Conjy Shard Spell Upgrade

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Ghostouls, Jan 3, 2023.

  1. Ghostouls Active Member

    I was told I needed to turn in those fertilzers again with the rare to get Charger Horns, to get some kind of item that will upgrade my Conjy Shard Spell... Is this right? I have been trying since the beginning with no luck. Turned in 27 sets today and nothing. It took me over a week to get that many charger horns.

    Is there someplace else to get the charger horns more than 1 ever 200 kills? I nuke everything and get nothing. I tried the encampment in raj dur got 2 in 3 hours.

    What is the name of the item or spell I am looking to get to upgrade this Shard spell? and where can I get more charger horns than a couple every few hours at a time.... bout to just give up on this. The broker is sellling these charger horns for more than 7 million each on my server... wth!!
  2. Scrappyz Well-Known Member