Could someone please clarify

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  1. Londoner Member

    Could someone please clarify as I am not too sure with the introduction of the Friends and Family accounts.

    Is it one toon which should be played by one player or can someone log the toon off and someone log on as long as they know the password for the account and play that toon ?
  2. Melkior Well-Known Member

    There are no Friends and Family accounts. There is a Friends and Family edition of the expansion which allows you a tradeable version of the expansion to give to a family member or friend for their account (or you can sell it to someone else in game for plat).

    Your account is still your account and is supposed to be controlled by you alone.
  3. Londoner Member

    So as I understand it from your reply a player cannot play for 24 hours per day x 7 or 24/7 ?
    I am retired and have noticed that one player particularly is on 24 hours per day seven days a week and before anyone starts about staying online lfg that is not happening as they are on my friends list and I watch them change toons very regularly. This observation is over several months and when I questioned this in general chat it was put down to Friends and family packs. I can log on several times during the day and morning due to ill health. Please don't tell me they follow the same pattern as I log irregularly.
    I guess though the actions of a player can be monitored by logs and examined by Devs ?
  4. Dude Well-Known Member

    Unless they're interfering with your gameplay, then I recommend not caring. The company isn't going to look into account activity based on your belief that they play too much.
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  5. Londoner Member

    It affects all the players gameplay on the server, if someone continues to log on and then they can control the broker which is happening. They collect the plat and then request players to sell Krono's of other players. They then build more accounts with more player's, with 14 accounts it is quite easy to go unnoticed.
  6. Dude Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you have zero evidence of anything, but go ahead and /report and then /petition with your allegations. Be prepared for nothing to happen.
  7. Siren Well-Known Member

    Are you feeling somehow resentful that you aren't on your account 24/7, so you feel someone else in your family should be able to use your account for free whenever you're not on? And you're comparing your useage to someone whom you feel *is* on 24/7 to validate your potential account sharing? Or are you questioning if someone else can be on 24/7 or share their account so it's on 24/7, and you're wanting to report them if they can't?

    Account sharing is not allowed per the TOS, even by family members, and sharing passwords and logins often results in compromised (hacked) accounts due to the increased potential for malware. I haven't particularly seen any hard and fast rule about when one account owner can be online or should be offline on his/her own account, though.

    But there are 4 live servers that your family and friends can play with you for free on (without buying any expansions or game subscription time), at least through level 100 or so, if they roll Bronze free accounts there. The 4 free to play servers are (in order of heaviest population to lightest): Maj'Dul, Halls of Fate, Skyfire and Antonia Bayle (the official RP server, though not too many RP there anymore). Try the free servers: then you can all play together on your own accounts, which is even better and more fun!
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  8. Londoner Member

    No not at all I have stated that I play more than the average person due to ill health. I would be more than glad to be able to go running. swimming, clubbing etc but I am unable to do so, therefore I find you reply offensive and not very compassionate for disabled people.
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  9. Dude Well-Known Member

    Get over it. Nowhere did you say that your issue is about some claimed disability. Your focus is on one person who you think is on too much. I have accidentally left a toon on when I left for work and was still logged in when I got back from work. Move on. Stop looking for a reason to be mad.
  10. Taled Well-Known Member

    If you have conclusive proof that someone is exploiting or breaking the ToS, report it to the development team. If you do not, posting passive aggressively on the forums does nothing but make you look like a .. well, I will leave that to the imagination.

    As far as your assumptions that this player is 'on 24/7', and that you're certain of that because you are supposedly on 'more than average due to ill health' - Perhaps that person is ALSO retired, or disabled, or just doesn't have a job, or school, or plays from work, or whatever the hell else reason they have, and can log in whenever they feel like it?

    It's none of your business as a player. If they're exploiting, report it. If they do something that breaks the TOS/EULA, report it. If you *think* they are, but have no evidence or proof, you could report it, but you don't have any real reason to - you should just mind your own business, which this almost assuredly is not.

    (Edit: Also, on a side note, your pity party about how you find the reply offensive because you are disabled is nonsense. Nothing that was said had anything to do with you being disabled; Pointing out that your initial statement that was 'Can friends and family use my account?' sounds like you're upset you can't be online 24/7 is in no way an attack on disabled people.)
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  11. Finora Well-Known Member

    This a hundred times. If you have proof they are doing something that is breaking the rules, by all means send in a petition.

    However, you are far from the only person who is on a lot. I know people who play while they are working (working from home, 2 computers, 2 monitors. One for work, one for whatever game they are playing at that time).

    There are also people like me, who log on and tool around a bit, get up to go do something else in real life, come back and tool around a little more, over and over all day. Sometimes I neglect to log off when I get tired at night, and one of my horde of characters just ends up lurking somewhere until I get up in the morning and realize what I've done.

