Conjuror vs. Necromancer

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  1. ARCHIVED-EQ2noob Guest

    Greetings All!
    I know this question has been asked before and I have done my homework on the subject, but a lot of information that I see is quite outdated and I thus would like to bring this up again. Please bear with me and I appreciate your help.
    I am quite new to EQ2 and am having a hard time deciding a necromancer and a conjuror.
    • Stronger Pets;
    • Frigid Winds (strongest snare in the game);
    • Strong encounter-wide damage;
    • Call of the Hero.
    • Weaker Pets;
    • Tainted Heals;
    • Strong single target damage (though takes a while to ramp up due to DoT effect);
    • Rez/FD.
    Is the above more or less right? Now to my questions:
    Are both wanted in groups? Who is wanted more?
    Are both wanted in raids? Who is wanted more?
    Which one is stronger at soloing heroics/named mobs?
    What would you recommend to a new player? (My only other character is a level 30 brigand - who I love and with whom I soloed named ^^^ level + 2 heroics - but constant positioning gets boring.)
    Thank you in advance.
  2. ARCHIVED-Drash Guest

    EQ2noob wrote:
    I'd recommend that you try them both of them and decide for yourself which one you like better.
  3. ARCHIVED-Solaran_X Guest

    Welcome to the hidden world of EverQuest. Everyone Else v. Necromancers v. Conjurers. There are 22 classes in EQ2 who think Necromancers are EZMode and overpowered and should be nerfed daily (nevermind that we've been getting nerfed pretty much nonstop since LU13 and we're now going on GU44). Necromancers just point at Conjurers and talk about how they're head and shoulders above Necromancers. And Conjurers just sit there and laugh because they know they're better than us...and no one believes us when we say they are.

    You hit on most of the points. Conjurers do have stronger pets and better nukes (which leads to higher front-end DPS). These two points combine completely remove a Conjurer's need for Tainted Heals...since they can, literally, blow away a mob before their pet takes significant damage. Necromancers, on the other hand, rely on DoT (Damage over Time) spells to deal their damage, which means our pets (in addition to being weaker, my L77 Master I Undead Knight has only 12.7K Health and 40.5% Mitigation and a guildie's Adept III Earthen Avatar has closer to 15K Health and 50% Mitigation) take significantly more damage during the time it takes to kill a mob than a Conjurer's pet does.

    Another thing that sets Conjurers well above Necromancers is the spell Plane Shift at 65, which greatly boosts their pet and basically turns their tank pet into an invincible creature of destruction. All Necromancers got at 65 was another limited pet on a 15 minute reuse timer that dies to one AOE most of the time.

    And at 80, Conjurers got ANOTHER spell that set them even further above Necromancers. This spell was Communion. This spell lets the Conjurer summon ALL of their controllable pets (Guardian, Ranger, Wizard, and Priest [AA] pets) as limited pets for 30 seconds...all of which seem to have much greater survivability than your average limited pet. And what did Necromancers get at 80? Another limited pet that heals one person by lifetapping every mob in the area...until the person it's healing takes any damage. Then it dies. In addition to dying to AOEs.

    Both classes are used rather frequently in groups. Conjurers have the advantage due to their higher front-end DPS on short fights, while Necromancers have the advantage due to their DoTs on long fights. Since most groups encounter both types of fights in instances, Conjurers and Necromancers are in about the same demand and actually work well together.

    Raids are about the same, although most raids will only take one of each class.

    As for soloing Heroics and named a Necromancer, I give the edge to Conjurers because their tank pets have much better survivability and their higher immediate DPS is better suited to those fights than a Necromancer's DoTs...especially if the fight ends up involving a lot of root/nuking.

    And for a new's up to you. Both classes have pros and cons. Both classes are easy to play, but in the end are hard to master.
  4. ARCHIVED-Daghammerskold Guest

    I think your numbers for conj pet health are a little off. At 80 my adept3 tank pet has 11.9k health and 40.5% mitigation. I am not sure if I had 8 points or just 6 in the part of the STA AA line that increases tank pet health but either way I don't see how a conjuror could get an adept3 pet to 15k self-buffed.

