Could really go for a new TLE

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  1. Fangrim Active Member

    Can you explain to me how krono plague a server?
  2. Nukyular Member

    There's one thing some people are either missing or being obtuse about regarding the TLE servers.

    DBG employs a guy whose job it is to figure out how to maximize profits. And I say that having no clue how DBG is structured, it could be two guys in a garage for all I know. But at least one of those guys is sitting around thinking of ways to make money off the game, and his decisions are undoubtedly final.

    So all this talk about getting rid of SLR and kronos is ridiculous, they are not gonna do it, it's a big money-maker for them. They do not care if 1 or 2 people out of 10 hate it and refuse to play because of it (an attitude that rings very much like "I'm taking my ball and going home" anyway BTW). They're not putting their kids through college on your $15/month, they're putting their kids through college on krono and SC purchases.

    A lot of people hearken back to the early days of the game when there was an overriding attitude from the devs to keep the content pure and free from that evil Profit Motive. Well, even that was in-line with a profit motive, their thinking at the time was they were gonna be like WoW and have so many subscribers if they kept the game pure that subs would be their big profit generator. Turned out not to be the case based on some very poor marketing decisions by SOE but that's long-past business history now.

    In any case, there's no point whining about SLR and kronos, they are DEFINITELY not going anywhere. So if your choice is to take your ball and go home if your personal preference along those lines won't be accommodated, trust me - you're going home.
  3. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    All TLE servers died , because as soon as a new one is opened people go over and start new toons over there , even when they intended to also still play on the old one . That is why the older TLE get's drained of players .
    This time we had a steady stream of new players up till even now , I guess DP has gotten it close to right this time ( excluding some problems with itemization and class balance .
    There is has been a trend for less and less people to not only not play on yet another TLE server , but to quite playing EQ2
    all together .
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  4. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    must be new. also, we were talking about the PvP server, not this TLE.
  5. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    People recycle them to pay for their bot accounts, and use their bots to farm gear to sell loot rights and pay for krono. If krono were not avail on kaladim, they would have to pay for all those accounts with cold hard cash, and thus less botting and more grouping.
  6. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    that was an awfully long post, just to complain about other people's posts. If you would like to be a moderator, send them your resume.
  7. Fangrim Active Member

    Then it would be extremely bad business practice to not sell them because they make more money selling a krono than a monthly sub. I've never boxed in my life but had 120 krono when SH server ended by just buying them off the brokers. I ended up giving 100 away when I quit. Some to people who I've never spoken to in game before lol.
  8. Nukyular Member

    But you can see, right sixgauge? I mean, you could see that it was like 4 whole paragraphs before you started reading it, yes? I certainly wouldn't want you to feel you were coerced into reading all 4 paragraphs. Thanks for the input, Tolstoy.
  9. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    wow Fangrim , I wished I had met you .

    Yes kroon have been used as currency in Kaladim , more so than in the other TLE servers , but I do not belief you get more groups by eliminating the boxes and bots , all you do is reduce the number of over all players , and you take away the ability
    for those people to stay in game who use kroon to do so and do not use bots .
    People are trying to blame all sorts of reasons they will not get the best out of the game .
    Well people have complained about free to play players , DB made TLE servers a members only club .
    I don't remember seeing people sell loot rights on the regular servers this much .
  10. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    I enjoyed the read, thank you.
  11. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I m quite sure that they could generate profit selling xp potions, xp baubles (to store xp for alts), 10 level baubles (want to be 80, just buy 8 of them) ...

    They could also sell shrink and enlarge items, they do it with random boxes but most people won't pay for a chance but would pay for a something clear. Out of combat running speed item or buff would also sell.

    People too enjoy pet illusion, apparence item and so on.

    They could also sell traveling baubles or item increasing rare harvest chance etc ....

    Indeed the list of items that would sell like candy is very long. Indeed resurection item (out of combat) using no status (like city merchant ones) would also sell a lot and level 1 tp to ally to.

    I paid 1 krono for a level 80/150aa, they could get ride of chinese powerlever and sell max level -10 toon for 30 dollars.

    They could also sell a "linked account" feature with a recurring fee, lot of people have 2 or more accounts and will be pay to share loot and mark.
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  12. Peng New Member

    I played TLE from start to finish more than once, and the same things happen each time. If there was any communication or an acknowledgement of the issues of the servers from DEVS I believe they would last longer with more revenue. But that would require work and I honestly think TLE's are about maximizing profits for a short time, then rinse and repeat. I do not believe there will ever be a time where bots/slrs/24/7 krono plers will ever be addressed. When the population gets low, it will be on to the next TLE. I am truly sad because I would love an EQ2 server where players are heard and rules are enforced. I apologize for the pessimism but it's happened so many times, its just insanity to think things will change.
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  13. Aenvar New Member

    I keep coming back to Kaladim and I'm happy to see it's still being supported. I plan doing so until its end, even if a new server is released. Please DBG do your best to keep it stable.
    Thank you.
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  14. Kalika Well-Known Member

    With very minimum work the population would double, there is not that much to be addressed. This means :

    • Proper itemization that is trivial but that they keep failing (as eample the new raid jewelry misses reistance and turquoise slot and some special 200 mark items have level 82 stats).
    • Some class balance, as example comjurers should outparse necros b at least 15%.
    • Proper difficulty, i raan the hunter quest 3 times with my fury with no tank, for palace she was the only healer. It's ok to have an easier game than initially but currently it is quite to easy.
    • Alternative to chinese power levelers via the market place (level -10 toon, 10 levels baubles, stones to store xp etc ...)
    • Alt friendly server : ways to bypass most the signature quests (peacock, sword of destinyy etc ....)
    • Addressing issues with max level spells (cannot be crafted) and max level items yielding useless adornment components.
    So many people have linked account that the feature would certainly generate massive profits too.
  15. Kane Hart Active Member

    Someone e-mail me in 2022 when the next TLE Server come out for PVE lol.
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  16. cygnus New Member

    After reading most of this thread I came up with a suggestion looking for opinions . I want to suggest that DBG consider designing a new expansion not at the high end but at areas where the tle servers bog down . Hell, make it mostly instances . Covering more than a 10 level range , say 25 or 30 lvls . Devote a percentage of content to lvl 50-60 , 60-70, 70-80 etc... and sell it .
    I dont know the population difference between live and tle but all new content is extending the high end where tles don't go and most never reach.
    I would imagine making mid level content would be much easier than new high end content . All the stats are already done for the levels .
    Just a thought.

    2cents: If DBG cant survive without bots then the game is doomed anyways . No bots cuts down on Pwrlvling as well .
  17. shaunisme Member

    You can tell how active a game is by its forums.... ___________________ (flat lining)
  18. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    there is more to live than complaining on the forum , frankly I think people are just tired of it
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  19. Boldac Member

    When you run past more bot groups than actual people, there is a problem.

    And with the pvp server, we haven't seen much attention with the exception of the "fix" to fervor on items.

    The server is a ghost town. People log in to raid or for hunters until they get their two items and that is it. The last couple of weeks you can see an obvious decrease in players. Sure, part of it is the weather getting better. And I expect we'll lose a few to the pvp server...but there's more to it. They're dangling the DoV carrot, but that is at least 4 weeks away.

    Is there a way to fix it, I don't know. Personally, I'd like to see them get rid of hunters all together and weave that gear into loot tables for the instances. Maybe some sort of daily hot zone that has increased drops of "the good stuff".

    Will a new server fix it? In the short term, sure. But the game needs to be the reason people log in...not some artificial hamster wheel.
  20. Aleda New Member

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