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  1. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I too have tried to find a group , and had to level up my toon fast , belief me I much rather group with others , but even in the high levels that is not always possible .
    When I tried to get into groups , when the new expansion came out , the server was full of people eager to level up , so if you come in just a little late groups already formed and your left behind .
    What I meant by saying " that's right " is that botts are not allowed .
    I have met a lot of boxing people that gladly group with others when they can find others .
    I often saw people looking for groups for low levels , and I feel like I want to help , mentoring down , but often I am doing something already .
    Finding a good guild with friendly people is the most helpful , a guild that is not to focused on raiding .
    What I am trying to say here is that even at a higher level it sometimes can be hard to find a group.

    My point is that I really would like to see expansions I never had a chance to experience to the fullest , and with only 4 months of time for each expansion , it will probably not be as boring and such a drag .
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  2. Nukyular Member

    And as long as I'm posting, I may as well toss out another idea I have about how to maintain continuity from one TLE server to the next.

    In addition to the other benefits that accrue like inheritance vouchers, there could be a Hall of Fame in the major cities honoring the achievements of players on past TLE servers. WW first kills, most quests completed, most combines completed, number of achievements achieved, most discoveries, etc., etc., etc. This would go a long way toward motivating players to accomplish whatever it is they are trying to accomplish as a TLE server moves toward its inevitable and SCHEDULED end (preferably after RoK) and the next TLE server is due to begin.

    Example, a minor achievement on a TLE server might get your character's name on a plaque in the Hall of Fame. A major achievement might be worthy of a small statue of your toon or something. Raid progression from past servers could be preserved for all time on some kind of wall. Maybe players who are included in the Hall of Fame could have some kind of interactive-ness with their inclusion by composing a biography for people who care enough to click on their name or statue or whatever. People LOVE that kind of stuff, and it'd be pretty simple to accomplish.

    This would give players a reason to continue playing TLE from one server to the next, even though they know it's only going to be a 3-year server, or whatever it's going to be. Just an idea. I mean, it's pretty obvious that DBG isn't committed to any long-term vision for TLE. Doesn't mean they shouldn't be.

    And of course, ANY EFFORTS to continue making the TLE servers represent a more accurate version of the early game (i.e. - DIFFICULT) are always appreciated going forward.
  3. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I actually enjoyed DoV and Tears of Veeshan. For me the devs lost their mind from AoM on. I left after 2-3 weeks within AoM, mostly because the new spells that we got were silly (druid got another HOT which was absurd since there only weakness was spike damage and my shaman got back to god-mode with wards criting again and a new regenerating non shared massive group ward). This simple fact proved that the devs were already under crack. Apparently the just destroyed the game by replacing old deities with a new boring grind system, adding mont grinding and zillion of repetitive grinds (the horrible ascension system etc ...).

    I would go for :
    t5 4 monthes
    DOF 2-3 monthes
    KOS 3-4 monthes
    EOF 3-4 monthes
    ROK 5-6 monthes
    TSO 2 monthes
    SF 2-3 monthes
    DOV 2-3 monthes
    2 expac between DOV and ToV : 2 monhtes
    ToV 2-3 monthes
  4. Kalika Well-Known Member

    BTW i would ad items similar to the dragon runes tablet to allow alt to bypass most of the main signature quest .

    This require very little work and would allow people to play many alts.
  5. Nukyular Member

    Actually that sounds just fine to me. I'd probably fade away quickly if they dragged CoE out for too long (one of my least favorite xpacs before the really awful ones started, which I agree was...we'll just say "around the time" of AoM - I actually thought AoM represented a step in the right direction but they quickly did an about-face with ToT).

    Obviously people have different tastes about these things. But I actually hadn't considered suggesting that they allocate different time periods to different xpacs, my capacity for abstract thought apparently doesn't go there. DoF is a perfect example of an xpac that doesn't require long to play through, you can give people one month on that one and they'll be ready for KoS. Though I will say that before they nerfed DoF to be a tier between Steamfont and LF, it was a lot different, and they don't seem to be too interested in un-nerfing it for TLE.

    Good ideas, Kalika. But are they listening? Sometimes I wonder if they let uncertainty reign on the TLE servers because if they announce a concrete schedule and end date, people would probably stop spending money on there.
  6. Storiesofold New Member

    never thought I would say this but they should copy what wow is about to do with their classic servers, they are allowing people from current wow classic servers to either stay capped at the current expansion forever or move on to the next expansion. Imagine if eq2 did this and eventually had a server for every expansion allowing players to stay in their favorite expansion forever if they want or progress to the next at their own pace. Brilliant!
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  7. Seth Active Member

    Sounds amazing! oh wait 1. we dont have the population like WoW. 2. we dont have the population like WoW. 3. we dont have the support for 20x servers. 4. We dont have the population like wow. 5. We got devs that don't put effort into the game. 6. What cash would they make from spreading like a 15K population amongst 20x servers.
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  8. Seth Active Member

    Alter of Malice was by far one of the best expansions done ,and done right. Platinum was farmable, lots of space for quests , a huge timeline that took you everywhere that was not boring or dragged out.

    You had different tiers of armour , gem based, yellow, blue, green, red, purple. All where upgradable and there was plenty
    of selections when it came to armour choices, not just 1 generic piece that you Had to use.
    Crafting actually meant things.
    Farming daily quests, weekly, raid quests actually got you items and Ferrins used to purchase Raid items along with consumables, mounts, appearance armour.