    To the Ops questions, I don't think the differences between the 2 summoners are all that much. Roll the one that seems more appealing to you and if you decide that you would rather try the other out, betray. Then betray back if you miss what you had. Necros get some cool abilities...FD, lich, lifeburn, tainted heals...I was often tempted to betray while I was leveling up my conj. But never quite tempted enough.
    Necros like the poster above me are the same way...they are tempted by what the other side gets...but not quite tempted enough to betray.
  5. ARCHIVED-Dannan Guest

    Oh lord.... Unlike what appears above I do play both.
    Pets... long and short the pets in and of themselfs are roughly the same in power. Scout pets aside (who knows what they are supose to be). What one can do the other can do as well.
    Conjuror tank pet is a Guardian (its ability to grab and keep agro is better), necro tank pet is a Bezerker. Conjy mage pet is a wizard, necro's is a warlock(better AoEing ).
    Conjuror dps is more up front, the big boom spells other than the shattered earth line are all depend on you having your pet up, with spells like blazing Avatar (adds a big proc to bet when it hits / gets hit) Elemental Vestment (adds a pet proc when you cast ANY spell) and Plane Shift (significantly enhances your pet and is the best OH CRAP! button in the game imho) you add really noticable dps to groups.
    Necro dps is more spread out but with fein death (100% chance to make you appear already dead) , litch ( a hp-> power conversion that adds a leetch to all yourdisease spells), tainted heals AA ( adds 18%max health pet heal to 6 of your manipulation spells), and the ability to Rez people, you get more survivability / utility.
    Exept all the utility bits that the necro gets and the conjy doesn't, it realy all comes down to what city you like living in. Remember while each class might approach things slightly differently, they both can do roughly the same things (player abilities aside).
    Hope this helps some.
  6. ARCHIVED-Scribbler-rj Guest

    Vaeamdar@Antonia Bayle wrote:
  7. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    The pets are pretty much identical. It is the buffs that make the difference.
    Conj's get more mit buffs, stonekin, DS, some offensive proc's etc.
    Necros get none of that.
    However for overall ability to adapt to most encounters I would say necro is a bit ahead simply due to the additional heals we get for ourselves (lsingle target lifetap, aoe lifetap, and a heal spell), FD to get out of trouble quickly, and Tainted Heals to basically keep the pet alive while slowly dealing damage, I would say necro has the edge.
    As people have said play both to about 20-25, doesnt take long to get there just a few nights of playing and questing and see which you like best.
    Both get some very nice abilities later on in levels (50+) so it is hard to tell even early on.
    Lich totally changes the game for necros at 50 since we never worry about power issues after that.
  8. ARCHIVED-Savanja Guest

    I just betrayed my conjurer to a necromancer. IMO, not a HUGE difference. I think it's mostly personal preference.
  9. ARCHIVED-chobitz Guest

    I leveled a conji to lvl 38 and my necro is lvl 50. Personally I like my necro better. He (darned soe only allowing male sarnaks to be red!) is my main char now and I love him to death.
    I don't know why but my conji was boring IMO and my necro was just much more fun. He also seems to be much easier to solo then my conji. I am not sure why..
  10. ARCHIVED-Eriol Guest

    When they make it so that every riposte, AE, or any other area spell nerfs every other class's DPS by about 40% (or more) for upwards of a minute, and +spell damage is nerfed by about 20-30% for every class EXCEPT us, then I'll think both necros and conjurers are somewhat balanced. Or alternatively, you can get rid of the terrible mechanic of swarm pets, replace them with straight-out DoTs, and a lot of problems will be gone immediately.

