Confused merchant I want my cheese!!!

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Cloudrat, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Cloudrat Guest

    This merchant seems to have gotten confused and mismarked a couple items. I am max ally with kerran outfitters and can buy all the recipes and house items from this merchant EXCEPT cheese and rat trap??? Someone start tagging randomly again lol?
    Give me my cheese please!
  2. ARCHIVED-retro_guy Guest

    No cheese for you!
  3. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Are you max with the crafting faction only? I remember the cheese and traps having a requirement of adventure faction. I don't think that's ever changed.
  4. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    Cloudrat wrote:
    put your mouse pointer over the items and double check to make sure there isn't a quest completion requirement in order to purchase the items.
  5. ARCHIVED-Cloudrat Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    OOps it has always been like that? Wow I slipped up again sigh, I try to keep an eye out for that kind of thing. I must have bought cheese with an adventure toon last time and never noticed that. Well boo on that hehe time to change it !
  6. ARCHIVED-kdmorse Guest

    I found two old threads on the issue. One said:
    Kerra Isle Merchant: "Most house items will accept either adventuring or crafting faction. However, some house items only accept adventuring faction (rat traps, plate of cheese, etc.) Why do those house items not accept crafting faction also?"
    And another just noted that a plate of cheese requires 40,000k with Kerra Isle. Which is kinda absurd for, well, a plate of cheese...

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