Coin limits going bye-bye?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL Guest

  2. ARCHIVED-Tigger85 Guest

    It would be a good change imo. I'd also love to see them get rid of the slider restriction.

    Krono - in order to purchase the krono a character would need the limit removed. Hense the change.
  4. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    Fantastic change if it happens.
  5. ARCHIVED-yohann koldheart Guest

    CoLD MeTaL wrote:
    since beta is open to free accounts, its most likley just for the beta server so they can test all the content.
    otherwise it would be in the test update notes etc etc
  6. ARCHIVED-SteelPiston Guest

    CoLD MeTaL wrote:
    This is just plain stupid and short sighted. Who in their right mind would sub Gold any more? The biggest plus point of being a Gold subscription has just been given away. The Krono escrow account was the right way to go so that limited coin holders could save up to buy Krono. If this goes through, SOE will lose LOADZA MONEY!!!!!
    Hopefully this is just for the beta test server.
  7. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    I thought free players were gold access on beta anyway? The proposed solution by a poster was a good idea, but this is an easier fix that will keep f2p players playing for longer, which means more chance of getting them to buy unlockers and stuff from the market. Take away the coin restrictions and the best reason for going gold becomes the xp slider and selling on the broker, which is still 2 very useful things. But, I would not complain if either solutions were added.
  8. ARCHIVED-AustinB Guest

    SteelPiston wrote:
    There's also the AA slider restriction, being able to equip fabled gear/spells without buying an unlocker, monthly SC payout, monthly LoN packs, all classes/races unlocked. I may be forgetting a few things, but a gold membership is still worth it.
  9. ARCHIVED-Geothe Guest

    yohann koldheart wrote:
    Beta defaults all accounts to GOLD on that server alone.
  10. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    Ambrin@Nagafen wrote:
    The only things you missed was monthy 3 goblin tickets, full broker access, more base charater slots, higher quest journal total, full CS cover, no pop-up adverts.
    They've only removed the coin limit so they can profit more from the game through krono nothing more, they didnt do it because we asked they did it because they can profit from it long term.
  11. ARCHIVED-Mohee Guest

    For those that think the coin limit is the only (or primary) reason to sub, then why don't you unsub and play that way if you want to?
  12. ARCHIVED-gourdon Guest

    ZUES wrote:
    It also gives them incentive to buy krono and sell them. As it stands, a silver player can't buy big ticket items from other players or the broker due to their plat restriction. Therefore, buying krono to sell on the broker is not viable since it would be 600+ plat that they really can't spend. Quite frankly, I don't foresee too many silver players earning enough plat in game to buy krono when they have to pay to put items on the broker, aren't particularly viable for raiding, and can't participate in SLR.
  13. ARCHIVED-Detor Guest

    As others have said - the beta log in server automatically puts everything at gold level benefits, so this isn't simply to 'help test beta'. I have to agree that business wise I'm not sure how much sense this makes. The coin limits were the one thing a silver player couldn't buy piecemeal to get to the same level as gold. If they wanted to hold more coin they HAD to subscribe. What's to really stop somebody from dropping their gold account that was $15 a month, and instead going to the silver tier where they just buy item/spell/broker unlockers as needed? Maybe they plan to increase the cost of item unlockers?
  14. ARCHIVED-Landiin Guest

    What part of its for the Krono don't you understand? It makes perfect sense business wise to make this move. If anything makes me want to take my silver alt accounts gold it is the spell/item upgrade penalties not the coin penalty.
  15. ARCHIVED-Tigger85 Guest

    The purpose of the bronze accounts is to get new folks trying & playing the game for free. It obviously needs restrictions to encourage them to upgrade to subscription status. But some of the restrictions just strangle the fun out of these new players--the slider and the coin. ...probably the slider moreso than the coin.
    Personally I would let the lower game be played unimpeded. Let the little 50s toons get a taste for earning legendary & fabled items. Let them see the difference between master & expert. And then when they hit 80 (or 70ish), then start putting the restrictions in.
  16. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Tigger85 wrote:
    I have to disagree with this... from my experience 'taking away' something that people have been able to do (ie adding restrictions in later) tends to upset them far more then having the same restriction in from day one.
  17. ARCHIVED-bucketon Guest

    legendary items aren't really a problem, item unlockers are very cheap.
    The broker is the big thing left now, slider not so much its common sense to have it at 50 anyway while levelling up.
    sony do need to be wary of leaving enough of a reason to be paying them a subscription though.
  18. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    The slider is a massive reason. You get to 90 with around 220AAs at 50:50 and the last 60 are a PITA without a double xp weekend.
  19. ARCHIVED-bucketon Guest

    Regolas wrote:
    thats more about the 280 cap then the slider. Personal opinion is if you want to put a road block in, should be a large varied, soloable i guess, amount of content at that level to be able to progress.
  20. ARCHIVED-Dexella Guest

    Hi everyone,
    I just posted the official announcement here:
    This hasn't gone live in game yet, but yes, the coin limitations are being removed. This will happen on November 13th (the day of the expansion launch).

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