Contested Raid Zone's: Lag is over the top.

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Hiza, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Hiza Active Member

    We have noticed that whether it is one team, or multiple teams we are dealing with terrible and chronic lag in the new contested raid zones. A zone that was designed to support multiple teams on multiple names, it is not all.

    Add in the fact that the enlarge / shrink / pet-morph abilities do not work making players and pets we can normally shrink out of the way spamming the screens now causing additional lag.

    We enjoy the new content, but really need to see a reduction in the lag in these zones to make them more enjoyable.
  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    All illusions (pet and personal) are disabled in all raid zones this expac...
  3. Gninja Developer

    A shrunken player does not generate any less lag than a full size character. We had 3 guilds all fighting at once on the beta server and it was not that laggy. I suspect the lag you are seeing is actually being generated in another zone on the same server you happened to be on. We are slowly tracking those issues down and it should get better over time.
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  4. Thand Well-Known Member

    probly by lag they mean Video lag as peoples Fps can drop very low with lots of people which slows down everything. I do miss not being able to shrink or use pet illusions.though.
  5. Dolgrin Active Member

    The lag on Thurgadin is in every raid zone, every time we raid, regardless UI or graphic Settings.

    Permanently I have a good chance the a clicked spell did not cast.
    Sometimes i have to click 2 or 3 times to cast a spell without getting a queued message.

    With raid bulwark mechanics this is annoying.
    Dead raiders all over the place.
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  6. Gaptia Member

    Add machines for Thurgardin, the most raid populated server.
  7. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    It's not just contested Raid zones where there's a huge lag problem. The Corinav fight is super terrible on lag, especially right before the adds spawn. I also have a terrible lag problem ESPECIALLY in Vegarlson Raid, both normal and Mythical. EVERY fight in there is super laggy.
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  8. Sentrasia Active Member

    Erm, as one of the players who was in that three guild beta run in the contested... yes... yes it was very laggy.

    That being said, even with the contested being laggy on live it's still doable. Frustrating, but doable. With two guilds in there anyway. Three raids engaged at once would probably be too much.

    At least it's not as bad as the Mythic Frog was for awhile!
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  9. Gninja Developer

    Shocking turn of events! :p
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  10. Hiza Active Member

    This is easily tested by loading into the contested raid. There is a distinctive difference in the fps and overall lag with one team (my average fps 50) in the zone, and 2 or even 3 teams. At three teams, our entire team is at a standstill with the average fps around 5 when we polled the raid team to read off what their fps was. As it is now, we are already seeing a trend for anon players to be parked in the contested zones not raiding, thus adding to the number of players in the zone.

    The standard raid zones I expect to get some lag as they are shared among the servers, but as mentioned above, when its critical timing for raid bulwark something needs to be adjusted for live server lag, not what was experienced on Beta, a closed server.

    As for the illusions and size differences, the actual toons are not the issues as the pets, but overall what is the point of canceling all illusions, simply screws up mechanics and generally peeves off the players for no benefit to the zone.
  11. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I wish there were a way to hide the names of everyone else's pets except your own. Especially in PQ areas, or places of common interest (raid mobs, the bank, hell, anywhere really). Between class pets, familiars, pack ponies, dumb fire pets, and fluff pets, the cloud of white names can become atrocious to render. I already don't display titles, or guild names during the part of the week I raid, just to cut down on some of the lag, but I cannot seem to get rid of pet names without getting rid of everyone's name, which I don't want to do.
  12. Shunio New Member

    i 7-8700k zotac 1080 ddr 4 ram32 g. 144 mhz monitor not hardwar problem
    and that's only since the current addon
    in instances 100-146 fps and in all raid zones lags and only 15-30 fps
  13. Grus New Member

    I am sure it is your top priority at the moment to fix the lag / spell lag in general across all raid zones. With the current state, raids are not so enjoyable anymore for anyone. It reminds me a lot of the lag we had back in Sentinel's Fate which got solved by server hardware swaps, iirc.

    Can we please have some transparency and the dev's tell us what has been done so far and what is still in the pipeline? Do you yet know the root cause?

  14. Beee Well-Known Member

    It seems the more you track down the more lag swapps to other raidzones too

    4th march - Thurgadin / Vegarlson:Upheaval (Mudmyre + all others too) was easier going afk than pressing a button every 5 seconds

    One gigant lag production is the trashfight for Eryslai Endnamed - Guardian of Faal'Amanna
    It's just a 2 min fight with 80 mobs, but Daggerstorm is the only spell which can be klicked … we can call this fight Lagstorm :)
  15. Uwopo Member

    Raiding today on AB reminds me of raiding during Sentinel's Fate before the server hardware upgrades. While the contested water zone is horrible if there's multiple raids in there, all the raid zones are very slow. The ravens before Mudmyre in Vegarlson slow the zone to a crawl. In the contested zone, even if you're nowhere near the other raid, you get all their ascension spam.

    You can see the bps graph spiking in the 300k to 500k range for almost any fight.

    It feels like a resource issue, either server CPU or network bandwidth, definitely not graphics lag.

    It seems to me that the only thing a member of the development team would need to do to experience this lag is join a raid as an observer.
  16. Gninja Developer

    Our experience has been the opposite since this last patch. When it happens again can one of your members contact either me or Kander on Discord? That way we can come take a look and see if something is running wild process wise?
  17. Uwopo Member

    I'd be happy to. Just to clarify though, I haven't encountered multiple raids in water since the last patch, although overall lag in earth was similar and air was worse for us than prior to Tuesday's patch.
  18. Gninja Developer

    Yeah, if at all possible, contact us when it gets that bad. We were able to track down some causes of lag in raids and get them resolved so some are seeing some gains but as with most cases of "zee lagz" there are likely multiple causes so we will see if we can glean any information from your zones when it gets that laggy.
  19. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Gninja, is/are there specific things we can report back to you that would give you the info you need. Just saying, "it was laggy as hell" might be accurate, but as a basis to explore the root cause(s), it strikes me as having minimal value.
  20. Gninja Developer

    Spell casting lag versus frame rate lag is important.

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