Crusaders Judgement - nice joke

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Pioneer, Dec 20, 2019.

  1. Pioneer Member

  2. VagerEq2 New Member

    Is this supposed to have no damage?
  3. VagerEq2 New Member

  4. Justaplayer Member

    If it was on a different cooldown maybe I could justify this, but I am just really disappointed now. What a waste of coins and plat.
  5. Pioneer Member

    Well, I found how to bring this spell to work...
    Need to be dead. Then damage component will return. =)
  6. Pioneer Member

    The bug is from Death and Destruction AA prestige ability.
    Rollback that AA - damage would be fine.
  7. VagerEq2 New Member

    Have to keep an eye on this, needs to be fixed asap
  8. VagerEq2 New Member

    Still not working with the AA's in use :(
  9. SynnikuL Active Member

    I saw this on the sanctus serus merchant for 375 mark of twilight tokens and 1800p. Is it worth it to get it? And is it same cooldown as Doom Judgment?
  10. Benj Member

    It is on the same cooldown as Doom Judgment. This spell has more damage, longer casting, and longer recast. Ultimately, this spell is more efficient than Doom Judgment, as calculated by Damage / (Casting + Recast + Recovery).
  11. Pioneer Member

    There was nothing interesting.. =)

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