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  1. Rayzor Member

    I've seen this mentioned a few times now in our forums. Unfamiliar with the term, I googled it and came back with hits that suggest it was a new thing on live in like 2016/2017. I've seen abilities/AAs/items that reference a reduction in combat mitigation on our server. Is this something our raids should be focusing on? Do EoF raid mobs employ this mechanic? I'd find that surprising given when it was introduced. I read there's an ability scouts get called "detect weakness" that allows you to see this stat. But we don't have that now do we?

    I am noticing that sometimes my wizard's dps is working like expected and other times it's totally not. Info appreciated.
  2. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Basically this stat takes your cumulative ability mod, potency, and crit bonus and mitigates your damage.

    So for example lets say the mob has 45 combat mitigation, its saying okay cool you have 50% potency, i'm taking that 50% potency and acting as if it doesn't exist.

    The actual formulas? Who knows. I can't tell you how much ability mod = 1% potency in terms of reducing the mobs incoming damage.

    What I can tell you however is if you take our actual potency/crit/mod now and math it out to see how hard it should be hitting a mob, then compare it to your actual damage it's significantly lower. Like taking base Ice Comet, multiplying it by potency, then int, then adding mod, critting, then adding fervor, then mob mitigation debuffs like Elemental it should be around 120-130k, yet it hits for 70k in raids now.

    I asked caith and he basically acted flippant, confused himself and thought you could strikethrough an uncontested dodge; then never answered the question.

    I've done quite a few tests on various mobs with strike of consistency + hangman's noose from a swashbuckler and got wildly different results based on the mob. For example a random mob in Bonemire gave me +33% damage from strike of consistency on it. Heroics less, raids maybe 10%.

    What you should do is always run a swash, templar, and make sure everyone specs for as much Combat Mitigation debuffs as possible.

    Mobs have around 50 at the moment.
  3. Rayzor Member

    Seems very significant and I didn't know anything about it. :( I intend to test this. I can't find a templar spell or AA that affects it though? Thanks for the information.
  4. Rayzor Member

    Nevermind I see it - Mark of Divinity and Rebuke. This is crazy that it's so important yet so hidden. I thought brigand dispatch was all I needed. :(
  5. Tobias Fünke Member

    whats hangmans noose

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