Crashing a lot...very frustrating

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by yuiop, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. yuiop Member

    I crash at least once every PQ(usually multiple times).
    About half the time zoning to house or GH.

    I decided to open my log file for that character in-case someone here had questions about what it said about the crashes.
    Except I cant. It says its too large using notepad. Its 4.3gb...isn't that abnormally large?
    The nearest file to that is only 9.2mb(most are well under that too)

    Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  2. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    if you zone a lot the mem leak eventually causes repeat crashes, loggin out occasionally seems to help.
  3. Nunya New Member

  4. Nunya New Member

    That Error ^
  5. Ihsan New Member

    I have similar EQ2 client crashes on two PCs and on two accounts, every day. My game crashes 5-12 times a day. It is DirectX 9.0c related as you can see in the screenshot. EQ2 has no memory leaks.

    It's seems EQ2 doesn't like the current installed dx9 framework. Is there any info how to setup EQ2 right? It seems EQ2 uses old stuff.
  6. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    eq2 has no mem leaks? hahahahahahahahahahaha
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  7. yuiop Member

    At Nunya: Yup that's the one.
    So its direct X issue?
    So I'm just going to have to live with it?

    Thanks for the info.
  8. yuiop Member

    Cant edit sorry.
    Sometimes I don't get that error box even. It just goes "poof" :(

    Literally while I am typing this it went "Poof"....GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
  9. Ihsan New Member

    No honestly it hasn't as far as i noticed. It will often results in very hard system crashes/blue screens, not only the game itself. But never mind. We have a more than enough RAM for EQ2, the should be no overflow. Unless ... because eq2 is a 32bit app ... memory addresses are running out. But that's not the point here. :)

    But here we go:
    EQ2 uses old DirectX 9.0 dependecies. The integrated version in Windows 10 drasticly reduces performance. I used the latest DirectX 9.0c Runtime Envirenment (v9.29.74). And performance boosts up.

    Download DirectX Redist v9.29.74 from Microsoft:

    How to install:
    Execute the downloaded file. It will unpack its content in a folder of your choice. You may delete this folder after the main installation is finished. I choose my main download folder.
    After the unpack/extract process is finish search the DXSETUP.exe file in the extracted folder and run it. DirectX components will be installed then. That's it. You can delete this folder.

    Some feedback of this DirectX version is welcome. I play with highest quality in EQ2 setting for now.
  10. yuiop Member

    I just did the dl from your link, and installed it all, and it said it was all done.
    However, when I ran dxdiag it still says DX12.
    Would the installer have put it in a different place? I'm not real savey on all this btw.
    Thanks again.
  11. Ihsan New Member

    It's all good. You downloaded directx_Jun2010_redist.exe i hope. dxdiag doesn't show old DirectX stuff. And give you only information which DirectX version your graphics card is capable. With this downloaded DirectX components you'll have missing parts that never came in Windows 7, 8, 10. Mostly missing components before 2010. That's why many older games crash so often.

    Enjoy your new game :)

    My summary:
    My EQ2 doesn't crash a single time, performance raised, visual quality can be increased.
  12. Ratpack New Member

    I reported the same problem a while ago (with very high and extreme quality settings). Same error message occured, especially when zoning into heavy load, large guild halls with nearly maximum amount of placed items.

    I installed the DirectX stuff and - dang... same thing happened when I chose "high quality". Now character is stuck, because the error occurs when trying to log back in. *madlaughter*

    So... sorry to say but I do not see any performance improvements
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  13. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    rat, you know what the prob is and it's not direct x... actually it's two different issues in your case. hoarding, tsk who woulda thought...
  14. Ihsan New Member

    Indeed. I would speak of multiple possible problems than rather say this solution above don't work in general for DirectX problems. Because my 'everyday crashes' are gone now.

