Conjuror AAs that do nothing or are potentially not working as intended

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Sowy, Apr 1, 2021.

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    Enhance: Fire Seed doesn't have any effect on the 117 version, only the lower versions.
    Enhance: Elemental Unity doesn't affect the damage. Just makes it proc faster, which is irrelevant since it already casts fast enough to use the 5 measily charges it gets before the 31.5 duration ends
    Arcane-Barrier states that it increases the magical resistances by 4% of the mage's group buffs (plural) but does not apply to Geotic Rune's resistances (possible intended effect and description is misleading)

    Potential Bugs
    Enhance: Fiery Annihilation should affect Consuming Inferno as well (The replacement spell)
    Teamwork buff for scout pet is only 0.09 to aa damage which is a drop in the bucket compared to the mage/cleric buff of 5600 potency for the group

    Any that I'm missing?
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  2. Goezer Master of Crayons

    Enchance: Fire Seed- Because fireseed is now modified by Conflagration (Epic 2.0 spell) it will not be changed by anything else including spell tier. That's why it's text is now green.

    Enhance: Elemental Unity- If i'm not mistaken this spell was replaced by Summoner's Siphon. Can roll either way (Siphon sucks because it stuns pet.) Effectiveness is essentially Fervor.. or how they broke it down and explained it, and that spell wasn't really doing any special dmg. I can't recall casting it for any particular reason due to this.. unless just ran out of stuff to cast.

    Don't spec arcane barrier, can't really comment on that one off hand.
    Teamwork: Yeah the auto buff is meh for scout with auto not doing much, Mage pet isn't really worth losing the dps over for the possible little potency it provides. It should be pot across the board, Crit bonus or something else to make it usable, again another I personally don't even bother putting points in because the end result is lack luster at best.
  3. Sowy Active Member

    There are many spells that are affected by numerous AAs and green text additions. In the case of that AA, it adds to the percentage chance for fire seed to proc. Conflaguration adds fervor/extra damage but doesn't affect proc rate. The issue is that the latest edition has "on an ability cast" with a hard proc cap of 5-15 seconds, so the AA is useless for it.