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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Lorilie, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. Lorilie Member

    Are able to solo double and triple ups of the same con. Ive seen it at level 50. Is this intended because id hate to start one and then the bat hits.
  2. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    Um wizards, chanters, rangers and both crusaders can do the same if they know what they are doing so I dont see why not (I've done it on all them on Kaladim) :eek:
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  3. Lorilie Member

    Necros and conjs do it by far the easiest. They are the most OP classes .
  4. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    Decided to delete my long *** post because this thread is dumb and have been discussed since EQ2 launched.
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  5. Lorilie Member

    Yeah a class that can send pet in, then nuke, and kill a 50 triple up is intended, my bad, your totally right.
  6. Zarnafien Active Member

    Let it stay as it is. That's what summoners do. I think it helps the server that people can play a few classes that let solo effectively.

    I never did understand the grass is greener syndrome. Stop asking for nerfs to other classes and come up with ideas for your own.
  7. Lioneesa New Member

    I think just the pets need some major tweeking. At this rate it is going to be necro pets tanking all the raid mobs again!
  8. Lioneesa New Member

    And yes I know it was because of tainted heals, even without it they can tank as good as tank classes right now.
  9. Redlight Well-Known Member

    Did you know that pet scaling is broken on TLE? Back in the day summoner pets were half of what they are now, health and damage wise. A 500 int necromancer in raid had a 950 int pet.
  10. Atan Well-Known Member

    Something is borked in the pet scaling. The buff package the pet is getting is not period appropriate on Kaladim. There was a similar issue with illy pets on FG launch, this feels very similar to what is happening on Summoner pets right now on Kaladim.

    The pet is getting too much int, too much hp, and it out scales the content significantly.

    I proved this out briefly last night when I created a summoner 3 man and can just own any heroic content.
  11. Lioneesa New Member

    Saw a guy running around Everfost playing 5 necros 1 warden with some weird names. He was level 37 and was killing 49 triple up heroics. Plz do something
  12. Arsis New Member

    It is funny to see people ask in general what class to play, or my guild stating we NEED this or that class for raids. There is no real NEED for any classes with balance how it is atm. Ideal raid and grp set up is a healer and all summoners. Pets tank almost as well as a well geared 50 and dps would be so high util classes and debuffs won't matter. I am wondering when the excitement of players exploring new classes wears off and everyone realizes your role isn't needed, summoners can solo most content at 50 and a few of them could clear out icy digs. Summoners just sending pets in boxed top parses or they pet just itself is just under t1 dps classes.

    I am sure this will be shouted down by those who want to feel powerful or play those classes but as some one who has played EQ2 on and off for about 12 years I have never felt the game being so pointless.
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  13. Deezknives New Member

    This.. in some lower end raid guild parses Ive seen, Just the Summoner Pet is out parsing some of their t1/t2 or just under it. And whats with the tank pet beating the DPS pets, in DPS? This def needs to be addressed..... unless solo'ing group and x2 mobs.. and being the best at dps, and everything else.. is this what DBG intended for summoners in vanilla Kaladim TLE *rolls eyes* and If so, might as well fill entire raid with necros/conj, the pet tanks the best, the summoners DPS the best and heal well....all while pressing 3-4 buttons.. feels bad man
  14. Bella222 Active Member

    Every class has good points and not so good points. Healers can do a lot of damage. Paladins have problems these days. If you think a class is that much better why not play it yourself. Some classes have always been better soloers. Why change things for people who already put time into their class. It is like the nerf to exploration experience. Leveling is MUCH slower now for people who didn't explore right away.
  15. Deezknives New Member

    Because of all the reasons people already listed here, its broke, dps can tank as well as geared tanks...they can solo group contested mobs... in open worlds... making it the botters favorite....Pretty sure necros can or are close to doing the contested x2 mobs in EF as wel, solo....this is all okay with you? If it is.... then its probably because you're a Necro or conj and enjoy having this large advantage over every other class...Else you would easily see why this needs to be tuned back.
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  16. Redlight Well-Known Member

    It is really simple, the live server double stat stacking is in place. So for example, an illy casts flash of brilliance, it applies to the summoner, to the pet, and to the pet through the summoner. So if it would give 60 int to the summoner, it would give 120 to the pet. Not sure about the HP though. A tank pet would have a tad more hp than the summoner self before weird summoner pet scaling. Which would mean scout/mage pets should have around 3500 hp and tank pets 6000 hp, given that the summoner has about 4000 hp.

    I must say that towards endgame they fall back in line (on Nagafen anyhow, no blue stats), because int dps gain caps at 65%, which I am in raid already. I still highly recommend a fix, as scout pets will auto attack for tons with high haste/dps mod/MA.

    WTB bandaid fix.
  17. Redlight Well-Known Member

    Also necromancer lifetap is applying the heal twice which is a bug from live AA that was bandaid fixed.
  18. Redlight Well-Known Member

    Read the patch notes, they are reverting disco xp. Paladins are very solid tanks, I have no idea what you are talking about.
  19. Siren Well-Known Member

    They should have nerfed the *interaction* of the SC XP pots with discovery XP, instead of nerfing discovery XP itself. Normal disco XP was fine on the TLs at launch a week ago. It was the way SC XP pots stack on teams, and how much extra XP they give when you get disco XP, that allowed people to PL to 50 in a couple hours.
  20. kitleez Member

    Summoners are extremely overpowered. It is why you are seeing farm groups with 4-5necros, a warden, and sometimes a troub. They are only going to multiply since you can kill all the heroic and some epic stuff by send pets in, and heal the aoes. If a tank pet dies they have 4 more while he summons a new one!
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