    I watched around a bit and noticed that EQ2 client, as a 32bit program, reached up to 4GB of RAM sometimes. That's too much. Also found the outofmemory.txt in the eq2 game folder. But! Especially when zoning my eq2 client memory decreases. Also while traveling around a zone. My RAM raises and falls as it should. I would go away from a huge problem of a memory leak. I would say especially when using high quality settings there are to much objects in the game that can cause the game to quit. Blame the developer for this. A general good solution to prevent some crashes is to lower threads in game code for weaker computers. On the client side that could be done while decreasing graphical quality blinky shiny shader stuff and to lower far distance viewing and in general lower all things. I know this was a problem 10 years ago up to today.
  15. Ndiar Member

    Delete your log file if you don't care to keep it or rename it ( ie eq2log_charactername_1.txt) and let it recreate it automatically when you relaunch. My log file was really huge like yours and it seemed to help to refresh it.
  16. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    Ihsan... in ratpack's case an almost maxed out house or GH on high settings will cause loading issues and crashes, sad but true, hence the joke about a rat hoarding.

    the massive files and out or mem error etc IS a memory leak and has been going on since both eq and eq2 started without a solution, repeat zoning can cause the game to crash. a game crashing, usually upon startup, and especially after a new install can be a DX issue. deleting certain files can help with some of the issues as well as changing to lower settings... but for people like me who run a high end system, about 99% of my crashes are the mem leak, because i am a decorator and have a habit of zoning a lot.
  17. Ihsan New Member

    I understand your point of view. Especially in your case, as a norathian world runner, frustating. I'm currently testing some system tweaks and search for a definite solution. It will take a few weeks. Some solutions/testings were given out by some developers and technicians since 2004, and i found some by Daybreak developers, in different forums. Mostly the users gave no feedback afterwards. Therefore these tryouts got not further recognition. Some infos were so technical that it might be possible some people don't recogniced it or could't handle it. These infos seem to got lost in the mass of user threads. In Daybreaks bug tracker are these and some other crash feedbacks. In my opinion they lack some informations from the users and further instructions to sort failures out to go on with.
    I'am not a MS Windows solution expert, i have some Oracle programming certifactions, the opposite way :p.

    I sort some problems out, take notes, for my own, maybe it's interessting for someone:
    - Windows 10 comes with some versions of DirectX including 9.1, 9.2, 9.3. I had very high CPU and 3D graphics load (99%) with this. It also causes crashes multiple times in an hour. But you'll get a crash feedback window like this in the post above. It says something about DirectX9 Renderer.
    After using another DirectX version, that added components to the system, especially graphics load sunk about 66% down, overall performance is like it should be, all EQ2 DirectX crashes magicly disappear:
    Does EQ2 come with it's own DX redist?

    - Unfortunately, Windows with its standard settings when freshly installed is not setup that way to cope with EQ2 under high virtual memory load. This causes, i guess, most of the users zoning crashes without any EQ2 failure/feedback window. Call it memory leak, i don't do. The outofmemory.txt in the EQ2 game folder, if it is there, is a hint that you have problems with unsufficient virtual memory for a 32bit application.
    There are multiple solutions that work or work not by the users, these were tested in the past and also by DB developers. But lack feedback from users. I throw some terms in the room: 4GT/4GB RAM Tuning. Simply raising Windows virtual memory might or might not work, beware: EQ2 is a 32bit application.
  18. Opusdei New Member

    I find this situation unacceptable. daybreak can fix this, they just choose not to. might be time to find another game. wait who am I kidding. I done drank the Kool-Aid. If you are going to blame this on hoarding and zoning then why have houses with high limits, why not make flooring and wall options like you do in qeynos and assuming Freeport? I know that would steal stuff from carps, but then that gives you reasons to give us really good designs and furniture options to make. and houses. I just think there are so many solutions yet poor execution. Come on daybreak life up to the expectations of this game!

  19. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    wow humour guys... i even said i made a joke about hoarding as a play on rat's name, geeze.
  20. yuiop Member

    Well thanks for the feedback all.
    Still crashing :(
    I will move my main character file out, and let the game make a new one.
    I will also turn down the graphics and see if that helps.
    My computer should be able to eat this game up I thought, but being so old and 32 bit, it might not matter. I don't know.

    That's a good idea about the virtual memory.
    If I understand it correctly it doesn't matter how much RAM i have correct? The game will only use 3-4g anyways right?
    What would be the down side to allotting more virtual mem? Other than losing the space that is.
    I am curious to hear your results Ihsan.
    If the couple things I'm go to to works or not Ill post it, and let you guys know.


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