Not A Bug Compiled bruiser bugs after patch on Mar 29, 2021

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    Boneshattering Combination
    When this ability doublecast you get 2 increments. You should not get two increments for a doublecast from using this ability.

    Its becoming more and more obvious now that we are reaching high ability double cast and it especially hurts bruisers since its both our biggest aggro generator but also our 4th highest damage ability. Bruisers are forced to spec into mit or flurry because of this alone.

    Battering Onslaught
    Have had scaling issues not fixed since 2013. Currently at 5 stacks of Pulverize it double casts for 10 hits. Its supposed to hit 25 times when it doublecast at 5 stacks (Which is insane) at least if the tooltip is to be trusted.

    To even make this ability worth taking you need to increase the damage by at least 5 times its current values and merge it into a SINGLE hit that increases per incriment of Pulverize for better server performance. Right now the priority and damage is worse than any of our Combat Arts. Horrible for an end Prestige AA.

    Multiplying the damage by 5 will make it our 6th most priotizered DPS ability. That's how weak it is.

    Combination King
    Right first row of prestige AAs. Not affecting Battering Onslaught despite the fact that it is also an attack with "multiple hits"

    Impenetrable Will
    Left side endline prestige AA is supposed to increase the value of taunts by 100%. It does not increase the value of taunts at all.

    Tooltip is worded as the following:
    "Caster will parry 100.0% of incoming attacks.
    Increases the value of taunts by 100%.
    Makes caster immune to strikethrough attacks."

    It should be (100% of initial + 100% of increase = 200% of initial). In other words, the quantity should double.

    Bodyguard of Stone
    Should increase base auto attack multiplier. It does not.
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    Please discuss only one bug per thread. Open additional threads as needed for multiple bugs.
    For the confirmed issues, I've created separate threads for tracking linked below.