    You had Different Tiers of Raid Mounts along with Raid Armour, you had a timeline for Raid Armour that upgraded a piece after each zone.
    An incredible amount of Proc based gear which allowed for a completely unique and tailored experience, be it killing your foe
    or group member.

    The Raid zones where exciting , difficult, challenging and overall a fantastic experience.

    Bosses, Scripts, Encounters made sense, it was fluid it was Solid.
    There where several things that could have been done better.
    But Overall Alter of Malice was by Far the Peak of this games life. Just sad the ones prior dealt such a heavy blow.

    People Just did not like it because it was not a straight line. It required people to actually pay attention to it and understand how the expansion worked and operated.

    It was Not a hardcore expansion, it just wanted you to Really Experience It as what it is.

    It was not a cash & grab like we have seen with many others. It was brilliant down to the core.
    There is a billion things in that expansion which Should have been implemented everywhere but was not.
  9. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    Yeah, we're going to have to agree to disagree on that one. AoM was what got me to quit Live for good. The raiding was okay, that is to say, as a Fury, it at least kept me busy. But I think it's no coincidence that a fairly significant proportion of former EQ2 players I've spoken to have cited Altar of Malice as the last Live expansion they bothered playing.
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  10. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    Not trying to change your opinion, but in my opinion 12 months of vanilla and DoF PvE would be pretty boring. Overall I agree with your post, the thought of another year of this server, on the one hand seems cool because there is a lot of stuff I didn't do after TSO... on the other hand the server already seems "dead" (to me). RoK mid content is about when I started feeling the steady decline in PUGs and slow down recruiting for the guild.

    Either way I plan to keep playing and raiding because the game is fun. But getting things done like ER and grinding AA is just getting harder. When hunters launches, that will probably be the only thing going on for the rest of SF, which is cool there will be more grouping, but it will all be hunters zones so folks will prob still be buying loot rights from bot crews.
  11. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    forgive me if I have low hopes and expectations.
  12. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    You're probably right, but I think EQ2 had the best pvp of MMORPGs... and some of us do play other PvP games, that just aren't RPGs (Squad, Mortal Kombat, racing, etc)
  13. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    That works for some, but the problem with going that route is once you are 90 and want to play end game, you have to quit your guild. So, I just stay un-guilded until my char is ready to join an end-game guild.

    But yea the other side of the coin, most raid guilds I have been in people don't log in except to raid. Maybe there is something to be said for "mega guilds" that can do both, but then you might have to find your niche in a clique.
  14. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    yea Six , I know of some really good players that inspire everybody , like Yorty who takes non guilded players in to instances and raids , and it works .
    There is nothing wrong with not being in a guild , this was a tip for people who want to level up as fast as they can without crawling on their knees to get a group , and who are just not that good a player .
    I personally like grouping , but heck this game is called Ever Quest for a reason .
  15. shaunisme Member

    double xp for quests then.
  16. Rozyn Well-Known Member

    I've done three TLE's now, I have no desire to go back to Vanilla any time soon. Kaladim is poppin' and I'm sorry some people missed out on Vanilla or only enjoy playing during that time, but there's a BIG portion of us who are so glad to have AA, depots, class identity, SF+ content, etc. I've put time, money, and effort into my characters and was absolutely THRILLED to know I wouldn't be looking at deleting them this year.

    The botting is lame for sure, and I do wish it would be addressed. There are still lowbies out there, but it is imperative to find a solid guild. If you expect the groups to come to you, it will be a slog. If you're proactive and social you're going to have better luck. As far as some people thinking the PVP server will kill off Kaladim, lol, there's always been a much larger portion of the playerbase that prefers PVE. Some of us might roll on it for a little mid-content diversion, but for all the reasons listed above, my home is on Kaladim.
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  17. Storiesofold New Member

    Why do you think we don't have the population of wow? Because of the way eq2 has been doing things for years. So you think the answer is to stay the same? Sounds logical. Time to make some changes. Populations literally can't get any worse. Make some good decisions and watch the player base start to return.
    Also they could easily combine the live server populations if they are low. Kaladim has one of the best populations because it's a tle. What does that tell you? Invest more into TLE and make more tle servers. I agree with you about the devs though... They went the wrong direction with the game a long time ago to the point of no return. Time to start over or invest heavily in TLE's
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  18. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I suggested a wile ago , that with the TLE servers they could go a different way , if we are allowed to go that far , change
    the ability bloat maybe toon down how much anything infusions give you , or limit how many infusions you can use on any given gear .
    But besides BETA I never really played Terrors of Thalumbra , but I agree that that's when things began to go the wrong way
    and with Kunark Ascending things got really bad
    I was really happy they came out with event servers and TLE servers , because all I did is do tradeskills and harvesting maybe some festivals .
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  19. Nukyular Member

    There is absolutely no reason we should have low hopes and expectations, the TLE servers are cash cows for Daybreak and they better keep us happy. I mean what are we talking about here? There's very little support, very little in the way of tweaking combat mechanics, nothing in the way of development - basically the outlay from DBG here is whatever it costs to keep the server plugged in to the wall. Every single player on the server is a sub and it's the highest population server. The krono market is non-stop. They should be BEGGING us to play TLE.

    No, no way, MY hopes and expectations are getting higher, not lower, and I fully expect some effort on their part if they want to keep me as a customer.
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  20. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Next time they could release 2 TLEs. One starts at EoF with shorter expansions, the other starts in Vanilla with slower exp and longer expacs.
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