day for the past month and then buys a bunch of overpriced bags from Launderbot who turns around and buys every Root on the market, including some priced at 100p per root...what do you do? Start throwing the root sellers onto Drunder? Which ones? The 100p guy? The guy at 10p? The guy at 7c? Where do you draw the line?

    Once the exploiter moves the plat to another account, its not in DBG's best interest to upset its actual paying customers by retrieving the plat from their accounts. If we're only talking about 4 or 5 accounts per server, its fine. But when you end up potentially banning 5-10% of your games population that is a hit to your bottom line.

    I've already said who benefits most, and who is capable and even why DBG doesn't have an incentive to do it. You don't buy it. I get that. But repeating the same thing over and over doesn't change things and just sounds like your ignoring any conflicting opinion.
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    It has nothing to do with an "opinion" here, it's about facts, reason and logic.
    The massive inflation we have now on every server (even TLP, it should tell you something) has nothing to do with dupe plat exploit from 2 years ago by players, absolutely nothing.

    People who kept the amount of duped plat are a minority, and have no interest to let other players know that they have a big amount of plat, because it's their interest to keep the most plat they can, so they can buy what they want for the longest period of time possible. In short, prices have to stay the lowest possible. Why does the inflation happens now if it's due to an exploit from 2 years ago ?
    People who duped plat and still got them (if there are any left), are a minority, how do you explain that so many people ingame have so much money today ? How is it possible to have that massive snowball effect in rising prices so quickly ?

    Let's repeat : how do so many players have so much plat today ? there's only one answer to this : Krono.
    If you buy a Krono today you're guaranteed to sell it for 1000k plat(on my server). So it explains how so many players get so much money, but it doesn't explain how that huge amount of plat was introduced ingame, how did we reach the price of 1000K for a Krono so quickly ?
    The only explanation is that someone (let's call him Mr D) who has the power to create plat is manipulating Krono price by buying those who are selling at low prices (or at a price that doesn't suit Mr D), and selling them at higher prices, even selling to himself when needed just to raise prices.
    But why ? simple : limiting offers and the inflation from constantly injecting created plat ingame prevents many players from getting Kronos with regular and common ways of making plat ingame (farming, crafting), and so by limiting offers (less supply) you create more demand, players see that they can't make enough plat via regular ways (more and more difficult to impossible now) are buying more and more Kronos with real money to get that plat they need.

    Who is Mr D ? someone who is capable of creating plat ingame AND someone who benefits from more and more players who have to buy Krono by real money to get enough plat ingame to buy what they want.

    Hmm... must be a greedy ratonga.
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  3. semisus Does not play this game

    something is happening thats for sure , only a few kronos left even showing on ab and cheapest is 3million there is a cheaper that 1 is bugged.
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  5. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I tend to thing so, when the TL E started i could have played for free selling masters, today it seems almost impossible only kronos can buy kronos ;-)
  6. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    I heard (but didn't see) on AB tonight that someone bought something from the Auction channel with 2 krono...
  7. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    I was on when that happened.
  8. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Nope that the whole point.
    Prices did not spike but inflation spiral kicked in in early January and it haven't stop - I am closely monitoring prices on Krono as a indicator
  9. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Nah ..
    I do something like that (use ACT as good example of it)
    I set custom trigger
    Action such and such - if it repeat self more then 10x - trigger - char - flagged
    Plat is nothing more nothing less just a variable in the attributes table for given char (if you are familiar with basics of DBA work) - all you need just set query with parameters
    a) if char is selected (see above how) then
    b) monitor data transaction of attribute "plat"
    c) automatically select chars on other side of transaction end
    Best thing of all you do not need any human intervention to do so is DBA 101
    Log analytics - select chars - monitor ONE attribute of whole DB - select any subsequent chars
    About "cut off" parameters - judging from indirect analytics its was around 10-50k plat range that trigger effect
  10. Regolas Well-Known Member

    I think roughly, krono price rises by 100% every 4-6 months. As we're playing with bigger numbers they show more.

