Comprehensive Tradeskill Equipment List

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  1. Sclerotia Member

    I did not see the Gray Mustang Pack Horse in the list

    It is a reward for completing the quest The Bear Essentials.

    • Applies Call Gray Mustang when Activated.
      • Increase Fishing of caster by 9.50001
      • Increase Trapping of caster by 9.50001
      • Increase Mining of caster by 9.50001
      • Increase Foresting of caster by 9.50001
      • Increase Gathering of caster by 9.50001
      • Increase Transmuting of caster by 9.50001
      • Summons a mount to ride that increases your speed by 130%
  2. Sambril Well-Known Member

    Some more Far Seas items that are missing from the list (they also seem to be missing from EQ2i)

    ARTISAN (also good for secondary tradeskills)
    • Artisan's Cloak of the Far Seas -- level 70, requires 30,000 faction with Far Seas Supply Division (+4 tradeskills, +4 Adorning, +4 Tinkering)
    • Far Seas Supply Chain armor sets -- level 60, requires 30,000 faction with Far Seas Supply Division, available in Blue, Forest, Grey, Indigo, Marine, Midnight, Plain, Rose, and Russet (set bonus gives +5% progress gain)
      • Boots of the Far Seas Traders (+1 tradeskills, +1 Adorning, +1 Tinkering)
      • Bracers of the Far Seas Traders (+1 tradeskills, +1 Adorning, +1 Tinkering)
      • Gloves of the Far Seas Traders (+1 tradeskills, +1 Adorning, +1 Tinkering)
      • Helm of the Far Seas Traders (+1 tradeskills, +1 Adorning, +1 Tinkering)
      • Leggings of the Far Seas Traders (+1 tradeskills, +1 Adorning, +1 Tinkering)
      • Shoulderpads of the Far Seas Traders (+1 tradeskills, +1 Adorning, +1 Tinkering)
      • Vest of the Far Seas Traders (+1 tradeskills, +1 Adorning, +1 Tinkering)
    • Craftsman's Cloak of the Far Seas -- level 70, requires 30,000 faction with Far Seas Supply Division (+15 Artistry, +15 Fletching, +15 Sculpting)
    • Sculptor's Insight (Set) -- requires 20,000+ faction with Far Seas Supply Division, any artisan may equip (set bonus gives +3% tradeskill XP gain)
      • Sculptor's Bangle (+5 Sculpting)
      • Sculptor's Signet Ring (+5 Sculpting)
      • Sculptor's Torque (+5 Sculpting)
    • Provisioner's Insight (Set) -- requires 20,000+ faction with Far Seas Supply Division, any artisan may equip (set bonus gives +3% tradeskill XP gain)
      • Provisioner's Bangle (+5 Artistry)
      • Provisioner's Signet Ring (+5 Artistry)
      • Provisioner's Torque (+5 Artistry)
    • Outfitter's Cloak of the Far Seas -- level 70, requires 30,000 faction with Far Seas Supply Division (+15 Metal Shaping, +15 Metalworking, +15 Tailoring)
    • Metalshaper's Insight (Set) -- requires 20,000+ faction with Far Seas Supply Division, any artisan may equip (set bonus gives +3% tradeskill XP gain)
      • Metalshaper's Bangle (+5 Metal Shaping)
      • Metalshaper's Signet Ring (+5 Metal Shaping)
      • Metalshaper's Torque (+5 Metal Shaping)
    • Scholar's Cloak of the Far Seas -- level 70, requires 30,000 faction with Far Seas Supply Division (+15 Artificing, +15 Chemistry, +15 Scribing)

    P.S. This type of thread is one of the main reasons that posters need unlimited editing of their posts. It is impossible for the thread creator to collect all the additional information into a single post, requiring others to read the whole thread to get a complete picture.
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  3. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Please, will you share your macros, for the sake of the new folks?
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  4. Lempo Well-Known Member

    You can't really share a macro for this.
    It isn't hard to make one.
    Press 'O' (letter)
    Select the macros tab
    Choose an open slot and click it.
    Title it Crafting Gear
    Drag the pieces you want to equipt to the window.
    for ears, wrists, fingers you can choose the left or right slot.
    Save this macro.
    Then open a new slot title the macro for your regular equipment and repeat the above steps.

    You can also use this to swap in and out special pieces of gear for specific fights where you nead fear immunity procs, power procs etc.
  5. Kalmaraa Active Member

    Nice list all in all, but it has alot of repeats that aren't needed. the prayer shawl for example is listed numerous times when it only needed to be listed for the first time, and so on. The over complexity of that could make it confusing for new players.

    IE It's listed here, but it's also listed here, is it both or just one or what? *scratches head*

    The list really needs to be made more new player freindly. Also it would be handy if purchasable items where listed with where there purchased, like the Far Seas Armor set for general use can only be purchased at Mara with enough faction.
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  6. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    For more detail, I'd suggest EQ2i, or ZAM. This was meant as a quick list we could point people towards, because the question of "how can I make crafting/harvesting/etc easier" recurs frequently here.
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  7. KhaineUK Active Member

    The item "A Sewing Needle" has changed.

