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Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by Sigrdrifa, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Has anyone ever seen" Unargin the Blacksmith" in-game? Supposedly, if he isn't up you can kill his placeholders (an enslaved Dwarven soul), to get him to spawn. I have done this and cleared the zone and still nothing pops. I have went into the zone on 5 different occasions and cleared to the armory and he is never there....... so....does the smithy hammer actually exist???
    My next question is would the +26 to metalworking have enough of a benefit to make this worth all the trouble? Higher metalworking give a higher success chance or something?
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  3. Meirril Well-Known Member

    A lot of the NPCs and drops in Nek castle got screwed up when dev did their whole scripted auto upgrade quite a few years back. It wouldn't surprise me if the Hammers didn't drop, or if they had their crafting stats removed.

    I used a NPC search engine that an ex-guildmate created to search for the NPC. No luck there so I'd guess it has been removed. Link to the search engine:

    Soresha is a talented girl. SoE should hire her. :p

    As for if its worth the Well, no with the caveat that it would be useful if your doing smithing combines that are 5+ levels above your actual skill. Like when your working on the Solstice Earring, or if your doing the FSSD daily quest at level 50 and making level 70 combines. Even then there are much easier to obtain sources of skill bonuses.

    Things that really make a difference are mostly in the AA and prestige lines. +progress, +durability are the big winners. +success and +crit success are better than +skill but not as big as progress or durability. Also remember that none of this works for experimentation (except for the hand of the maker's bonus).
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    \aITEM 137820507 1065260772:Gi of the Ashen Artisan\/a

    +12% bountiful harvest
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  5. oakmiser Active Member

    The Hand of The Maker from the cobalt scar tradeskill timeline.
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  6. Liftik Member

    Is this thread still being updated? There's some new stuff with AoM
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    It should be kept up, it's a valuable resource.
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  9. suka Well-Known Member

    there are some new items in the game that should be on this list. if you go through the shipwrecked series, in addition to a globe that can take you to any city, you get to make harvester's balm- which helps with harvesting, and potion of nimble fingers which helps with refining

    if you do the far seas series in AOM, you get Mark of the far seas which adds +10 to all of your gathering skills, and 10 bountiful harvests, and tradeskill xp gain by 20%
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    some items can be experimented, including tradeskills - such as coldain necklace, earring of solstice, gi... just be careful :)
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    I've been out of game for about a year due to serious health issues and have literally just gotten back in-game this week. I agree with checking the EQ2i list, which I think I build from the list here and has had better updates. I dunno if it will let me edit the original posts.
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    Welcome back!!!! You have been missed, sorely missed!
    So glad to hear your are feeling strong enough to come back to us )) Please, take it easy )
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    We missed you, Siggy! (Well...I did anyway.) :) Welcome back!
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    Welcome back :) Sigrdrifa, hope this finds you very well.

    No way! Get out of here! :eek:

    I had not thought of doing that. Please share.

    A few questions if I may.

    Did you do it? Did it work? What did it do?
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  15. Wirewhisker Well-Known Member

    I have experimented my MC earring and my Gi to get those last 1-2 points of harvesting skill.

    Obviously it would have a statistically insignificant effect, but it does work.
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  16. Katz Well-Known Member

    Welcome back!
    If you message someone in charge (maybe RadarX) you could be given editing privileges to the post.
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  18. Gudum Active Member

    Shady on the Nek docks does sell some of the items you get as quest rewards, in case you blow something up. Best to check before doing the experimenting.
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    Love this., thank you much
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