Control Undead III

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Bazsun, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Bazsun New Member

    Just dinged lvl 94 necro an was given Control Undead IV Apprentice..

    WTH did Control Undead III go .. the broker can't find it..
    its not in my spell book..

    did someone wake up FUBAR and have them do the necro spells for COE?
    AND .. with ETHERNERE being the land of the DEAD.. why does it NOT WORK ON ANYTHING THERE!!?!?!?

    i understand that Ethernere is the land where souls hang out until Drinal is supposed to send them to the home of there chosen diety.. so all these things walking around are technically UNDEAD as there moving. dead is not moving, undead is moving I.E. zombies. hence Control Undead should let me charm any Horde there to work for me as there mutated malformed souls in need of saving by Drinal and sent on to there afterlife, until there they should be my Bi^#@ there in ethernere to kick butt where i send them.
  2. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    see they are not Undead. and undead is a soul that is active in the physical world, ie Norrath. ghosts, zombies, flesh golems. in Ethernere, that is just their natural state. you are intruding into the longer in the physical world.
  3. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    I don't think CU3 was ever there. -shrug-

    One would think it would work in a place like Chelsith, but those don't appear to be flagged properly.
  4. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    Chelsith I would give that it should work there. that's on norrath,. and those are skeletons and undead spirits.
  5. Ragna Well-Known Member

    It doesn't work on the skelly/spirit in Chelsith (it doesn't work on anythin in Ethermere either... even if pretty much everything there is supposed to be, well you know, dead...)

    TL/DR for BUGS

    - Control Undead III never existed, so at the very least there's a typo in the spell name.

    - Control Undead IV doesn't exist in Sage's books (IOW this spell is impossible to make as Journeyman or Expert quality - unless you use the research assisstant)

    - Control Undead IV is exactly the same as Control Undead II. If you're going to buff a useless spell (see above, it doesn't work on any CoE mobs) at least make it better than the 60ish !!!