    Just came back after 3 years and found out they're now 1-handed items rather than dual wield and they no longer grant a + to tailoring.
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  8. Sambril Well-Known Member

    With GU66 we have

    • The Hand of the Maker -- level 90, reward from A Helping Hand, the last quest in the Cobalt Scar questline (+1 experimental progress, +10 max crafting quantity, +10 max refining quantity)
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  9. Cuelaen Well-Known Member

    I agree-a "crafting gear" tab would be nice
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  10. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

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  11. Artemiz Active Member

    Oh to have a crafting gear tab. Wouldnt that be nice? Of course they just need to make it a drop list because a single alternate set of gear will not be enough. RP'ers would love to be able to collect their best sets by level so they can use level appropriate gear when mentoring rather than depend on down tiering of current gear. Raiders would love to have alternate situational sets they can prebuild and have available without taking up valuable bag space and being dependent on macros and collectors like myself...whoa nelly dont get me started.

    With tov though I notice we are back to carrying multiple sets around (I think this varies but about 8 different sets available that can be mixed and matched not including crafting or harvesting sets).

    Such possibilities, would be nice to see.
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  12. Fayrtria New Member

    WOW!! such a great guide, would make a lovely in game book for beginners. There were even some quests I didn't know about, thanks, Sigrdrifa, for taking the time to make such a great list!
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  13. Naramsin Well-Known Member

    Do the Dwarven Workboots HQ, then kill Garanel Rucksiff, the last boss in The Estate of Unrest. If you did "These boots were made for...", Garanel should drop some leather soles. Turn those soles in to the giver of the HQ, make sure you have the dwarven work boots with you, and he'll trade the workboots for a tradeskilling version of the boots. While you are at the Estate of Unrest go ahead and plunder a book and you get a furniture recipe book for Carpenters.
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  14. Mermut Well-Known Member

    It's a rare drop off Garanel.
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  15. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    It sure is... I've killed him over 30 times on one toon and approximately the same amount of times (think it's more like 25) on a different toon and neither have had any luck on this drop.
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  16. Naramsin Well-Known Member

    I got the drop the first time I killed him.
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  17. Mermut Well-Known Member

    You were lucky then.
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  18. Naramsin Well-Known Member

    Lucky the first time, second time not so much. Second time was on my SK if I remember correctly, killed him, but the dice wasnt stacked in my favor that day. So for my other toons, it is back to ye olde drawing board many times before any results. Multiply that x8 and mean time I'll pray for 8 miracles.
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  19. Luperza Community Manager

    Nice post Sigrdrifa! I like that everyone in this thread is continuing to provide more helpful information for Tradeskillers. Keep it up. :)
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  20. Avianna Well-Known Member

    OK, making a gear swapping macro is easy, here are step by step instructions
    1.) Open a macro window by pressing "O"
    2.) Select the macro tab at the top
    3.) Click on an empty macro slot "<click to edit>"
    4.) Pull the gear you wish to equip into this window (be sure if it has a left or right slot you choose the one you want)
    5.) Give you macro a cool name
    6.) To the right of where you gave it a cool name you can give it a cool icon (choose from one there or drag and drop any cool icon from the game into there)
    7.) Press "OK" at the bottom

    Your macro is now ready to use. But before you do I HIGHLY recommend you make a second macro with the same steps above for your main adventuring gear, this will allow you to swap your gear back to what it was easily.

    OK, that was the basics now for something a little more advanced (still very easy)

    You ask... But I want to equip my crafting gear and then use my Earring of the Solstice and it doesn't work when I put use item into the macro....

    ok let's fix that....

    First, each player has 24 equipment slots, each with an assigned number. You can use these numbers in conjunction with the following commands:

    /use_equipped_item #
    /inventory unequip #

    Slot Number Slot Description
    0 Primary
    1 Secondary
    2 Head
    3 Chest
    4 Shoulders
    5 Forearms
    6 Hands
    7 Legs
    8 Feet
    9 Left Finger
    10 Right Finger
    11 Left Ear
    12 Right Ear
    13 Neck
    14 Left Wrist
    15 Right Wrist
    16 Ranged
    17 Ammo
    18 Waist
    19 Cloak
    20 First Charm
    21 Second Charm
    22 Food
    23 Drink

    Now, second you need to know where you put your earring of the solstice (left or right ear) in your macro, go ahead and check, I'll wait......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Got it? Ok, good...

    Now in your macro window choose Command from the drop down (should be selected already by default) and click "Add Step"

    You will now have your cursor in a command line at the bottom of your gear macro.

    in that box type:

    /use_equipped_item 11 (if your earring was in the left ear)
    /use_equipped_item 12 (if you put it in the right ear)

    Click "OK"

    Pretty easy huh?

    Ok, now let's get creative..... see I have this Fishbone Earring here and I love the water breathing effect on it only problem is that by the time I open my bags, find it, put it on, and use it... I have already drowned... OK, let's fix that...

    1.) Open a macro as before up top and drag your fishbone earring into that window (it will select left ear by default so for this example we will use that.)
    2.) Add a command line to your window
    3.) In the command line type: /use_equipped_item 11
    4.) Drag the earring you normally wear in your left ear to the window
    5.) Give your macro a cool name (I chose Fishbone Earring)
    6.) Give your macro a cool icon (I drug the fishbone earring into the icon window)
    7.) Press "OK"

    Now you have a one click button that equips your Fishbone Earring, uses it, and puts your other earring back on in the blink of an eye :)

    This macro will work for any clicky effect that does NOT have a cast time to it (such as the Fishbone Earring).
    If the clicky effect DOES have a cast time to it, it will require two macros one to equip the item and use it and then another to re-equip what you had on before.

    Hope that helps everyone understand gear macros and make gear swapping easier for everyone. Just remember to keep them updated when you get new PHAT LOOTS be sure to switch it out in your macro too.

    And last piece of advice... Do not show up for raid in your crafting gear.... bad things happen.

    Happy hunting all :)
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