Craft writs inside homes?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Barbai, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Barbai Guest

    Just a possible idea for expanding house use, how about rentable craft writ npc for home use. Could add the cost into the rent of the house or simply a clicky that spawns the npc. With the ability now to place personal harvest boxes in homes it could make crafting in houses more enjoyable since we wouldn't need to be constantly zoning everywhere to pick up writs.

    Atleast for me personally I would like to be able to craft in an area that is more toward my personal taste then either the craft dungeons or the guild hall.
  2. ARCHIVED-Ottan Guest

    While I'm not sure if there'll ever be such an NPC, a Sage with the Riliss Arcana Volume I recipe book can make a "Grandmaster Service Summoning Scroll". It summons a rush order minion that can only be used in house; the minion lasts for thirty minutes.

    It requires a mantrap root to make the scroll, but on pristine completion you get 10 of the summoning scrolls.
  3. ARCHIVED-celestina936 Guest

    Ottan wrote:
    There is also a Sage Bathezid faction one for "Master Service Summoning Scroll" for 30 min work order NPC. Also used mantrap root. Same yield - 10.
  4. ARCHIVED-Barbai Guest

    Well I was hoping not to have to hunt for hours to get some rares just to do some writs . Oh well who knows what the future holds. Though a permanent customizable npc that simply adds say 1p to the rent would be nice. I believe the guild hall version is only 20 gold or so rent so would be a form of balance versus that function or the craft dungeons.
  5. ARCHIVED-celestina936 Guest

    Draca@Befallen wrote:
    Mantrap roots are not all that difficult to find. I seriously doubt you'd have to "hunt for hours." You'll find them from harvesting the shrubs and roots of RoK and Moors.
  6. ARCHIVED-Barbai Guest

    Alvane@Unrest wrote:
    You really don't know my rare finding rate do you .....
  7. ARCHIVED-celestina936 Guest

    Draca@Befallen wrote:
    Your personal rate of finding a rate is your personal RNG. Mine is mine, etc. Some days it sucks, some days it's gold mine discovery. It all averages out in the long run. Rare roots seem to have a higher rate of harvesting for some reason. No, I don't have testing figures. And it's all a matter of perception anyway. I can look into my bank and see my roots are generally the highest in numbers for any given tier. But then again, that's my RNG or perhaps I just happen to harvest more roots/shrubs than ore or gems.
    At the same time when I need a rare gem or loam, I feel like you do. I got the sucky end of the RNG. Give it a rest and you'll find you will get that rare. Despite those sucky days, I still managed to find enough rares to get experts on all my 7 characters and even more than enough for MC armor.
    Look on the bright side, you only need one mantrap root to get a limited writ giver for your personal house.
    Have a good holiday no matter where you live!
  8. ARCHIVED-Noob71 Guest

    I support this item for an item to have added to our wishlist of home furnishings/functionalities.

    I have one of those 5 room New Halas Manors, and although I can make hundreds of things to fill the house with, there's just not much reason to go there other than to look around and say yeah, this is mine, I made this, blah blah blah, but how many people will actually see it aside of me?
    Someone in my guild added a door to the guild hall from my house for me, to make it easier for me to move back and forth between halas and the guild hall while doing crafting, but it's just not the same. Liken it to my real life, where I have my woodworking shop at the back of my house. Why? Because every now and then I get a creative idea, and I don't want to have to drive 10 miles to my parents' house to use my dad's workshop. I'm proud of my real life workshop, and I like to show it off. Would be nice to build my own little workshop and crafting hub inside my game house too...complete with a writ npc.
  9. ARCHIVED-celestina936 Guest

    Noob71 wrote:
    You can have one any time you wish. Just use a grandmaster or master service summoning scroll. Your wish is always your command when you want it.
  10. ARCHIVED-Kamimura Guest

    I'd like to see an NPC writ giver for homes, as well. Yeah, the scroll is okay, but I'd rather see a permanent NPC that could be placed in a home. Wouldn't have to go out and farm rares, pass scrolls between alts, and friends could visit and do some crafting without having to also have scrolls. Adding some rent to the home to cover the benefit seems like a fair way to do it. (Would also be nice for smaller guilds who can't afford the guild hall, but would still like to have something for their crafters in a home based hall.)
  11. ARCHIVED-celestina936 Guest

