Comprehensive Fallen Gate raiding guide

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Fistpower, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Fistpower Active Member

    1. Tortoise Shell.
    2. Burn.
    3. Loot boss and wait for loot drama.
  2. fencedin New Member

    10/10 would raid again
  3. Zendi New Member

    You're going to get Tortoise Shell nerfed lol.
  4. Atan Well-Known Member

    You bloat stats with ethereals and gear, you might need to up the mob hp so that it takes longer than 90s to die.
  5. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    It's really amusing that all of the raid content is so mind numblingly easy and they have no plans to up the HP on mobs.

    When shard of hate is cleared in under an hour and mobs in VP are dying in VP in under 40 seconds there has to be a plan to up the HP on mobs.

    If mobs in TSO stay HP wise, we are gonna kill gynok first pull in under 2 minutes and the same issue will happen with all the mobs in the entire expansion.

    We are currently meeting dps checks on mobs in underfoot depths from back in the day.
  6. veredeth New Member

    For a lot of us the Difficulty is just fine. Not every guild has cleared VP or Trak or SoH. Then of course not every one just stacks wizards and a tank or two and some channelers, Some raid forces like variety of classes for people to see content, without having to buy a spot in a raid.

    If all you are finding it sooo easy, reroll new toons , but don't spend real money on top familiars, mount, grandmastered spells on new toons. Don't take more then 1 wizard on a raid maybe 1 channeler ( or maybe no channelers) and mix up the rest of the classes.

    Our guild actually goes through the mechanics of each fight, we do not burn a raid mob in 40 seconds and you know what it is fun.

    You guys calling for beefed up HP or other changes to make it more difficult for your zerg raids only hurts other guilds on the server that already struggle.
  7. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    We have two wizards, two warlocks (worse than wizards) a necro (much worse) and don't even sit our offtank. Hell some raids we even put a conj in.

    The problem is with stuff just not having enough HP. I could clear everything super easily with six conj's easily.
  8. Fistpower Active Member

    I'm sorry this sounds both elitist and what not you casual players throw around.

    But if you struggle to kill raid encounters on Fallen Gate, you are absolute trash. I'm sorry but thats facts and has nothing to do with familiars or grandmaster skills. You dont even need any channelers (except for avatars), you dont even need any wizards its baffling to me to witness such statements with no knowledge about game mechanics.

    While yes, classes are unbalanced and encounter health should be tweaked a lot, this is about a lot of the mechanics not working or been nerfed so much its irrelevant and fail checks hardly ever kills you.
  9. veredeth New Member


    I disagree. Just because a guild struggles does not mean they are "trash" as you. But I guess Asshats like you think everyone that is not as "good" as you and your guild are trash. Players like you are toxic to the community. Granted are all the players in the raid force super skillful and know their class inside and out, nope. Some are new to raiding, some came back to the game after years of being away. But I guess if your not Momentem or Neustart or Encore or whatever guild you are in, then your trash. Personally I think most people in Neustart or momentem or Encore are trashy toxic people.
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  10. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Encore may have toxic people but the ones i know are nice and benevolent. We don' t raid with an optimized roaster and peoples take turns or even play alt. We raid moderately an each time i have been grouped with encore players and people outside of the guild they were nice, patient (even if the group was not doing really well).

    Comparing encore with neustar/ momentaum is wrong, since our aim is not to clear content as fast as possible, we mainly want to have fun. Our most recent kills have not been yet even reported to the progression site.

    I heard rumors about neustart using collection or farming ^^^ dropping overpowered item etc ... but the people from those guilds i grouped with were never rude or unpleasant.

    We only tried Trakanon like 1 week ago, mainly because even if had c;eared VP, due to rotation we had only a partial roaster able to zone in Trakanon lair.

    If you had bad experience with one of our guildmate you may send me his name privatly.

    Of course raiding is way easier than in the original game, but this allow much more flexibility in the roaster and allow more casual people to raid.
  11. Trixxi New Member

    Veredeth… Just out of curiosity how can you call a guild trash or toxic without really knowing them?

    If you have ever had a problem with any members of Encore, please feel free to shoot me a tell in game and explain (Character name same as forums name)

    As Kalika has put, we do not raid with an optimised roster, but we clear what we need and progress at the pace we enjoy. We have that option for people to play what they want and do as well as we do with what we have.

    Neustart/Momentum had there tension beginning of the x-pac with their crazy raid hours, fair play to them, You want to play like that you do it... Not toxic at all more dedication and the strive to be that competitive. But trust me when I say on live, the "hardcore" side of raiding use to be a hell of a lot worse and a lot more "toxic" then what it is on FG.

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