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    The Collosal Reactant on Kaladim is a shadow of its former self. It currently have stats like a standard item from Sentinel Fate, 60mainstat 6,2 % potentcy and the rest as the blender usually spits out the stats.
    I will edit this post with more detailed stats.

    The original Oiled Jewel of Discipline ; +130 STR, +150 AGI, +125 STA, +12 Weapon Skills, 40.7% Crit Chance, 8.3% Crit Bonus, 6.5% Potency, 12.7% Ability Casting Speed, Final Stab IX proc..
    Mainstat is was more than dbl of what it is now, and this trend is seen on all items.
    Reproduce by looking at a Collosal Reactant on Kaldim
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    Looks like I was wrong. again. - somewhat wrong at least

    The current stats is nothing like they used to be, the reactant have stats like early SF gear. Where I was wrong was when I called it a bug, Its deliberate! I wouldnt in my wildest dreams have imagined one of the main factors for having apprentices and research their recipes would be reduced to basically nothing. AoD and the apprentices was announced to be released Jan 25th, tohetjer with the last of DoV and the 2 additional lvls that bring. The original plan was to give us SF gear at lvl 92. Saywhat?

    The re-balancing could make sense. somewhere. on live. - Its not a big deal there. But its a major issue on Kaladim, and they really should be lifted up to former glory. Theyre the reason to log in and do the daily, theyre integrating crafters and are overall just a really good timesink when everything around them is included.
    I strongly recommend they get some sort of tweak on kaladim. - It could be done by buffing the stats, and that would arguably be the best approach. We still have almost 2 months left before SS is launched, so plenty of time to get it done.

    If its for some reason isnt possible this time around then the next best would be to release the apprentices with SF on future TLEs - That way the stats would be in line with the overall gearprogression, and people without AoD would have a reason to buy the apprentice feature.
    Could take it a step further and release all of AoD with Sundered frontier, bar the 20 additional AAs. But BL, mercs and apprentices wouldnt be too out of whack if dropped an expack earlier. TLEs have a sad tendency to slow down around DoV, and we would get more reasons to stay if we have the AoD features and materials when DoV land, and it would be possible to rush through DoV without stressing over lost research time. And it would be be closer to the original experience than the way its tied together now.
    I feel a bit out of order since im the only one who visibly point at this. But all ive talked to want them to be as they where.
    But Kaladim is near EoL so most dont feel like investing the time it would take to make a simple post. But I actually think this blunder is one of the actual reasons. Far from the only one, but it is a factor - a factor we can do something about.

    Plz do it
  3. Caith Developer

    This is not a bug, the current stats are in line with the intended progression.