Combat techniques for a noob (or noobs) please?

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    I only have a couple of months of playtime in now, I moved to EQ2 with a friend after the demise of my beloved City of Heroes. I really do like the game a lot but I feel like my combat technique is sorely deficient for what I should be capable of. Anyway, I need some details on the auto-attack timer and the heroic opportunity. I've been told 'make sure your auto-attack goes off' but they wouldn't go into detail and told me to 'figure it out'. I guess I should expect this from 1-9 but it's a shock after the in-game chat I'd gotten used to over the years um... elsewhere. How do I go about making sure that it does go off? Is there some specific point in the auto-attack meter that I should wait for? I do have it up and I watch it a lot, but right now I honestly have no idea why. Also, could someone offer some details on the heroic opportunity? Should this be a constant thing or only for particularly tough fights? Is it necessary/does it help? Thanks a million for any and all help everybody! ;)
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    When your auto attack bar is full, or reaches the end, you do an auto attack. If are casting a spell or combat art when it reaches the end, it delays your auto attack until you are finished casting whatever it is you are casting. So try and get your spells or combat arts in and finished casting before your meter reaches the end. :)

    Heroic opportunities are awesome sometimes. Many will probably tell you not to bother. But you can actually get some cool things to happen (like percentage based heals, group heals, power restore, and short term buffs, and damage). Basically you start a heroic opportunity and you follow the flashing abilities. :) Here's a link for some in depth detail about HO's. CLICK HERE
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    First, chat channel 1-9 is probably the best place to get answers if you need help. Of course some people will be rude but most will help.
    Second the auto attack timer is not that important. We played the game for years without it. There are two icons in your spell book (Hit K to view that). One is melee attack and the other is ranged attack. Place those in your hotbar so you can at least view if they are active. Target a mob and hit the melee attack you'll start swinging your swords. that's it. just make sure it's active. Same goes for ranged.
    The timer is visible if you check a box somewhere in your options (ALT O).

    Good luck and Welcome to EQ2!
    Kithica, Guk Server

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