Combat damage given and taken bugged.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Shraddha, Jan 24, 2023.

  1. Shraddha New Member

    I am at cap level and fully equipped for Renewal of Ro zones, as I have done all solo content including the adventurer and tradeskill signature quests and the solo instances and all quest lines. No problems. And then, after extensive mentoring during Frostfell in order to get quests done at various levels, I have this bug with combat damage given and taken, that is, I die easily now to overland creatures and do hardly damage in Renewal of Ro zones.

    I have tried debuffing and rebuffing and that worked once. But then after logging in again the bug reappeared. And now no matter what I do with buffs on or off or rezoning and logging in and out, I cannot get this bug gone, meaning I cannot do any Renewal of Ro content - looking to do the epic spell questline but now not possible.

    And yes, I have buffed the monolithic spells (for merc, familiar and mount) on and off but the bug remains.
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  2. Twyla Well-Known Member

    Helpful to get it fixed fast if you give them your character name and server name.
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  3. Shraddha New Member

    Thanks for the tip!

    Character name is Shraddha
    Server is Thurgadin
  4. Bramdar Active Member

    Your crit bonus is far too low for Renewal of Ro content. It should be in the 20,000-25,000 range, at least. You said you're using the infusions, but did you recast your familiar after you unmentored? The familiar alone provides a significant portion of your crit bonus, and many others have come here since RoR went live reporting similar challenges, only to discover that their familiars weren't active or they had the wrong one active.
  5. Shraddha New Member

    Thank you for that tip!

    The familiar buff wasn't the issue as this had been taken off and put on again several times. But then I did remove all buffs and recast them and... voila! Once again everything working as it should and I cleared Kithicor's Glade to get the Journeyman update for epic spell. So all is good again. Just hope it stays now....
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