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  1. Wilerwen the 3rd New Member

    What is the best way to come back? Premium pack + sub? I've played EQ1 '99 through 2005 and EQ2 from then until about 2012 I think..
    Last I played Daybreak was just announced, lol. Whenever that was.

    Game's still DLing, don't even know if my toons are all here....

    Anywho, thanks in advance all.

    Wilerwen, Nitesh, Agexu and Doggwin
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  2. Breanna Well-Known Member

    welcome back and enjoy the journey :) Can't really tell you the best way it depends on your money situation. If you have it then I would say yes you should go all access you get alot more benefits. Premium pack is very good. If you really aren't sure then you can try f2p for a while and see if you still enjoy the game before shelling out money.

    Happy hunting!!
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  3. Corydonn Active Member

    I bought the standard Luclin expansion and a membership and have been enjoying it pretty well. The premium does allow you to skip a lot of waiting with mount levels and such but you can definitely get by with what I did. Also the Yun Zi questline in Sundered Frontier is definitely a must.
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  4. Laita Well-Known Member

    Premium is the best overall value... if you plan on jumping right back in to the end game (even if just end game heroics), you’ll find yourself having to go back and do a lot of old content (New to you since you missed it) to catch up.. if you’re patient you can do it without spending money.. but if you want to be up and completely running within like a month, odds are you’ll need to invest some real money (buy Kronos to sell for plat, buy the fervor gems and such you’ll NEED from like isle of refuge server, just to name a few)... but anyway, welcome back...

    maj dul is probably the most populated server.. but if you join an active guild, don’t have to worry too much about LFG in channel.... is,e of refuge has pretty much everything for sale on the broker, easy way to catch up, but at rl money costs, because everything costs millions of plat now..
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