Could really go for a new TLE

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  1. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I mean, it's not like they've had 6 years over 3 different servers to get it right.
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  2. Zenji Well-Known Member

    It's not like they have had community member collaborations created by what are we can call players well versed in itemization send them spreadsheets / documents with how to fix itemization from T5 through at least TSO... on more than 1 occasion.
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  3. Ketzerei84 New Member

    Similar issues, I went back to EQ1, and will probably depart for some other mmo revisiting their second expansion soon. Logged in on Kaladim. Easy enough to get advice from folks, but groups or even help? Pfff, "level to cap scrub" or "why don't you just farm it on your main" seem to be the common themes from the majority of current Kaladim players. Of course it'll die without fresh blood, but even returning players like myself are put off by the massive expansion creep and everyone either being max level or having ubertwinked alts that have 0 desire to play with "scrubs".
  4. Kalika Well-Known Member

    The lack of players leveling is due to massive power leveling. Since the level scaling is done badly a level 90 tank can pull entire room and obliterate 20 ^^^up heroic monsters in a few seconds, it is even faster if you get more than one level 90 and so isboxer users sell max level for 1 krono or less.

    They could easily introduce caps/maximum for each tier and the you would probably see more people leveling and doing so actively. But that would mean selling less kronos that in bizarre way end up on the account of notorious professionals who sell packages such as 250aa/level 90/ER done. Those very same kronos end up being sold on third party web site for a bit less than the offical price. This is quite a mad system ....

    All this is perfectly tolerated, professionlsl use isboxer even if it is explicitely forbidden.

    On Eq1 TLE you can buy similar services, people usually use stunlock strategies, pull 100 mobs and kill them with aoe. |But is is marginal.
  5. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    boxing is allowed only boting is not as long as you control each of your toons , heck you could have 16 at the same time
    I suggest you grow 8 extra arms though .
    We got a brand new level 3 player in our guild only just yesterday , and I was in a leveling group that went on without me to level up their under level 10 toons .
    I sometimes go harvest level 0 harvest ambles and see new players .

    If it is to hard to find a group , make one yourself , and that is true for any level .

    I don't understand , that people complain about the lack of groups for low level toons on Kaladim , it is just as hard to get one on live , if not harder .
    I remember being power leveled by a guild mate on live about 60 levels higher than me , being pulled through instance after instance , not knowing where I am most of the time , seeing sparks and bodies fly every witch way .
    In the end I was leveled up , but I did not know much about the game , and about my classes abilities .
    Enjoy the game , do quests , see the game and don't just run through it .

    It will always be the same thing over and over , we get a new TLE server and 2 to 3 years later people complain they want a new one, or they will quite .
    How many new players will we get if this TLE server goes down ? and how many will leave because it went down ?
    There are always at least 2 sides to everything
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  6. Ketzerei84 New Member

    And how, exactly, is getting powerleveled through everything on a DoV unlocked TLE any different from the same on live? Either you have the plat to twink yourself to be desirable to alt groups, or solo content, and enjoy the pace, or you get powerleveled, or you never catch up before the next expansion unlock. I quit live servers in DoV for exactly this reason, why would I want to pay to do the very thing I quit live over?
  7. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Ketzerei84 , that's my point , I am not for power leveling anywhere and I was suggesting to level up by questing , that can be done solo most of the time , especially for new players , so they can learn their class and get some gear on the way .
    You don't have to be a twink on Kaladim , the mobs are easier to kill than on Fallen Gate , bunches of people complain they are to easy .
    The best way to do it is find a good guild that will help you level up .
    I was talking about the fact that the people that have been there from the first TLE are frankly getting tired of doing the same
    over and over so don't blame us that we really would like to get on this time , I am afraid that the pvp server will already drain some people away .
    You are focusing on the power level thing , well on Kaladim I was partially power leveled on one of my toons , because my guild needed a pacific class and they found out I had one over half way there .
  8. Wulfen Active Member

