Collection turn-In - no reward - Follower Marks of Rile Sathir

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Albanara, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Albanara Active Member

    I am running older zones to finish up collection quests and happen to grab the Wraith Brand of Rile in Crypt of Dalnir (Heroic) as well as a final piece of "Potions, Transcendence of Life and Death Volume II" for working on my SK Epic 2 (don't judge). I zoned back to Freeport to do the turn in and while the SK Epic 2 book was successful, the Follower Marks of Rile Sathir did not act like it turned in, nor did I get the meta collection piece or other rewards for it.
    Problem is, its no longer in my collections sheet either, so its just gone.
    I bugged it as well, but wondering if anyone else has run into this?
  2. Albanara Active Member

    Sorry folks, my mistake, apparently i didn't have all the shinys for this one. I didn't see the collection, but as soon as zoned into another zone, I checked and its there with one missing item.

    Crisis averted.

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