    Having been on the receiving end of a vindictive /report where someone was claiming I was a bot because I was running around harvesting & ignoring a random person who was asking me to group, I say let people be. If they aren't actually doing anything that is harming you, let them play the game the way they want to. If you have proof they are exploiting something, then report them but being suspicious because they are online a lot is ridiculous.
  12. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    This ^^^
    I too have health reasons that have me disabled from working. On top of that, I endure sleep issues that prevent me from sleeping on any normal/regular schedule. As such, you would probably see me playing at any hour on any day. Unless you have a tracker that literally reports the exact time of my logins/logoffs, it might even seem I play 24/7 (I don't, but my gaming is a lot).

    While I do sell some things on the broker, and can periodically check to see if they are still priced competitively, it has never been to undermine other's pricing in order to buy up their stock at the lowest prices only to upsell. However, I have noted it seems that there is someone doing just that. Unfortunately, not much can be done without hard proof. Suspicions is not evidence.
  13. Sweety D Well-Known Member

    You may be talking about me. I play 4 to 6 accounts at the same time, 7 days a week. I rarely log off. I play them all at once, separately and in accordance to the rules. Each account has many alts, I’m constantly rotating between my characters to train spells, level mounts etc. Though, what you’re saying about the broker makes no sense. I sell all my wares for 1 copper to help low level players and I buy Krono and sell them on the trade channel regularly.

    So, what I’m saying is … if you’re not talking about me, ignore my post and move on with your life, seems like this is harmless. If you are talking about me, kick rocks. :)
  14. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    Or me. I'm disabled, and although I can't say I'm on 24/7, I'm certainly on a lot, particularly during holiday events. While I don't suffer insomnia, I do have chronic pain, which sometimes won't let me sleep more than a few hours at a time. I also keep weird hours; I rarely go to bed before the sun starts to rise. Plus I've inadvertently left characters logged in when I've had to leave in a hurry, which will make me seem to be on more than I am.

    I do broker-play, so it could be one of my characters that he's talking about. But while I aggressively play the broker, I do NOT buy lower priced items and resell them; I mostly sell harvests, and with ~60-70 upgraded ponies, I have absolutely no need to bother with buying any, in order to have more than sufficient to sell. I simply price my items a few plat lower than the lowest on the broker, and I check the broker frequently, and reprice as needed. That could make it appear to others that I'm buying and reselling, but I absolutely am not.

    OP: Please don't make assumptions about another's circumstances, which is what it seems you are doing.
  15. Sweety D Well-Known Member

    You don't have to explain your reason. Play till your hearts content! I have money to burn and work from my home office with 10+ computers and servers that run 24/7. I just simply never log out of the game because I am always checking Overseers, training, broker etc. If someone wants to know why or how we are able to do this, they should politely ask without accusations.

    Even if you did, so what? I just hate the idea of destroying items for lower levels because I want to encourage new players to keep playing, though it's probably a pointless endeavor. Anyway, you are absolutely allowed to buy all my stuff and resell it for anything you want. Love it or hate it, capitalism is allowed.

    Agreed. The comment from OP struck a chord with me as I felt like I was being called a cheater for being on a lot.
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  16. Sweety D Well-Known Member

    This comment gave me a chuckle. :D
  17. Sweety New Member

    This comment gave me a chuckle too. :D
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  18. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    I have actually felt the need to /report someone I saw as a griefer; basically someone coming through Qeynos and slaughtering every single guard and susceptible NPC (fortunately, not a lot of non-guards are; unfortunately, you can even target your own alignment guards, even accidentally, even if you're not on a Betrayal quest [in which case, hack 'n' slash away ;->]; couldn't do that in WoW [no Betrayal ability, which was irritating], which was one of the reasons I kept playing for as long as I did) for whatever peculiar reason. It was jarring as hell, and the person in question seemed to be indulging in this just for the pure nasty hell of it to, I don't know, eliminate people I could ask questions of, like "Where is the NPC I need to talk to -- hey! :mad:" for -- what? Looting the bodies? They're only guards, for cryin' out loud; you think they have much on them?! :confused:

    At any rate, I made sure to take TONS of screenshot pictures of this, including showing the perp's name, and then made my report, with lots of evidence. I'd gotten a response of, "Ooh. Thanks for bringing this to our attention; yeah, we'll deal with it." which led me to conclude they took it seriously; I haven't seen that particular toon on again. There have been some occasional slain Qeynos guards since then, but it may be a different toon, same player, or some other fewmet-hole has gotten the same idea and started copy-catting the serial killer (or, to be fair, it was an Evil who got caught trying to sneak in to get something accomplished, like the Nebulous Newsies quest). :-/

    But I hope I made that first particular toon's continued existence miserable. ;->

  19. tasnee Well-Known Member

    I think honestly that the majority of people who play this game are either retired or disabled. And even if they aren’t, WHY would ANYONE give a flying crap about how much someone plays? Even if you are jealous of the person of even if you do think they’re exploiting, I don’t understand how you can even come to this conclusion. Ludicrous.