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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Anunnaki, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Anunnaki Active Member

    I know this has potentially been an issue for a while, but it is really starting to suck. When you cast Communion, it is considered a Green encounter spell (for whatever reason, I'm not sure.) This doesn't really have much of a benefit, with *maybe* the exception of procing stuff on the initial "hit." Since it is considered a green, the pets that it summons will attack any of the mobs that are linked. This is particularly annoying on a fight like Baz, where Baz is stoneskinned almost the entire fight, until his adds go down. The pets go to Baz EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Taking arguably our best spell and making it useless. Any time you have to split linked mobs, the pets always go to the wrong mob.

    I *think* if it is just tagged as a red spell (since the pets aren't bound by that classification) it'll solve the issue of pets attacking whatever they feel like. Can we get something done about this?

    Or maybe I'm stupid and the way its set up currently makes sense to someone. idk.
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  2. Anunnaki Active Member

    Man, this is really really really annoying sometimes.
  3. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I have a 100 Conjuror, and I don't have this problem. I get a target on the adds, pop Communion, and they go kill the add. My beef with communion is that, once having killed whatever I sicced them on, they come back and stand by me uselessly until the timer expires, rather than engaging some other foe with which I am in combat.

    We fought Baz Wednesday and my Communion pets were hitting whichever ghost my group was fighting. I didn't notice Baz taunting me off my target, either. I just did a little Googling, and I didn't find much info about Baz and his abilities. Is Baz the ONLY mob where you have this issue?
  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Just FYI, the EQ2 Rules of Conduct expressly states "Furthermore, you may not: Make multiple posts on the same subject for the purpose of getting attention paid to your issue." In other words, don't "bump" your post with another post that has no substance to it.
  5. Mrmacky Active Member

    Communion is a bit wonky at times yes, most fights with linked encounters. Almost everytime we do Baz they run around like headless chickens.
  6. Belton Member

    +1 with Macky. #HeadLessChickenCommunion.
  7. Anunnaki Active Member

    No, Baz is just the one that makes it the most annoying because Baz is stoneskined the whole fight, and we tank him around the corner so I can see the stupid things run off. We dont really pull Morin and Barin anymore but when we did it was annoying on that fight too, since we tanked them X meters apart.

    I'd be willing to bet you are having the same problem on your conjy, you just arent noticing. Dig through your parses on that fight and see how many times it picked up communion, or how many times it hit for 0 damage (meaning they were attacking Baz).

    The pets just standing around for their duration after a mob dies, I believe, is tied to the same mechanic that allows them to run off. Changing it to a red would make them act like the other two, and they'd simply despawn if the mob dies (take from that what you will, I'd prefer more control than a mechanic that doesnt even work.)
  8. Anunnaki Active Member

    Since I've been really paying attention to this spell lately, I've noticed something else off about it. Not sure if it is a bug or if something else is causing it, haven't looked into it enough yet. The damage that the Earth Pet does is...unreliable. Sometimes it just flat out doesn't hit. And not as in its getting resisted, just zero swings. I've tested this on a dummy, and I've gone through parses on raid encounters to see which was hitting at what time, and it's missing somewhat often.

    And playing with it on a dummy now, I can see it come up in the spell effects on the mob like its hitting (in addition to the Communion icon, you can see separate icons for Aery Assassination and Telluric Devastation), but its not always showing up in ACT (it does maybe 1/2 the time). Not exactly sure what to make of it.
  9. Anunnaki Active Member

    New xpac, same problem. Iron Constructs are a linked mob, a mob that has to be burned evenly at that. And here comes Communion to attack whatever it feels like. Sure, it might not throw off the balance because of one spell, its the fact that its ridiculous that this is still happening. You can see it with *every* dumbfire that is tagged as an encounter spell that they run an attack whatever they feel like. Sitting there burning one mob and a wave of dumbfires come over from the other side since there is NO control. This *really* needs to be fixed.
  10. ruthless619 Member

    Exactly, you would think that after one mob dies it goes to the next one till it expires or mobs are all dead.
  11. Anunnaki Active Member

    I'd rather have them attack the mob I send them at than have them stick around for the duration because I put them on a mob at 1%.