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  1. Seth Well-Known Member

    Dying in the water in council's stronghold gives you the option to Resurrect in at the Start of the Heroic Council Stronghold. Also the last boss in Solo Council Stronghold, if it resets while mid fight it can cause them to not take any damage even after the reset, it needs to be rezoned.
  2. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Did you submit a /bug in-game as well?
  3. Chrol Developer

    Resurrecting into the heroic zone should only be an issue in solo if you choose the Ancient Grove revive location. That will be fixed next hotfix. Regarding the last boss encounter not receiving damage after a reset - that’s news to me. I’ll investigate that 3rd thing tomorrow morning. (Let’s be real here - coffee and a donut are 1st and 2nd things in any given morning.)
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  4. Chrol Developer

    After several rounds of testing I was not able to cause the Council of Four to become immune to damage. If you can provide steps which can help me reproduce this that would help, but so far they continue to take damage normally after all types of resets.
  5. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Dude, Chrol is a person after our own hearts. There is never a bad time for donuts, but I prefer iced tea, I love the smell of coffee but do not like the taste.
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  6. Ramone_AB Active Member

    Nm, i got bugged and now were good.
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    If you can taste the coffee, it's not hot enough. :p
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    Coffee FTW :D
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    I know you will think I am pulling your leg but look up 2-furfurylthiol for coffee smell.

    haha furfury I must name my warder that :)

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    Not sure if its an English thing since hubby does this too, but it can be boiling and they can drink it. Its like their mouths, tongues, and palettes are completely devoid of nerves. Being from Ireland and never going to England until I was married to an Englishman, I never knew anybody or saw anybody that drank coffee or any other liquid like soup that hot.

    I was watching Ozzie and Jack's World Detour and I guess Ozzie downs coffee in one gulp because he hates the taste but likes the caffeine buzz. Jack was sick one day and sent Ozzie by himself to a coffee place where they blend different beans and flavors together. You should have seen him when he left there, he was so amped up on caffeine that he could barely stand still.
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