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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Mooncast, Apr 28, 2017.

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  1. smithgib New Member

    I too have this problem but it started about three months ago. When it started it was just when I was camping to/from a particular personae. It has expanded and now affects three of my personae, but again that was before this became something to report. Today I had the problem once on the first personae that presented with this issue.
  2. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    It'd be nice, but the last time they tried that, it didn't work so well...there was a moment, way back when (I can't remember if we were still called SOE or not, that's how long ago it was), when The Powers hadn't paid their server rent, or whatever, for two days (over a weekend, natch; no one available to yell at) and NO ONE could get in by any method. :-/

    They tried to make it up to us by giving everyone "two free days" on our accounts, and the only thing that really did was mess up our account dates; people were either getting their 500 SC two days late forever afterwards, or sometimes not at all until after much screaming. :-/

    Kind of silly, anyway; granted, if folks were working on deadlines for weekly or daily whatevers, or on a decorating timeline, or missing a weekly raid event or whatever, I could understand that (withdrawal DTs are ugly things, but I got better... :confused:), but if we pay the most expensive version (not buying time "in bulk" but just monthly) of $14.95/month, presuming 30 days/month just for the maths, that works out to about $0.50/day. Not bad entertainment value! :)

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  3. Scottiekeith New Member

    When doing loyalty point quest kill 2 bosses doesnt work at times only shows 1 boss down,doesnt show 2 loyalty points on screen when finished .been like this since gamedown
  4. Alenna Well-Known Member

    at least you can see the daily objectives half the time I can't end up having to either camp to self or camp to another toon and back to get it to finlay show. they don't even show in the daily objective tab on the quest journal window.
  5. Gilgar New Member

    this is now 3 days i have not been able to login at first all i ever got was trying server messages the try again so after 2 days of that i deleted game and downloaded fresh that was this morning now i get unrecoverable error messages this is really starting to tick me off will someone plz fix this screwup
  6. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I had that problem a lot since the server merge, like you said it used to be mainly 1 character and then started getting worse. I tradeskill a lot so I am constantly bouncing between characters it was a big huge pain. I was actually happy if it only happened once. There were times I'd get it 4-5 times of camping to another character. I've played for 2 days now since that and both days I have not yet seen THIS ACCOUNT IS IN USE. Thank god. I think this may have fixed my problem.

    Now if I could just get my guild event page fixed I'd be really happy :)

    This is supposed to be for what Smithgib said at top of page but I don't see his quote in my post
  7. Shamak New Member

    Second day for me with random strange crash when zoning, et attempt loggin to server 1 after that, and impossible to loggin for me for long times ("Wrong logging information"). Ps: Sorry for my english
  8. Moss Well-Known Member

    Could not login tonight
  9. Torquem Active Member

    I can't login either (Thurgadin server)
  10. Shamak New Member

    I'm on Thurgadin too, i use a physical Authenticator and cannot loggin into game (Work on forum and launcher but not in game..)
  11. Stout New Member

    Can't log in either, even though it says server is up on website
  12. Febrith Well-Known Member

    I was on Thurgadin and no issues until I switched characters - now I keep getting the "Could not connect to a login server" message:(
  13. semisus Does not play this game

    While its been pushed back , how about making a more detailed post on what we are getting in GU 103? what are competition zones and how will they work? new HQ ? can we atleast get a name? does the orange adorn require raid work or just heroics?
    What kinda new stuff are apparering on the currency vendor? i know you said white and temp adorns? new items?
    Also when i saw the screenshot on that orange it says on hostile spell? is it not gonna proc of anything else?
  14. Uncle Active Member

    the competition zones are going to be located in the Battle ground hub 2 groups will go in and race in a premade heroic winner gets good loot losers gets meh loot. The new HQ they posted is hidden in OF so i don't think they'll bother to give a name. Orange rune quest is 100% solo per kandar. Currency vendor i would like to know more since the info was shoddy at best. lastly if the orange screen shoot said on hostile spell then odds are it will not wort on heals/procs etc....

    hope this helps

  15. Crastinal Active Member

    Keep getting daily tasks errors. Very bizarre. If I change alts before getting loyalty tokens (same server) sometimes the next character just does not have daily tasks listed -- as if already completed for the day. Then change to a third alt and the daily task is available again.
    Was doing the craft apprentice chores, sometimes the daily task update, sometimes not. On my last alt I get into a dungeon, the kill 25 creatures and kill 8 different creatures do not update while inside the dungeon, only after I leave the instance. That never happened before. Super weird.
  16. Gilgar New Member

    Gu103 should not be installed untill they fix ALL!! of the login problems
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  17. sokahar New Member

    Umm. I have a G drive ...but my game happens to be on my A drive.
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  18. Morg Well-Known Member

    Ok, DBG, are you all going to fix the issue with the memory loss? And before anyone jumps in and says "you always have memory loss at pq's", I have only done 1 pq - this issue happens on every single character i have ( i have 22 of them) in all zones and it doesn't matter if i'm alone or with a group, log in - ooh 55 fps - game is smooth and nice - move 10 steps or more or even just sit too long and stuttering screen and down to 8 fps or less and game is unplayable. logging out every 5 min is unexceptable.
    This STARTED right after the outage of the game last week.
  19. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    /sigh /rolls_eyes

    It saves time. X-P

  20. Tupperbeast Active Member

    Dear Daybreak Team you have until Dato after the takeover of Sony really nothing to learn how to see, these errors are nciht until the last week are known already were there before. Switch times rather the server two three days off and fixt everything clean.
    Yes I know would be lost again money but here it is about a very large still existing player base, which simply for their paid money a perfect service expected. This also means that the server problems and game problems generally have to run clean, there are many MMOS but other technicians from other MMOS also create it just that it runs stably.
    In addition, you should finally get a 64bit version to put and from Directx9 to 11 or 12 close. Here I would come times to your statement which one from the service team get probably they have to old computer hardware. I think your hardware both the servers no longer have the requirements one needs in 2017, it will change time time here. Before the end, the Undertaker looks at you and must say rest in peace

    The easiest answer to your comments from Daybreak is: simply do your job for it you will be paid.
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