Coming Soon! 7-Eleven Double Station Cash Weekend!

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  1. Dexella Associate Producer

    Coming Soon! 7-Eleven Double Station Cash Weekend!

    Now is a great time to stock up on SOE Game Cards from your local 7-Eleven retailer. Between 11/16/12 and 11/18/12*, get Double Station Cash when you redeem an SOE Game Card for Station Cash. This promotion is exclusive to cards purchased at 7-Eleven stores in the US.

    But don't redeem those cards yet! Save them for the promotional period: 11/16/12 through 11/18/12*. More details to come.


    *Game Card must be purchased at a 7-Eleven store in the United States and redeemed for Station Cash (not membership time) during the promotional period to qualify. Offer valid only for qualifying Game Cards that are redeemed for Station Cash between 12:01 AM PST 11/16/12 and 11:59 PM PST 11/18/12.
  2. Vinyard Active Member

    Sweet, let me get in my time machine and go back 10 years to when 7-11's existed.
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  3. crazyeyes321 Active Member

    If I were still in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia this would be good news. However, I think all the 7-11s around here died out. I miss slurpees.
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  4. Vinyard Active Member

    Slurpees....dats wassup
  5. Guiscard Active Member

    We don't even have 7-11's where I live. They have been replaced by Sheetz.
  6. Andiria New Member

    I did a 7-Eleven Search on their website. The nearest 7-Eleven is 224 miles away! A state over! Guess I shall pass on this one. I'd be spending more in gas than the amount I would save LOL. And who knew a 7-Eleven would sell SOE Cards. Wow!
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  7. gennifr New Member

    Know what? I couldn't care LESS about your 7-11 thing...why don't you fix the issues with this game instead of worrying about your precious station cash. Know what? I think I'm done with this game. I have put up with more crap over the past five years. If eq2 had been a boyfriend I would have kicked him to the curb long, long ago with all the broken "promises" and all the other bizzare crap that's gone on. Think it's time I move on.
  8. matsuo New Member

  9. Qootie New Member

    There are exactly 5 7-11 stores in the entire state of Texas. I am betting most other states also have only a sprinkle of stores as well. So, I would have to call this promotion mostly useless.
  10. Twyxx Well-Known Member

    they're still all over california. blue states win again.
  11. Catgravy New Member

    Can I have your stuff?
  12. Catgravy New Member

    Wife and I are planning on buying some SC when it's double... but... the nearest 7-11 is 200 miles away. So.. no fun for us this time.
  13. LostGlory New Member

    Why is Canada never included in the Game Card Double Station Cash events?
  14. Geothe Active Member

    7-11 specific cards?

    Quick, buy them before they sell out in the 3 7-11s that remain in the country! hah
  15. Feldon Well-Known Member

    The irony of 7-Eleven being HUGE in Europe and Japan but almost unheard of in the US has not been lost on me.
  16. Caela Well-Known Member

    There are over 500 in Texas, including one a block from where I am right now - I stopped clicking on the map thingy when I got to that many.

    There are over 8,000 stores in the US - 46,000 worldwide.
  17. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Ok I exaggerated. :) But in the US, they really have a lot of competition and need to try for a different audience as Bucee's have. A destination travel stop that you'll pass typical Stop-n-Rob places to get to.
  18. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    There were 55 7-11 stores in the UK, I say were - they were acquired by another supermarket chain back in 1997. I think at that time EQ1 was in embryonic form and SoE weren't even thinking of a second child. So yeah the Irony isn't lost on me eithrer. :rolleyes:
  19. Salavar Active Member

    When I went to Japan for the first time I had a huge hangover from all the Sake on night 1, I walked out of my hotel the following morning and there was a 7-11 right next door. In a busy part of Tokyo no less, I was stunned and happy, Pepsi never tasted so good.
  20. Naneel Member

    According to their web site, there are 33 7-11s within 5 miles of me...