collection: King Tormax Vindictation

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    Hey All,

    i have been trying to finish off this collection:'s_Vindictation

    I got the 3 top ones and the scepter but no idea on where or how to get the chaos / destruction or crown.

    anybody that did this in the past and remembers ?

    Kind regards.

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    update: i did as said and finished the "might of drakkel" collection and got as anticipated the helm as reward.
    I now finished all the collections on that page but still missing 3 shinies

    those 3 aren't a reward from another meta collection so must drop sepperated somewhere else (running arround now so check if finishing the meta gives me acces to blue shinies or so)

    will update in the future
  6. Sious Member

    ok found them:
    you need to do all the sub quests and talk to the kelymir nps on the banker / mender area. on lvl 120 he doesn't show quest marker any more so just talk to him
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