Constant plat spam in channel.

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Charlice, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. Charlice Well-Known Member

    Since SoE became Daybreak, the quality of basically in EQ2 has taken a nose dive. Quite a feat in such a short period of time I must say.
    The most recent annoyance is theconstant plat spam in all channels on Unrest.

    Spam filters have worked for years in this game, why now are they not working? Do they cost too much to maintain? Or do you just not care?
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  2. Charlice Well-Known Member

  3. Lucus Well-Known Member

    I've seen the same site mentioned in your picture on permafrost. i immediately added the name to ignore.

    Perhaps the people that maintain the spam filter system got cut back like other sections of DBG.
  4. Gulaep Well-Known Member

    Yeah that same message has been spammed to me on Antonia Bayle too and I am getting tired of it. I got four names recently added to ignore on twelve alts of mine. This is getting very annoying!!!! :mad:

    What pisses me off is there is no way to report them! I cannot click their name to report. :confused: So I figured "okay, I got to see the message in order to report it", so I clicked on <view> to see the message. The only option I have when I click on their name now that the message is viewable is "Not spam".

    Seriously? o_O

    Why can't we report these effer's huh? Guess what I did? In all my brilliance I said, "I know what I will do I will type /report and write Daybreak/Game GMS's a message". Guess what happened when I typed /report? I got chat screen feedback saying (I forget the actual wording, but this may be right) "Report request accepted." :eek:

    Sounds as if we need special permission now to write a /report. Type /report and get "Report request accepted" message and then what? Wait in a queue line for a game response to write your report? Which by the way I haven't gotten yet and it's been several days now!

    So what did I do next out of frustration? The next time that fool spammed me again (not just one message, one isn't enough) they resend it 6-9x in a row in 2-4 seconds flat -- I /tell theirName and write "Reported!!!" and I spam them 6-10x back. In hindsight I started to worry. "Hmm, I cannot click their name and select report because the game already shows them as being spam, but those spammers could sure as hell click my name on their screen and report me for spamming!" And in a sense they would be correct, I did spam them. :oops:

    That's like those "So wrong but true" stories you hear about -- [a creepy man breaks into your home in the middle of the night to rip you off and to ****/murder you or your family but trips on a throw rug and injures himself then sues you for damages and injury and medical costs and WINS IN COURT!] :confused:

    So for the rest of the day I worried that I will get banned from the game, that I will go to switch characters or log in after a break and not be able to. :(

    What I want to know is -- If the game picks up on the fact that the message is marked as spam and tells us, "hey this message right here is spam" - then why doesn't it just delete the effin message instead of sending it to us in the first place? :mad:
  5. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    /report does very little without a /petition to get it looked up.
  6. Gulaep Well-Known Member

    Can you go into more detail about what exactly you mean? What is the correct procedure then? This isn't a /bug -- though yeah! They do bug me but... pfft thhbt!

    So what is the difference? What is the right way to do this? Because since they are already marked as spam by the game bots (whatever) I cannot click on their name like you normally would to "toggle ignore" or "report". The only option I get AFTER I open the spam message <view> is to mark it "Not spam".

    So how do I tell Daybreak and Game GM's about these fools? I would get banned here in the forums if I posted screenshots of their multiple-message spam showing their names and I also cannot write their names either since apparently it's against forum rules to do so. So how am I to tell the Game Gods that this is happening and these messages are coming through, and quite often and from various senders?
  7. Charlice Well-Known Member


    It honestly hasn't stopped tonight. The only change is that every 10 minutes or so it's a new level 1 toon spamming.
    Considering the spam filter no longer seems to work, maybe it's time to put a level limit on being able to post in channel, f2p or not.

    Got to admit I don't care about posting their names. Give it another 8 minutes and the above toon will be deleted and a new toon rolled.
  8. Feldon Well-Known Member

    1. Take a deep breath and realize that /report works the same way today that it did 5 years ago.
    2. Type /report charname reason for example /report caonima spam
    3. File a /petition under game EQ2 category Spam and mention that you just filed a report on caonima.
    4. Drink a frosty beverage.
  9. Gulaep Well-Known Member

    That wasn't necessary Feldon. I am not over-reacting or in a huff, so that was uncalled for. But thanks for everything after.
  10. Faelfreeblood Active Member

    I understand resorces are limited and I'm happy with some of the game improvments daybreak is making but respectfully in my opinion, like I said before....with customer service policy of not looking into hacked accounts and such they now have the impression nothing will be checked into, they are just getting started.

    They think now they can do whatever they wish, even openly. I read on trade somewhere them duscussing the new stance of this and another guys reply was...good.

    You would think kronos would put these people off but no. They are hoping to use the plat sell gemmick to attain and sell accounts probobly, then there will be power leveling services offered items and the lot. Where people give there passwords.

    I have seen it before on other games. Mostly they would not bother with eq games, but this is no probobly to tempting to resist.
  11. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    The spam filter will catch up to them eventually anyway. They've just found a temporary way round it and then it'll end up being filtered out again.
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  12. Hijinx Well-Known Member

    Actually, this has been going on since December on Antonia Bayle (although mainly in tells rather than public channels). I'm not sure what happened, but it's been really bad for several months now. Using /report and even /petition did eventually work for me, but it took a silly amount of time even when it was still SOE.
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  13. Charlice Well-Known Member

    I trust you're right. We've had this sort of spam for the last week, but tonight it's been unbearable.
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  14. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    The spam filter has started picking up on repetetive guild recruitment on Splitpaw now adays that includes links, so can only be so long.
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  15. Pawder Active Member

    Some players say /ignore works. Some say the game is broken. It is easy to clear the spam from chat. I bet they are working on it to help players work through this issue.
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  16. Siren Well-Known Member

    1. /report works nothing like it used to 5 years ago, because 5 years ago there were EQ2 GMs/CMs left to work on petitions.

    But why are the spammers suddenly breaking through? Wasn't the gold spam suppression automatic? Did there really have to be someone there 24/7 live in each server's chat to block them before they broke out every time? I don't get why we're suddenly overrun like EQ2 is a F2P Korean grinder now. You'd think that sort of stuff would be built into the chat system; it would be more effective and streamlined.

    I still get the feeling it's more passive/aggressiveness from Daybreak. I mean, "Feel free to roll another character if yours gets deleted," and "start another guild if your leader quits, saying goodbye to 90 levels of guild leveling and guild halls etc.," really? So now with the spam it's like, "Ha! This is what you get nowadays, too bad!" As if WE are the ones who blew all EQ2's profits all these years on a bunch of other fail games no one cares about instead of putting it back into EQ2.
  17. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    I haven't noticed any, but then again I never have the general chat up, just guild and the homeshow channel lol. I did notice some on a new toon that I hadn't fix the chat on yet though and thought it was strange seeing it in this game.
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  18. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    /report works exactly the same. 5 years ago if you did a /report and didn't follow it up with a petition, it was ignored.

    The filter hasn't changed either. It's just every now and again the spammers find out a way round the filter and exploit it a lot for a week or 2, then it gets blocked again.
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  19. Atan Well-Known Member

    To be honest, the effort of getting a /petition done makes this entire process not worth my time verses /ignore soandso.

    /spam_report coanima *should* be all that is needed...
  20. Lucus Well-Known Member

    i suggest something like /spam_report <name> <channel name> instead

    Once they invest in the money to setup an automated data mining system that just takes the name and copies their last message in the specified channel it pays for itself in simple, fast and efficient reporting.

    (simple as in simple in layman's ignorance of coding and CS)
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