    Nevissa@Crushbone wrote:
    What would you have replace the scrolls of Sages? I know my Sage does decently making scrolls for people who want to do writs in their house.
    Since you want to take away part of her income, what do you suggest to replace it?
  12. ARCHIVED-Barbai Guest

    Alvane@Unrest wrote:
    A full on replacement may not be needed(after all what replaced the fluff items for tailors, armorers, weaponsmiths, and carpenters when station cash came out), this would simply be an more available if not more costly alternative to the scrolls.
    For the ones who may only want to do a rush writ once in a blue moon the scroll could be a cost effective alternative.
  13. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Draca@Befallen wrote:
    You want it to be station cash? Why didn't you say so! How much would you pay for such an NPC?
  14. ARCHIVED-celestina936 Guest

    Meirril wrote:
    For a permanent item that takes away income from a sage, I would say $25.00 would do it nicely ...... even $50.00.
  15. ARCHIVED-Kamimura Guest

    Alvane@Unrest wrote:
    $50 for a single item? Are you kidding? Yeah... tailors and carpenters both lose income to SC, for items that don't go for nearly so much. Why should a sage get special treatment?
  16. ARCHIVED-celestina936 Guest

    Nevissa@Crushbone wrote:
    Big dfference between your comparisions. The sage made writ services would be replaced by the permanent writ service. Tailors and carpenters still make numerous items. Outfits offered in SC are appearance and are different from other appearance outfits tailors make. Same witih carpenters. BTW, I also have a tailor and carpenter and armorer. None have decreased sales of what they offer due to SC appearance gear, and furniture as they are different. Same with the faction house items. They are all different styles and flavors. Probably the largest orders my carpenter gets are for dividers and stones/rocks and smaller numbers for trees, bushes, other plants, carpets and racial items.
  17. ARCHIVED-Kamimura Guest

    Alvane@Unrest wrote:
    Sages still make numerous other items. A single item becoming less desired is not going to remove all profits/use from sages (nor does it deserve a $50 price tag, which is my main issue with your suggestion) - same with other classes who may lose out on a sale to SC, and same with other classes who see an item become less desired/replaced for some over time. I'm not saying these classes are losing tons of profit (that's actually the opposite of my point), but I think most classes have had their market shifted a bit over time... yet, they manage. As was pointed out, some would still have use for the sage crafted item. Not everyone would craft in their homes often enough to want to pay the price of an NPC. If they made the NPC harder, or more expensive (and I am not talking SC) to obtain - as should be expected - there would still be a market for the scrolls. There would still be a market for, really, anything else a sage could make.

    Heck, if you're worried about sages losing out on profit, why not suggest the NPC be sage crafted? A scroll that summons up an NPC for your home, that adds more weekly rent to the home. Have it be costly to craft, and the temporay ones don't lose all value because not everyone will want/be able to go in for it.
    (Heck, give armrors menders, provisioners decorative cooks, carpenters other decorative npcs. Help a lot of wishlists at once. :p)
  18. ARCHIVED-Barbai Guest

    I actually like that idea even if it does cost say 20 of some high end rare like brellium or something plus the constant cost I wouldn't mind a perm npc for the house through that method. The mender may be hit or miss for myself though menders are near everywhere these days , I believe most of the newest zones have atleast one in some of the quest camps.
  19. ARCHIVED-Kamimura Guest

    Draca@Befallen wrote:
    Yeah, a mender would be closer to the decorative NPCs, which shouldn't be as expensive. More of a fun item, with a bit of use, than anything else.
  20. ARCHIVED-celestina936 Guest

    Nevissa@Crushbone wrote:
    LOL that is the same thing as what the sage does now except no weekly rent. And that would have to pass coders and change the set up for private homes vs guild halls if you are now wanting guild hall amenity types in a private home. Might as well just ask for all private homes to become like T-1 guld halls, then upgrade all T-1 guild halls to T-2 and upgrade all T-2 gh to T-3 and upgrade all T-3 gh to T-4.

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