Creatures protected by Planar Defense can no longer...

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Fleurs, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Fleurs Active Member

    "Creatures protected by Planar Defense can no longer be struck by multi attacks, flurry, spell double attack, ability double attack or pets until Planar Defense has been removed."

    C'mon, are you serious? What the point behind that? Combat have already enough things to make them slower without reason.
    In Solo, any named bring up a 10 second immunity every 1-3 second he receive damage, i'm like cast 2 spell, wait 10 sec, cast 2 spell, wait 10 sec, cast 2 spell. Way to play 20% of the time and 80% staring at my screen while the named decide to allow me to play again. And now this, i will have to spend 5-10 second at the beginning of every fight to cast spell just to break his stoneskin? Why? Will it make the fight harder? No, it will just make it more of a pain by slowing every instance we do. Anyway, they already have their damage received cap that make it so no spell or ascension can remove them more than x% of life, so there is no way to kill them fast with ascension or even high damaging spell.

    Why make solo fight drag for even longer?

    Same logic could apply for heroic.
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  2. Altho Active Member

    Gotta chime in on this one, I agree completely. Whats the point in making these "pauses" in a fight, its lame. If you are OP enough because you have put time in to gear your self and you can kill a mob quick then by right you should be able to do so. This is the wrong way to make something more challenging, the only thing this challenges is ones patience.
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  3. Grishtik Member

    It's one of the many lame mechanics that's made me stop playing this terrible xpac.
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  4. Slowfast New Member

    This patch is again the work of Devs, which one understands without meaning and sensible as if this Xpac had not already been doomed to failure or boring for many, they break it even further. in which they pull players who have worked or worked hard for their belongings even longer on their knees than it already is.

    When will this team finally learn something, or because shot in front of the head notice. The many things you do the wrong way, man can only shake his head because not more. What can you say positive about it or leave good criticism there, if they make a game broken players instead of improving it.
  5. Wimble Active Member

    Yes. If i've read this correctly it suggests an artifical barrier to extend the life of a fight. At this stage of the expac, why?

    I've spent a lot of time and some $ making my too, well, not op ;) but good enougha, I'd like to enjoy this by one shotting these mobs for a while!
  6. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    And stuff like this is why I now spend my time in-game, doing old raid zones and instances.
    PoP has got to be the worst expansion to date.
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  7. Perciful New Member

    The patch note insinuates that Planar Defense can be removed from the protected creature..... can and how do we remove it?
  8. Fleurs Active Member

    The basic fonction of planar defense is, a stoneskin, so to remove it, you have to damage it enough to remove each layer of stoneskin. That why multi attack, flurry, and doublecast and pet were usefull, now you have to cast 5 spell, and then buff, and then cast your big hitting spell (that will be capped at like 10% of max mob hp anyway). While before, your pet and auto attack were breaking it while you would cast those temp buff.

    And remember he will pop up a 10 sec immune every 2-3 second. (not all of them, but too many of them nonetheless)
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  9. Drona Active Member

    One of the dev on discord said that this change is to allow time for scripts to kick in before player can one shot named. Make what yo will of that... but my take is if player have geared up enough to do that, then let them!
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  10. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    This is their answer to players that kill the mob in the few seconds before the 'script can start'.

    If they would just end 'loot rights' it wouldn't matter.
  11. Nkito Well-Known Member

    I've pretty much always just accepted mechanics and carried on but layer after layer of artificial stuff like this is really starting to kill my motivation. Some classes/abilities are "broken" allowing well geared players to breeze through content. Instead of balancing these abilities we get stuff like this. This does not make a level playing field, but that seems to be the intent maybe?

    Several of my solo geared alts get through solo's almost as fast as my main raid character, this makes no sense to me. Solo content means little but these mechanics are spreading throughout the game.

    There are many grinds, to progress your character and make them more powerful. But more and more Iately I find myself not pressing buttons half the fight due to mechanics like this and I wonder what's the point of grinding further?

    In the past we could gear up and blow stuff up, this was motivation for me. Why spend all this time grinding to double your stats if the encounter mechanics only allow you to kill it 20% faster? Perhaps this is another way to make content alt friendly?

