Combat mitigation In T2(challange modes) instances

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  1. Uncle Active Member

    im gonna be constructive as possible but can anyone please explain how heroics mobs have more combat mitigation then raid trash.

    as you can see in the link

    Seru raid trash has 92k combat mitigation t2 heroic trash has 105k combat mit and named has 115k on top of that now im OK geared mix T1 heroic/acheivment/ t1 raid have fire set / 8.5 fervor red rune sets and glory and championship 8 red but with this combat mit tuned up like it is im doing damage like im in all master crafted gear and using adept abilites. im not saying nerf the scripts cause they seem to be enjoyable nonetheless the mobs are overtuned and need to be seriously looked at.

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  2. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    I am sure you will burn through them. This is month 2 of the expansion. They already nerfed heroics too much, no need to make challenge mode the same spank and tank encounters where u can completely ignore the scripts because the named dies in 30 seconds or less
  3. Uncle Active Member

    i get what your saying but i should not need to be in full T1 raid gear to be able to do more then scratch mobs in zones that at that rate im going there will be no upgrades for me in another few weeks it shoudl be tuned to ensure the loot will get some use and not be instantly melted into essences/mans/infuser fragments..
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  4. Vlkodlak Well-Known Member

    The heroics needed to be changed the combat over zealous. I agree the challenge mode should have been addressed at the same time. It really does not make any sense that the challenge modes are more difficult that the T1 raid mobs. Other than the achievement there is no reason to run them.

    At the least the challenge mobs should be brought down to match the T1 raid mitigation.
  5. Arclite Well-Known Member

    I like the challenge zones because they offer some difficulty as opposed to the normal heroics where the case has been (about 3 weeks into the expansion) to run from one named to the next and obliterate any and everything that comes close to you.

    I do not call the bleedthrough effect on trash in challenge as challenge at all, it is just there to prevent you from clearing zone quickly. It is more of an annoyance than anything else.

    The combat mitigation, resolve rewarded and difficulty should have been as follows:

    1. Solo questline: Rewards level 150 resolve items to do overland solo content and solo zones (whilst doing so, incentive to harvest rares for next tier of play)
    2. Mastercrafted gear: Rewards 155 resolve gear with better stats and prepares you for t1 heroics.
    3. T1 heroic normal: Rewards level 160 gear/items preparation for t2.
    4. T2 heroic normal: Rewards level 165 gear/items that have combat mitigation debuffs (e.g. equalize)
    5. T1 raid - combat mitigation added: Rewards level 175 resolve gear and prepares you for T2 raids
    6. T1 heroic challenge -combat mitigation on par with t1 raids: stop gap tier: For players looking for a challenge and with mid tier upgrades of 180 resolve but not required for t2 raids.
    7. T2 raid higher combat mitigation than t1 raids: Rewards level 190 resolve items
    8. T2 heroic challenge - combat mitigation on par with T2 raids: Rewards mid tier resolve items of 195 that come from last boss of those zones and are tough! and NOT dropping from solo content on a RNG scale!!!
    9. T3 Raids - combat mitigation goes up again slightly. Rewards resolve of 205 items
    10. T4. T4 Raids - combat mitigation the highest. Rewards resolve items of 215.
    SImple, unambiguous, clear progression ladder with content for every player, with incentives to do things in a systematic way to climb up the ladder.
    How these simples things are missed is beyond me and most likely majority of other players.
  6. Silver-Crow Member

    So... what you're saying is that as a new player you need to farm 10 sets of gear... and infuse them, all in one expac. Maybe with the resources of years of play, but coming in cold turkey... it's never going to happen unless you drop a ton of money in the cash shop, and play 20 hours a day.

    This game has got everything backwards. Content should be locked behind skill, level and abilities. Not some artificial Gear Tier gating mechanism. Sure make things tough, but to do zero damage to stuff that's lower level than you and to be one shotted isn't a challenge, it's just stupid.
  7. Arclite Well-Known Member

    On the contrary. If they had followed a logical platform of incremental gear upgrades then none of this infusing of gear benefits would have created the disparity between players who can/willing able to spend to get a significant boost as we see today.

    Fully infused solo gear at the beginning of this expansion was overtaking t1 heroic gear that was not infused and that right there was and is the problem.

    Moreover, quoting Gninja's post on raider letters -- We were told that resolve will not play such a major role in this expansion but that is not the case. Yes he said in raids but the logic would dictate that if resolve is not a major gating mechanism in raids, it will then make no sense to make that a gating mechanism in heroic content.

    What i listed above falls in to the category of what they used to do years ago minus the resolve and infusions. One tier leading you to the next without any unfair advantage given to any player through microtransactions/familiars/mounts.
  8. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Perhaps for another post. Infusing gear in its current form has broken all semblance of balance game mechanics. It is simple, you infuse you get better, you don't you will lag behind.

    The bonus infusers you can get by spending $35 on the celebration bundle is outright fallacious regardless of what customers or others may say when you factor in the major boost they give you.
  9. Uncle Active Member

    I get what you 2 are saying about itemization/infusers but let not get derailed to the issue with the t2 zones and that is the combat mitigation is OVERTUNED and needs to be looked at.
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  10. Chrol Developer

    Challenge Heroic boss mitigations are being reduced next hotfix.
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  11. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    I hope it didnt turn them into tank and spank encounters too. Heroic dungeons are so easy now that you can ignore all of the scripts and just burn the boss down. Would be nice to have some content that requires you to do stuff.
  12. Uncle Active Member

    i hope it enough so i can do more then a sctrach on mobs and possibly get an upgrade or two before it all goes to alts