Could really go for a new TLE

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  1. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of giving players a choice. Unfortunately I don't think there is enough TLE players to allow for 2 PVE servers to thrive.

    There was enough people back when they did Deathtoll and Stormhold, but those were the first TLEs, the hype was bigger, people weren't tainted by the suboptimal TLE experience DBG provides, and it was a PVE/PVP split.
  2. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I think the new PvP server should be TLE too so you can find groups at every level , only difference would be it would use the regular server setup not the crazy restricted travel idea .
    That would prevent the buy your way to endgame altitude , that is a no go for me .
  3. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Well for a better TLE i would :
    • Limit strictly multi-boxing to 2 per computer, of course pro farmer will find ways around (virtual machine, boxing with remote machines) but it would limit the amount of boxer.
    • No SLR, this is simple : you may loot only if you were there during the kill.
    • Decent XP via questing.
    • Very low xp-> aa conversion rate, aa should mostly come only from exploring, killing named, doing quests.
    • Early amob/casting speed to make priest 1-50 less of a pain.
    • Proper itemization.
    • Proper progression, one should get like 8% per rank, were ranks are like : easy solo, harder solo, easy group, hard group, raid 1, raid 2.
    • Proper class balance, of course necros should never outparse conjurors (with the same level of gear/aas).
    • Lesser gap between dps classes and priest/tanks, why would my necro do everything 5 times faster than my healers ?
    • Mob that actually do damage -> so tanks need a healer and pet cannot tank heroic named except the easiest ones.
    • Factions that do matter.
    • Bauble to bypass the main quest for alts (ie similar the draconic tablet for quests such as the peacock club one and their equivalent - sword of destiny etc ...)
    • Traveling post will have to be opened but going to thundering steppes/Nektulos dock would be free or shall cost a few silver.
    • MC should be a must have till you get either faction items or legendary quested item or items from heroic instances. Each profession should have a best in slot item (before raiding).
    Last a feature would probably allow DBG to make a lot of money : linked accounts. One need to work off the detail but the idea is that accounts paid using the same credit card could share a bank to transfer items, and currencies. DBG would then charge some extra recurring fee.
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  4. Pharliquin Member

    Think many of Kalika suggestions would make for a better TLE experience for certain. I have had 2 accounts since EQ1 days, for whatever reason have always paid them from different places, but like the idea of some sort of linkage or sharing. Also super in favor of no SLR, this really does take away from the whole run groups to find stuff part of game play and fills chat channels with tons of advertising. I dont know, thought I was playing a game... not in the middle of a business transaction. Please dont tell me to turn of chat channels or any other nonsense solutions. EQ2 is a game designed around the idea that at least a handful of folks come together once in awhile to accomplish/finish quests or events. Lets keep it that way in the TLE. I think you might be surprised to see more returning folks, since the whole-pay-buy-spend thing is a big turn off for old timers. Just saying. XP via questing in a quest based game should be worthy of more then just randomly smashing stuff for hours on end. what would it take to maybe mix up where things are found or maybe add in a step or I dont know be creative. Spend a little time and effort on the TLE's and itemization as they seem to generate a fair amount of income. Win Win. My 2 coppers anyhow. Cheers
  5. Froglok Member

    Well, my sub ran out and I dont plan to renew it until there's a new TLE. I feel like I wasted my money buying a krono for my friend.

    Apparently supporting the company by keeping my sub alive while waiting on a new TLE was 'proof that the current TLE was successful' so I wont be supporting daybreak anymore financially till then.
  6. shaunisme Member

    Same here.
  7. Grayale New Member

    Until SLR is dealt with, I will not subscribe.
  8. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    I always understood SLR for raid gear, but once SLR started in earnest for heroic instance gear I knew it had gone off the rails.
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  9. Gamb New Member

    Yeah my wife, my daughter and I just started EQ2 again. We did Kaladim but TBH I would LOVE a new TLE. Kaladim is just about to the point where its full crap anyway. I really like the start through Kunark time frame with regular epics and such. After that it seems like EQ2 is just log in, raid, log out, never use the gear.
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  10. shaunisme Member

    Was on LOTRO for a bit, the general chat was busy, on eq2 TLE its like nobody is playing,
  11. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    ahm is that only me , but don't speak shorthand , what the hell is SLR ? snakes love running ?

    And I belief just as many people won't pay for another subscription till another TLE is started , I don't know maybe 20 at most 30 ? , A lot of players will cancel theirs if they kill Kaladim now , many people in my guilds said they will find another game
    rather than going through those first 6 expansions again .

    The population of the TLE servers has gone down with every new TLE , so for the people that will come in for the first time many others will not return .

    there are some more expansions before the first one that took the game into a really bad direction .
    I would like to play Tears of Veeshan , Chains of Eternity , and even Altar of Malice.

    Terrors of Thalumbra was the first step , but only for the infusion idea .

    What I really hate is all this heirloom crap , I mean ( there we go again busyness ) there is not much to sell on the broker if the good gear is mostly not sellable to other players .
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  12. Breanna Well-Known Member

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  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    oh ty Breanna , I found a website once for all those short forms of stuff in the game , unfortunately I can't find it anymore ,
    but there was quite a long list .
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  14. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Yes there is LOL I usually stop trying to figure them out, and hope that someone will mention it later on and I'll remember what it meant.
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  15. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Actually they should either remove SLR or allow to trade items (removing the heirloom tag) at least for heroic content.
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  16. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    yea , I don't remember there being that many heirloom items when I played EQ2 only about 5 years ago , have been playing for 10 years +
    I wonder if they increased the ratio to promote the free trade servers .
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  17. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Instance gear has mostly been heirloom since February 2009 in TSO.
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  18. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    ok thanks Meaghan , guess I was never so much in to going in to instances as I am now .
    Ever since TLE servers were around I got a chance to run those instances , before I only did overland and some dungeons when I had to . I hate all those heirloom items , creating those free trade servers was a nice idea , but not that many people
    want to begin all over , and those that do were turned of by the free level tokens .
    You can just not win , humor one group of people and the other group will be upset .
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  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    grrrr where there all those No-Transmute items too ?
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  20. Phee Member

    i really had no want at all for a new PvE TLE, i want to play like ROK through like TOV again the like mid game expansions, my friends recently came back to eq2, if we knew that Kaladim would last a few more years, we would probably invest more time into it, but with the history of TLEs where they just end around DOV, it makes everyone new weary to play at all on the TLE servers, just no one wants to invest their time and money into something that historically has ended with what is now the next expansion just to start over again in a year when the new TLE comes out and kills Kaladim off, one can only do the first 5 expansions so many times. so i guess my point is im in the middle of wanting a new TLE so i can start fresh with my friends, and just wanting Kaladim to live for 4 or 5 more expansions. if you do start a new TLE server you should for sure ban any botting and krono useage, i know itll never happen because it effects the bottom line, but those are the 2 single biggest things that have plagued kaladim.
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