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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Solhene, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. Solhene New Member

    Since ToV has been launched, it seems the new crit chance requierment is atleast 550 to run heroic zones.... How the hell is it possible to get that amount of CC if I am not a full time raider?? I think this is annoying and it's look like the same problem this game had with the crit mit. I really don't care about the amount of CC of the others players in the LFG channel!!! This crit chance requierment is a pain and it's removing fun from this game because it making very hard the possiblity to progress to the end game content!!
  2. Evanair New Member

    Have you even bothered to look at the new gear? The quested stuff in ToV + a few crit adorns will easily get you to 525 or more.
  3. Andy1 Active Member

    Pretty easy to get initially, many of us on beta BEFORE the gear merchants were put in got what was required by saying screw our current setups and go all out CC and hitting up dungeons. Although our gear was already far above T2 stewards so YMMV. Best advice I can give is run through the overland questline, hit up adv solo's and you should be fine.
  4. Mermut Well-Known Member

    You don't need 550 crit chance for Nexus Core or Fractured Hive, the two easiest heroic zones.
  5. SandsMans Active Member

    465 CC for heroic Nexus. (You can get weapons/secondary in here that have 91 CC so that will definitely get you on your way up.)

    Can anyone list the rest if they know them?
  6. Ynnek Well-Known Member

    Nexus & Hive are 465.
    High Keep & High Keep Pickclaw are 500.
    (Those are the only four I have written down)

    But as to the OP, the solo quest gear easily gets you to 465 with no adorns. Pri/Sec/Ranged items from Nexus easily get you to 500. And you work your way up from there. And at any time you can get an additional +240! from white adornments. (Although you'd have to be crazy to go that far). You may well have 10,000 ability mod. Might be time to trade those +58 Ability Mod adorns in for some Crit Chance...
  7. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    I'm not a raider and I think I'm up to 556 CC with having only gone through the overland zones. I have only white adornments and lost all the yellow ones I'd gotten from my obols and the merchant in OP.
  8. SteelPiston Active Member

    I'm just in the ToV quest line gear and I have over 550 crit before adorning any armor pieces. More than enough to obliterate the advanced solo zones with my healer merc. The crit adorns fit into any slot and there are two on everything. (Using the cheap 5% crit Greater Astral adornments). If I add 2 crit adorns to each armor piece that I have still open, it will be +70% and i'll have somewhere around 620% crit.
  9. Elinea Well-Known Member

    White crit chance adorns were changed so that they would go into every slot, so start putting crit chance everywhere. As you get gear from the instances, your crit chance will go up and you can start switching out all the cc adorns for something that suits you better.
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  10. Alenna Well-Known Member

    crit chance is the new Crit mit.
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  11. Illeon New Member

    You can easily get well over 600cc without having a single piece of raid gear. Like other have said, look into white adorns and make sure you finish your sig and overland quests. The flying mount you get at the end of the solo sig is +40 crit chance on it's own.
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  12. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Except with crit mit if you didn't have enough you simply died. Crit chance is for effectiveness (or keeping your group alive if you're a healer).
  13. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Only if you can afford it. I've already seen someone asking how to pop out white adorns...that isn't going to come out well.
  14. Alexaandria Member

    I'll add that if you finish the sig quest line, and get the sokokar mount, the crit chance stat on that mount also helps get a player over that 500 mark.
  15. Lygerr Active Member

    even with solo quested gear and lesser adornments you should be able to get close to 600 crit chance, since they fit into any slot now.

    if you can't afford to even buy lessers...... you can farm the zones for the dropped white gems. but who can't afford lesser adornments?
  16. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Oh come on. Greater Astral adorns are 2-5pp each. If you can't afford 100pp to buy 20 crit chance adorns at 95, that gives you 100 extra crit chance, then you're doing something wrong.

    I have an adorner and I've been buying them due to laziness of not making them!
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  17. Alenna Well-Known Member

    I know that but the need for it is like the need for crit mit back in the early days of DoV a gate to doing the instances and having to sacrifice things like potency for white adorns to do the instances. meh we dealt with ti till they changed it in DoV we will until it is changed some how in this one if enough people complain about it.
  18. Alenna Well-Known Member

    it is having to sacrifice potency on my illy to put the crit mit adorns in slots potency woudl go in or casting speed(although i have no problem with that.) or dps for my ranger.
  19. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Now the CC adorns can go anywhere you can put the pot/cb ones on the (limited) slots they go in and use CC on the rest. I'm sitting on 650cc and 400cb in solo gear after doing the sig line. I'm starting to replace the cc adorns with other stuff. I also have 99 cast speed and 75 reuse. And no purple adorns yet.
  20. Sadique Member

    am i the only one who wishes they would change the name of crit to something that makes more sense. having a 600% crit chance seems silly and overly inflated.
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