Conjurer Communion III lv 110

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    Just some thoughts about the conjurer class defining spell Communion III
    A long time ago this was THE conjurer spell. Actual is not a big difference if this spell is ancient or GM it does not work very well
    The spell summons a fire, an earth and a scout pet for 8,4 seconds with a casting time from 2 seconds.
    The Quality of the main Earth/Scout/Fire pet has no inflence on Communion III
    Each pet makes it own auto- and spellattacks:
    1A firey sourcer
    1B fiery sourcer's Flames of Destruction
    2A aery assasin
    2B aery assasin's Aery Assasination
    3A earthen eleminator
    3B earthen eleminator's Telluric Devastation

    Sometimes the earthen eleminator does nothing.. on a training dummy you get between zero and 2x 3B hits
    2A autoattack hits about 6x 1 billion .. which is about 15% of the dps of this spell
    1A <1%
    1B 40%
    2A 11%
    2B 35%
    3A 2%
    3B 3% (if it makes something)
    mythic Raid:
    1A almost 0 (50 hits a 100k)
    1B 40%
    2A almost 0
    2B 60%
    3A almost 0
    3B <1%

    In my opinion the pets do not have the correct resolve for making autoattacks in raids for a long time.
    Whenever Daybreak would like to reduce a little lag: The Earth Pets and the whole autoattackpart of Commmunion III can be removed without any big effect
    Thank Caith at least fervor is working on the swarmpets spell attacks

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  2. Beee Well-Known Member

    Above post is for Communion IV level 110

    At the moment Commuion does not work because 1B is bugged

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