    Read the book on the floor as you enter Augustus' New Halas room on AB server. It describes how it's like to find oneself born on a TLE server that peters out so that often there are only two players on the (then Stormhold) TLE server. I had to wait a whole year for it to transfer everyone to the AB server. I could visit healthy looking guilds for my tradeskill needs, but eventually their rent ran out; their high flying members had left. Travel needed ingenuity looking for housing leaderboard housing with essential portals. The room is filled with holiday objects and tokens of quests earned. It's a record of those times to keep... but never again will I be tempted to submit myself to the inevitable decline and death of a TLE server.
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  9. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    That sounds so sad Wulfen :( I know I am sad every time a TLE goes down , and I went through each .
    The good news is Fallen Gates population was moved a lot faster .
    After the first one went down , I moved all my toons to Thurgadin , there they are a big family ,most of them only get to go out on Frostfell , but I just don't have the heart to delete any of them .
    They had adventures , happy and sad days remembering friends that are no more and celebrations and fun parties .
    When I let them out I remember their first home they were born in .
    Some day I will level up some of them , maybe .
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  10. Ryni Bard since 2004

    If we get a new pve TLE maybe they can do what eq1 is doing, a random loot server. The idea is any named mob in that same level range can drop an item that used to be tied to one specific mob. They are also doing free trade but that idea hasn't seemed to work so well here, but the random loot aspect could be fun.
  11. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    I left Kaladim at 60 and tried to return, but found it practically impossible to get a group at that level, so didn't stay. A new TLE would be fun.
  12. Keletin New Member

    Me and my friends are waiting for the new TLE, with our wallets ready. But please make a notification 1-3 months in advance. So we all would have time to inform people and make plans. Because it's important to be ready and not miss the first weeks of the new server, so nobody feels behind and the need to catch up.
    We played at Kaladim, Stormhold, and Fallen Gate.
    1-80 lvl is the most enjoyable part of the game so naturally, any TLE server loses popularity at a certain point ;)
    Personally, I have no intentions to play after the RoK expansion. But I would enjoy grinding 1-80 content for a year.. at least. Just my opinion.
  13. Sehenry1010 New Member

    Well if they ever decide to open a new TLE that is true bow and only allow 2 characters in seperate computers I would be first in line to pay for 2 12 month subs and I would buy some Krono also to support it.

    I tried to jump into Kaladim and there was extremely few lvling groups/people and I refuse to solo my way to max lvl as it is just not my style. I understand folks on Kaladim don't want to lose people to a new TLE, but maybe a few of those same people might make a little more of an effort to help new players trying to lvl =).

    Start a new TLE and I will buy 2 accounts and some krono, but until then I will continue playing on Aradune in EQ1.

    And before anyone says to join a guild, I did. I was with 3 different guilds in a 2 month time and while all of them were fine, they were of course focused on high end content which is understandable, but it didn't help new players much. There were a few of us who left and I actually found 2 of them on Aradune having started around the same time I did after we left Kaladim. All of us talk about how we would love to start fresh on EQ2 but coming into a server so far along is not new player friendly.
  14. Dude Well-Known Member

    If you're playing EQ1 then aren't you already subscribing on those accounts? All access works for both games.
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  15. Sehenry1010 New Member

    This is very true, but I don't think the krono I have in EQ1 will transfer to EQ2. I would still buy krono on EQ2 if they ever start a new TLE.
  16. Laalon2 New Member

    Also waiting on a new TLE to re-sub. So are several of my friends. Hope it's sooner than they're saying
  17. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    a new TLE server would not just cost Kaladim some players like Tarinax did , but it would kill the server .
    And I have seen through experience that each time they open up a new server the number of people playing on this new server shrinks .
    So by the time DP comes out with the next game all TLE servers will be ghost towns .
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  18. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    I thought Krono was account wide. You don't buy them specific for one game.

    Also, if they're going to do a new TLE at some point I'd be interested if they decided to be more era-accurate with required access quests, proper xp debt and, you know, itemization that made sense. Hell, if a half-made emu server can make spirit shards work, Darkpaw should be able to.
  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    the xp , debt was taken down , because the xp gain was taken down too , so people did not end up with days worth of debts to work of .
    I tell you I been there , it's no fun when 3 fourth of your level bar is red , at level 60 .
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  20. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    LOL If I could get a full bar of red I wore that like a badge of honor. But back when they had spirit shards, reclaiming your shard eliminated most of the debt.
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