    Yes I'm bitter.
  11. ARCHIVED-ScottAdams Guest

    One of the keys to me having a conjurer is the Call of the Hero spell. I end up using this one allot! Definetly a class defining skill!
  12. ARCHIVED-Avartiel Guest

    "Scout pets aside (who knows what they are supose to be)."
    LOL I have yet to solve that mystery myself
  13. ARCHIVED-GuardianKing Guest

    At 54 I Betrayed my Conj to necro and have not looked back. 100% FD and ability to Rez is huge. After Betraying with all adepts 3s on my conj and got all adepts 3s on my necro my DPS has increased. I love my necro and will not go back to Conj.
  14. ARCHIVED-Calain80 Guest

    Both classes are valid. While I tend to think Conj have an easier time soloing solo mobs necro have an easier time soloing heroic mobs. The greatest and most disturbing difference between Necro and Conj are the pet looks. While Necros get pets like a Vampire or Grim Lord, Conj get pets that look like a 6 legged dog with to short legs or a bed sheet. And you have to look at them all day. I retired my Conj 'cause I could no longer stand to look at his pets. I 1st tried to run group illusions for 10 levels but, as often a group got angry at me, that all pets looked alike, I decided it wasn't worth the trouble. Now he stands in the library in Chardok. There he fulfills his only remaining function: Call people to places hard to get to. ;)
  15. ARCHIVED-EQ2noob Guest

    Thank you all for the valuable discussion. I played each to level 10 (a bit low and still hard to tell I know; as none of the classes have their defining abilities yet). I don't think I am a DoT guy though I may change my mind as I get more levels. I have a feeling conjurors can solo with a dps pet a bit better due to burst while necromancers have to rely a bit more on their tanking pet + tainted heals, as their damage takes time to ramp up.
  16. ARCHIVED-Zarador Guest

    EQ2noob wrote:
    Your making the right choice if it's based on what you enjoy playing most. I would however give the Necromancer the definitive edge when it comes to soloing. The ability to deal damage that in turn heals you, as well as the ability to feign dead are two aspects that define safer soloing.
  17. ARCHIVED-funkmasterflex Guest

    i like necro but then i am a necro and havent played conj. it takes a bit of time to get used to tainted heals but once you do you're pretty much undefeatable. use fright to send the occasional add running off while you kill the first one and you'll be able to solo a whole heck of a lot. tainted heals and lifeburn are needed from the necro? line and do the stamina line down to bottom for the tank pet. the better gear you have and spells the better. i myself just discovered the wonderful world of adornments and have been adding all kinds of neat things to my gear on top of it being Mastercrafted and got around to matching sage / crafting level to my adventure level so i can keep myself in adept 3's until i get master spells and i am a whirling dervish of pain and destruction. i am killing things 5 and 6 levels above me and solo'ing 3 up heroics that are blue and even con. havent tried named's yet due to being a quest geek of late but sometime soon i am going to do a test run thru KoS and RoK to see what if any name'd solo i can do. plus, necro's just look really sweet and we're bad. who wants to be a goodie goodie anyways
  18. ARCHIVED-Red_Rider Guest

    Drash wrote:
    SOE gives us so many character slots than we can try out all the classes, oops, wait a sec, 24 classes and 7 slots.... Sorry but this is my EQ2 pet peeve....
  19. ARCHIVED-Norrsken Guest

    Red_Rider wrote:
    7 slots on the Test server, 7 slots on the US servers and 7 slots on the EU servers.
    Then there are the asian servers...
    doesnt seem like there is such a high lack of slots tbh.

    and then there are the classes that are so similar that trying the two flavors isnt really needed.
  20. ARCHIVED-MistressTristen Guest

    Calain@Valor wrote:
    Have never shot coffee out my nose before, thank you for that.

    I have both, a conj and a necro and I enjoy playing the necro by far. I upgraded my conj with adept 3 scrolls on the pets and to me they seem to be nowhere near on par as my necro was at the same levels. I think I will alternate between the two for awhile just to see what happens, maybe the conj will grow on me.

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