    Whatever it is, it's unsatisfying.
  12. Gillymann Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't be surprised if they are preparing people for the eventual elimination of a group of stats and procs.

    I mean, if it's just about slowing down the fight, all they had to do was substantially increase the number of counters on stoneskins.

    Their solution seems needlessly complex otherwise.
  13. Slowfast New Member

    The situation from the whole is only back from the actual problem of directing what already existed for a year, that we have no great balance. On one side, these people will now be backfeited who have their better gear through Raids or End Content Challenge and thus can go faster through the zones.

    I would like the Logic here or a reasonable answer as a paying customer what Daybreak has since before or why they do it, with a cheap excuse to come well that the script is not broken by.

    At the point but now sometimes with understanding to you devs be approached, you have written this Content and made so you have actually thought something or was as we all always say only an unfinished product on the market thrown and the customers were allowed to buy it blind. It does not fit together in the back and in the front, it's like taking a piece of metal out there and welding it in somewhere else.

    If you had the things like Ascension or something left out, there are probably less problems the more you mess around, the whole thing gets worse with the mechanic and the game, it was screwed up like in the PVP too much until there was more going on and so on it also continues with PVE. The server population is already strong after this one can see hand of the server status yes.
  14. Stach Well-Known Member

    This is a direct consequence of ascension, you have people that are so powerful that they one shot mobs(fighters). So the fix to it is to make it harder to one shot a mob.

    This is one Band-Aid on top of another Band-Aid. I just makes the game less and less fun. It also forces more people to go out and buy those better ascension spells to make it easier for them to play.

    It just proves to me there is only one thing the current development model of this game is. That's Pay to Win.
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  15. Earar Well-Known Member

    it's kind of stupid when solo/duos become longer than heroics/events.

    and 10 hits solo .. takes more time than 20 hits in heroic. Plus it's annoying for tanks too that usually build their dps at start of fight.

    and it's this point of the xpac, pleeaase .. let us burn !

    we're already burned out from all this grind so let us burn them in return

    and whos fault ? who struggles to balance damage/hp ? them ? they give us the means, they give us the gear, they increased our pot like crazy. Did we ask for it ? no.

    so they give us big numbers .. but then they remove all the fun because they cannot handle those big numbers. so painfull.

    and just when u think u need solos and duos for the necklace. come on .. why make the game painfull ? KA had at least that good .. solos and adv solos were fast.
    why virtually extend the game ? in a boring way none the less

    but here u cannot say it's P2W. Whatever the number of GM you have, damage is capped, so u won't gain much time anyway
  16. Fleurs Active Member

    How is ascension related? Even an Ethershadow assassin or Cascading force cannot oneshot solo named due to a incoming damage cap that is on nearly all solo named.
  17. Stach Well-Known Member

    because that was the reason given in discord for this this morning for some fighters one shot heroic named mobs. Now for solo its just probably a by product of trying to fix the other problem. Which just shows the development of this game is just not thought out

    Because we all know solo zones are just the same as heroics except your Potency is so high that it feels solo
  18. Mathafern Well-Known Member

    The timing on this is just bad- at this point in the xpac, it is time to either 1) make content easier and MORE accessible, or 2) release the expert zones already.

    Making content slower and even more dull kills any interest I might have had in running content either solo or in groups.

    I really dislike whining about stuff but this really is a bad choice.
  19. Fleurs Active Member

    Here is a parse on a random solo named, the patch isn't even on EU server (or so i think), and look how every damage are capped, even on totally different spell (Maelstrom on legendary critical, Cascading force, Imposion, or Feedback all do the same damage), notice how much time the named stay in immune by the little troll face on the graphic at the bottom. Way to reward people that gear themselve, and they want to add another way to slow down player, on the covert of preventing oneshot so the script take place?! Duh! They can't even been oneshot at all, since there is a damage cap as show here!

    I already spent more time getting trolled by that immune than playing the game!! :eek:

  20. Astrayel New Member

    That right there is a parse of a game sunsetting.

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