    Qtr 4? 2012 - Krono introduced 250-500pp
    2013 :
    2014 :
    2015 :
    2017 : 500k -1m

    5 years, roughly 12 x 100% increases in price = 2.4 double value increases a year
  11. Meirril Well-Known Member

    From 2 years ago? If you wern't aware there were 2 different and well known exploits for producing plat in the LAST YEAR. They caused runaway inflation at the time, somewhere around a 50% spike in prices. What is happening now? It a LOT WORSE than either of those exploits.

    Your information seems a bit dated.
  12. Meirril Well-Known Member

    So I was just in game a few minutes ago. Last month auction items were starting at 5k for trash items, and 50k for something from the Expert zones (yay for new high demand trash items?). Today I saw 400k going around a lot.

    People expect that you have 400k to throw around, and they wouldn't even bother asking if they didn't expect a lot of people to have it.

    I'm going to poke a rather large hole in this whole DBG is buying Krono theory. Back when the new prize zone in KA was announced and people found out it paid off 1 million plat tons of people were trying to get in, and guess what? With someone getting paid a million plat every 30 minutes it didn't drive up auction prices.

    But with Krono selling in the million plat range, the auction prices have gone up about 800%. Just how many Krono do you think have been sold? Going to say that if an injection of 40 million a day from the new prize zone didn't jack up the economy, it has to be a lot more. Considering I haven't seen 3 pages of Krono for sale in a long time, I don't think there are enough Krono up for sale at any one time to cause this much inflation.

    FYI historically until last year the price of Krono has suffered a 300% annual inflation rate. We're only 5 months into this expansion and we've already hit that 300%. Somehow I can't imagine the price staying stable for the next 7 months.
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  13. Kalika Well-Known Member

    No idea i was not on a month ago, but i just made about 900pp selling a bit of compost, relic and flasks of water. Something went nuts, i somewhat remember RoK days, the ring of the queen from Maiden, i was saving for it and it was usually sold 1000pp, either i finally won the roll or the next expansion made it obsolete but i finally kept my 1000pps. This ring probaly sells 10-20K or more on the TLE.

    We have at least 10 times more money circulating, may be 50 times.

    It has funny consequences, i just bought a Work from Kylong plains hunter, and the price 4pp was like "small change" ... in the old day it was some money.
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  14. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Again lets agree on disagree here
    I re-joined game shortly before ToT x-pack (summer of AoM) prices on Krono were at around 100ish or so by the beginning of KA pack/End of ToT prices on Kronos fluctuate at around 180-220k (so it safe to say after 2 exploits prices merely doubles over 1 year no where near 300% yet)
    Heck they actually did not climbed up much until up to New Year (I'd say they been around 220-240ish mark at the end of Dec)
    Now lets look closely - at the beginning of January - sprint has began! - by the mid Jan - 400, Mid Feb - 600, Mid March - 900 - mid April 1.2-1.4M (see the the curve? +50% each month)
    About SLR - back in ToT we been talking about 10s of thousand for general fabled T3 with spikes of 100+ for something that been highly sought after (Salvo charm for example before GU100 Pot mudflation). By the end of summer event very few items were highly priced and sought after (selected ancients, selected ethereal runes etc.)
    Now with KA x-pack - 11 resolve gear were sold all the time in same range of high 10s thousands per piece, CH one 14 resolve one initially was around low to upper 100 mark - everything changed in January (same time when Kronos start grow in price). 14 resolve gear sudden within month jumped to low 300ish upward 700-900ish (depending on piece) and market JUST started saturates I just bought 15 resolve shoulders piece for bargain price of 75k. And I can tell looking on the market what finally start saturates - and this is 15 resolve gear - you can leg piece for under 120k (provide some patience and luck), gloves falls sometime down to 50k
    Granted ppl for no reason paying over 500k for junk jewels with 15 resolve (merely 600ish Pot).
    I am very closely monitoring market as I want to buy some staff but waiting for prices goes onto saturation curse (I want for example buy blood jewel for like 3M or so :))
    Anyway - my point is - plat influx still in game, plat is not generated in game and Kronos just instrument of storing wealth and protecting assets. And the ONLY way how you can easy spiral inflation keep Kronos market active and in same time increase revenue is simple - buy Krono out of market for top price
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